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Auto Auction Shipping Services

How do auto transport auctions work, and what is their primary purpose?

The surge of auto auctions has increased the growing demand for auction car shipping services. When purchasing a car through an auction, the option to ship it becomes crucial, especially when personal pickup is not feasible. Therefore, seeking the services of an auto auction company becomes paramount.

Bold Auto Transport facilitates seamless movement of vehicles, where carriers transport your vehicle from one location to another. The primary purpose is to efficiently ship your valuable automobile with reliable carriers while ensuring competitive pricing.

When you buy a car through an auction, you've got two main choices: driving a car home from auction or bringing in the experts—Bold Auto Transport. We're not just any auto auction company; we're the go-to choice for moving your cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles from anywhere in the nation.


Open vs. Enclosed Auto transport auction

When transporting a vehicle to or from an auto auction, you have two options: open haulers and enclosed auction pickup service. If the auction involves high-end or luxury vehicles, it's advisable to choose enclosed auto shipping. However, for most online auto auctions, open auto auction transportation services are likely to be suitable.

Additionally, If your car is a daily driver used for commuting or regular activities, open auto shipping is generally sufficient. Save on costs by choosing open carriers for your everyday vehicle, ensuring practical and budget-friendly car shipping across the country.

Explore the benefits of enclosed auto auction transportation services for extra protection. Although it may come with a higher cost, this investment is particularly worthwhile if your vehicle isn't your everyday driver and is primarily used for occasional trips or stored in a garage.

What all things we’ll need from you when shipping from an auction

What customers about shipping a car with Bold Auto Transport

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Leo Kovalik

My story starts in Los Angeles, Mechanic says I was good to go on an across country move. Car packed up and I set out on the road. Welp I'm writing this review because about 10 miles south of Beaver Utah my check engine light came on and my car started smoking. I felt stuck, well because I was stuck in Beaver Utah. I asked around to get the car packed with my life fixed. After several quotes on money and time, I decided to just ship it home. I had never done this before so I luckily found this company. I called on a Saturday and by Tuesday my car was picked up directly from the hotel. I started the process of flying home and to my amazement, my car beat me home. This company is amazing and handled everything with care. My car was just as I left it when it arrived at my chosen destination. I hope I don't have to ship a car again, but if I do I know who I am calling!!

Leo Kovalik
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Enrique Valencia

I am actually a driver for Hauling Crew LLC. From a transporters perspective, they are quick to answer the phone, always available. And fast at taking care of things to have the vehicle readily available for transport. This is very important to get your vehicle delivered to you the fastest and safest way possible. If you ever want to know how well a Shipping Broker is, just try calling their dispatch line. If some companies don't answer the phone, we'll then most likely they ain't answer my call either. Bold Auto Transport is there to help and get it delivered. 5 stars!

Enrique Valencia
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Eric Nabors

Great price. I do hate all the texting even though I can text. Theres a lot of money being spent here and a valuable piece of property being transported a simple phone call would do. Would have given them a 5 but my transport pushed back because of driver issues. But then got delayed because of a ice storm. Had it not been for the driver issue it never would have been delayed by the weather. That was not big issue for the rating the big issue was that i had to contact them to find out that the weather shut things down and delayed the transport after waiting a day or so

Eric Nabors

Use Bold Auto Transport For All Your Auto Auction Shipping Needs

Bold Auto Transport offers a premier solution for reliable and efficient auto auction transportation. Our commitment to excellence ensures the utmost care for your valuable vehicles, whether classic cars, SUV vehicles, or luxury automobiles.

Ensure peace of mind with our streamlined processes, experienced auction car haulers, and commitment to on-time deliveries. Make the smart choice—entrust Bold Auto Transport for a hassle-free auto auction transporting experience.

Contact us at (469) 942-5444 for seamless car shipment!

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Bold Auto Transport offers Top auto transport service

Door-To-Door Auto Transport

Experience ultimate convenience and stress-free auto auction transport with our door-to-door auto transport service. You don’t need to coordinate multiple steps or handle logistics – our reliable auto auction company will pick up your car directly from your specified location, be it your home or any other point, making the process seamless when moving a car to another state.

We ensure safe and prompt delivery to your desired destination. Our door-to-door car shipping services eliminate additional hassles, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your journey.

Open Car Shipping

Choose Open Car Shipping for a cost-effective solution when transporting multiple vehicles at once. This widely used service not only provides affordability but also a practical option tailored to your preferred dates and requirements.

At Bold Auto Transport, we acknowledge the value of both your vehicle and budget, ensuring a perfect balance for your Texas car transportation.

Trust Bold Auto Transport for a reliable and cost-effective open car shipment.

Enclosed Car Shipping

For the utmost vehicle protection during transportation, choose our enclosed car auction shipping service—the optimal solution for your needs. We have introduced this premium option, recognizing the value of your vehicle, primarily classic automobiles.

Enclosed haulers shield your car from external elements and unforeseen situations, ensuring its arrival at the destination in pristine condition. Whether facing extreme weather conditions or potential road debris, your valuable vehicle remains safeguarded throughout the entire journey.

Expedited Car Shipping

Choose expedited car shipping if you want your vehicle to reach its destination swiftly and quickly. We understand the urgency in certain situations and are prepared to meet those requirements.

As one of the top car transport companies, we ensure expedited delivery of your automobile compared to standard shipping alternatives. Whether you have a tight timetable or seek prompt delivery, our affordable auction car transport services ensure your vehicle arrives on time.


Various factors, such as distance, vehicle type, and delivery timelines, can influence the bidding process.

Auto transport auctions handle a diverse range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and even High-end and luxury vehicles.

Factors like distance, vehicle type, and the chosen transport method influence auction car transportation costs.

Auto transport auctions adhere to industry regulations and standards to ensure fair and secure transactions.

The condition of a vehicle plays a crucial role in determining its auction value, with well-maintained vehicles often fetching higher bids.

Participants in auction auto transport may encounter challenges such as limited information, competition, fluctuating market dynamics, and logistical complexities.

Unlike traditional services, auto transport auctions involve carriers bidding to transport vehicles, fostering a competitive and cost-effective environment.

Successful bidding involves thorough research, strategic timing, and understanding market trends to secure favorable transport deals.

Geographic factors, such as routes and demand, significantly impact the dynamics of auto transport auctions, influencing bidding patterns and pricing.


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