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Are you looking for a hassle-free, quick car shipping estimate from a vehicle transport company?

Auto transport estimates and vehicle shipping costs in the market are calculated using unique shipping factors for each customer. Several different transport considerations are factored into your automobile shipment estimate.

Trip distance, vehicle size (sedan, pickup truck, SUV, etc.), vehicle condition (operable or not), transport type (open or enclosed), location (i.e., rural or urban), and the time of year you ship are some factors that need to be considered for a vehicle transport quote. You may enter all the information about your automobile in the Bold Auto Transport’s car shipping calculator with no personal information, which enables us to provide the most precise and affordable quote instantly.

What is Car Transport?

A service that picks up your automobile from one location and moves it to another is essentially a car transportation services, also known as auto transport or vehicle shipping. It is beneficial in a lot of situations where you are unable to drive the car to another place yourself. For instance, when you are buying or selling a used car online and need to move it from one state to another, or when you have just moved houses and need your automobile transported there. Another case in which car transport service may be quite beneficial is when you need to transfer your vehicle abroad and unless ferries are accessible, you will need to rely on an auto transport business to do so.

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How much does it cost to ship a car?

Car shipping costs are determined mainly by the miles traveled. For short distances ( 1-500 miles) the cost of car shipping is around $1.96/mile. For medium distance (500-1500) it can cost you around $.93/mile or $930 for 1000 miles. Whereas long-distance car shipping (1500+) is about $.58/mile or $870 for a 1500-mile trip

Nevertheless, the cost of vehicle shipping is also influenced by other factors apart from the miles covered. If you want to get an idea or proper estimate for your car shipping, then we recommend you contact us directly at (469) 942-5444 to get a quote from us. You can also use our instant car shipping cost calculator to get car shipping quotes.

Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Auto Transport

The price to ship a car depends on a variety of factors and situations. To give you a general sense of how much to transport a car will cost, we've included all the essential points below. International car shipping will always be the most expensive option owing to the complexities of transporting a vehicle internationally and the distance it must travel. Additionally, it could need specialized enclosed trucks or even a shipping container.
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In addition to distance, the route that must be taken for car transport from its pick-up location to its delivery location might have an impact on the cost of your car shipping services. To give you an idea, routes in Los Angeles that are known to have more traffic may wind up costing more for shipping a car than quieter roads because of the extra time this might add to a trip. Similarly, unanticipated events like significant roadworks may result in additional car shipping quotes or necessitate taking a longer route.

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Shipping Dates

The car shipping cost may vary depending on how quickly you need your automobile delivered. If you can be flexible with timings, your vehicle transport service may charge much less. This is because they can fit the delivery of your vehicle into their timetable and cut costs elsewhere, passing the savings to you. However, if you need car transport quickly (often known as expedited shipping), it will likely increase your car transport quote because the auto transport business will need to reserve a trailer and driver specifically for your delivery.

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Car Size

The auto shipping quotes for your vehicle will depend on the vehicle's height, length, and breadth. SUVs often cost more to transport on average than a Sedan, and bigger vehicles will necessitate bigger trailers. Bike racks, roof racks, and other attachments on the vehicle should also be disclosed to the auto transport firm as they may alter the size of the trailer needed for delivery. It will also help them to accurately determine exactly how much is it to ship a car.

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Vehicle Condition

If your automobile isn't in drivable condition, the cost of shipping a car might increase. This is due to the possibility that additional tools like a winch or forklift may be needed to load and unload your automobile from the trailer. It will be hard to simply roll your car onto a trailer and off again if one of its wheels is locked and it will need more time, labor, and equipment to make the delivery than a typical car moving service. Most car hauling services would view a vehicle as being in excellent enough condition to ship readily and check if it can break, roll, and steer.

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Locations of Pickup And Delivery

How much does it cost to ship a car may also rise depending on where you need the automobile to be picked up from and delivered to. Urban regions typically offer nearby car transport services, and the price to ship a car may be lower if the route is a popular one. Rural deliveries may cost more since they need detours from the company's regular routes and cover more distance than usual. A pick-up or drop-off location that is especially odd or difficult to access may need more work to load your car, which may raise the car transport cost.

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Auto Transport Insurance

All professional car transport services are obliged to hold liability insurance, but since extra insurance is not mandated by law, some might not offer it. It is strongly advised that you look for and obtain cargo insurance for your vehicle during its journey if a car transportation services does not provide it in its auto transport quotes. As with any insurance policy, make sure you understand the specifics of the coverage, including the sort of damage that is covered, any deductibles, the sections of the car that are covered, and any other concerns you may have.

Time of Year

The vehicle shipping quote for an automobile might vary depending on the season, with many providers charging more prices to ship a car in the winter since ice and snow slow down the routes. The impact of each season on the car shipping rates and car shipping costs calculator is summarised below:
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Shipping a car costs more in Winter than any other time of the year. This is because adverse weather conditions like ice, snow, and blizzards may all slow down drivers and cause delays on the roadways. Since many drivers take their holidays in December and vacation to warmer states in January, it is often difficult to export a car during those months. On the other hand, February is often a quiet month, making it a good time to get excellent vehicle shipment rates.

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An excellent time to ship your car is during spring. Spring is commonly associated with lower car transport prices and greater availability when it comes to relocating your automobile because of the great weather, longer days, and increased availability of drivers. However, since there is occasionally a rush to transport automobiles from colder to warmer regions, it is typically preferable to ship in March rather than April or May to get the best quote from our car shipping cost calculator.

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is the best time to transport automobiles since the days are the longest, students are returning from college, workers are on holiday, and house moves are highly common at this time. Because June, July, and August are all busy for the vehicle transport sector, you shouldn't anticipate lower car delivery costs over the summer.

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If you want to ship an automobile for a little less vehicle shipping rates, fall is a wonderful time to do so. Although there are usually more drivers available after the summer rush, it is preferable to look to transfer your car in October or November rather than September because this is when most students ship their vehicles to college. It is the cheapest way to ship a car and you can get a proper estimate on how much to ship a car with our vehicle shipping cost calculator.

How do I get an instant car transport quote?

You can use Bold Auto Tranports’s cost calculator to get an instant average cost to ship a car. At Bold Auto Transport, we want your journey to be pleasant at every step. After providing the necessary information in our car shipping cost calculator to get ship a car cost, you can relax knowing that you'll get an affordable vehicle shipping cost based on several factors.

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Follow these steps to use our car shipping calculator:

Make sure you have specific essential details available so we can offer you the most precise car shipping estimate for an automobile. The following will be required:

  • tick vector States, cities, and zip codes for the pickup and destination.
  • tick vector Make, model, year, and kind of the car.
  • tick vector Operating condition
  • tick vector Type of carrier you want: open or enclosed
  • tick vector Date of pick-up and delivery

You will receive a customized cost of transporting a car in a matter of seconds after entering and submitting this information. You can also call us directly to speak with one of our executives if you have any questions or want to know the breakdown of your vehicle transport cost.

Best way to ship a car?

Although you might choose to drive the car yourself, it is best to hire a shipping company for car transportation. A reputable car shipping company is one of the most trustworthy, quick, and cost-effective ways to transport your vehicle from one location to another. The best car shipping businesses make sure your vehicle reaches its destination safely. There won't be any complicated transportation problems for you to deal with while you move either.

You may avoid issues and risks associated with vehicle shipping yourself by working with the best car transportation services, such as Bold Auto Transport.

Are you in immediate need of vehicle transport services? Searching for a reliable vehicle transportation business that provides regular services? Looking for the average cost to ship a car?

We have drivers in your area available to fulfill your request for vehicle shipping! Get in contact with us right away to schedule your shipment at your comfort, or use our calculator to get an instant auto shipping quote. Contact us if you need help transporting an automobile safely, without damage.

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Step-by-step guide
to ship a car

Before Shipping a Car:
1. Wash the exterior

Make sure your car is spotless from top to bottom. The subsequent parts of the car shipping procedure depend on the exterior being clean. You will have less work to do after vehicle shipping services have delivered your car if you thoroughly clean the automobile beforehand. In addition, having a clean automobile is always great.

2. Conduct a visual examination

Once the exterior of your car has been thoroughly cleaned, walk around it and search for any dents, scratches, stains, or paint chips. It is essential to thoroughly clean your automobile before the inspection since grime, dust, and dirt might conceal these signs. A visual assessment is necessary to detect any damage that is already present. It is unlikely that the car shipping services transportation process would cause harm to your car. But if it happened, you'd be more equipped to spot any new damage.

3. Take a picture of the automobile for your records

You might want to take pictures of any scratches, dents, paint chips, and other damage in addition to recording any current damage. Take the photos from different angles. Make sure the photographs are all high-quality as well. These images are for your reference only. But you may use the pictures, together with any notes, to help you finish the condition report. The images serve as additional insurance if the vehicle shipping firm disputes any recent damage.

4. Conduct a more thorough examination

A visual assessment of the vehicle's exterior has already been done. It's time to look more closely now. Check for leaks in the undercarriage. Immediately take care of this if you find any obvious leakage. Taking note of your car's odometer reading may also be useful. Except to load and unload your car from the transport truck, you shouldn't drive your car too much while it's being transported.

5. Safeguard the exterior of the vehicle

You should make sure that your car's exterior is completely shielded during car shipping. Therefore, if your car has any removable parts, you should either secure them or take them out completely. This includes accessories like detachable baggage, ski, and bike racks. Take into account adjusting the side view mirrors and retracting the antenna. If you own a convertible, make sure the top is adequately secured to prevent weather-related damage.

6. Take personal belongings out

Clear the interior of your car, especially the trunk, of all personal belongings. Don't forget to get your vehicle charger and GPS while you're at it. You reduce the chance of theft, loss, and damage by taking personal belongings out of the picture. Your car might move around a little bit while car shipping. Personal belongings can therefore be thrown around in your car and endanger both your automobile and the goods if you leave them there.

7. Deactivate automated parking permits or toll tags

Remove the toll tags and automated parking cards immediately. These things won't be necessary for car shipping. Your automobile may be charged a toll for each toll you pass if you leave your toll tag on it. You don't want that, without a doubt.

8. Note relevant specifics for the driver

Make a note of any special aspects or technical issues with your car. Write up the driver's handling instructions in advance. These instructions will be crucial for driving your automobile into and off the carrier, even though it won't be driven much during auto shipment.

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After your car is delivered

You should perform a comprehensive inspection of your automobile before receiving it from any reliable car shipping services.

Understand Your Own Protections When Taking Delivery

Before the employees of the car transportation services leave, run and test-drive your automobile to make sure it is still working properly.

Professionals will often deliver your automobile right to your door. If you reside in an apartment building and there are no "appropriate" roads through which an 18-wheeler truck may pass, you will need to schedule the car shipping delivery time and date at another place. Wherever that is, make sure to provide the original inspection record detailing the state of your vehicle prior to shipping.

Make sure you have easy access to the photos you took before car shipping. Bring a notepad and a pen as well so you can record any shipping damage. Start by carefully inspecting your automobile:

Before you start driving again, inspect your vehicle. It would be a good idea to pass the mechanic checkup before you start driving your automobile again, just in case. Unless they spend many months at the car shipping company's facility, you should be able to drive your vehicle immediately after receiving it. In this situation, you should check the gas gauge, top off the fluids, and if necessary, inflate the tires.

  • tick vector Examine every area of your automobile. Check the paint for any recent dents, scratches, or chips.
  • tick vector Examine the condition of the windshield and the state of the door handles, glass, and external mirrors.
  • tick vector Examine the underbelly and tires as well.
  • tick vector Check to see if the lock is still functional by opening and closing all the doors and windows.
  • tick vector Drive your automobile back and forth to ensure that it is still operational.
  • tick vector Submit A Claim (if needed)

You can make a claim if your automobile was harmed during car shipping by any car transportation services. However, to submit a vehicle insurance claim, you will need to provide all the images and documentation that show your car was free of that particular damage or shattered glass before you turned it over to the car shipping experts. Since they are only permitted to move your automobile and not the personal stuff you have in it, car transportation services are not liable if any of your personal possessions go missing during car shipping. You won't be able to make a claim in this scenario. Be cautious and keep your belongings with you rather than in your car.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

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Open transport is the most affordable method of shipping an automobile. Carriers will pick up the vehicle and move it to the delivery site securely when using open transport. Bold Auto Transport automobile carriers provide this service at an affordable price to ship a car.

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Depending on the type of car you are transporting, you can pick between open and enclosed transport when using door-to-door shipping. Open transit is more economical, while enclosed transport is the safest option. Car shipping quotes can be different for both types of transportation services.

Is shipping a car expensive?

The cost of shipping a car per mile depends on the distance traveled. The size of the automobile, the terminals (with terminal car shipping, the client is in charge of dropping off the vehicle at the terminal closest to the pickup site and then also being in charge of picking it up at a terminal near to the delivery place), and even the time of year can have an impact on the car shipping quotes.

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How to save money on a car shipping service?

Here are a few very efficient options to keep in mind when making a booking with a local auto shipping business.

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Check Multiple Quotations

Getting multiple car shipping quotes is one of the best strategies to find cheap car transportation services. You should think about looking up shipping quotes online before deciding on services from any automobile transport business. Comparing several car shipping services quotes will help you choose the best and least expensive alternative for you while also learning the current shipping prices. Bold Auto Transport provides immediate and accurate shipping prices with car shipping costs calculator. Simply enter the essential information on our instant car shipping costs calculator to receive your free shipping quotations.

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Choose open-car transportation.

The open car shipping service is regarded as the least expensive way to export a car across the nation out of all the possibilities. Your automobile is moved from one location to another on an open car trailer when you choose an open car transport service. The car is exposed to many elements and weather conditions while being transported, including wind, dust, rain, and more. When moving your automobile on an open trailer, Bold Auto Transport maintains caution and the uses highest safety practices.

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Ahead of time reservations

To ship an automobile for less money, it is usually a good idea to make reservations in advance. When compared to on-the-spot booking, advance booking can let you reserve car shipping services at a significantly lesser cost. Therefore, you should think about scheduling your shipping services in advance if you have future vacation plans or are moving.

Customers that make reservations in advance are given higher priority by car transportation businesses. You will be given precedence in this manner even when there is a labor shortage or when shipping services are in high demand. It is the most effective and affordable method for transporting an automobile across the nation.

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Be flexible with the times you pick up and drop off.

You can consider being flexible with your door-to-door pickup and delivery schedule if you don't need to go right away or if you can wait a few more days. To deliver your vehicle earlier than expected or on the specified date, car shipping services could charge an additional fee. Car shipping services typically deliver between four to seven working days. You'll have enough time to get ready and pay attention to other crucial things if you do it this way.

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Consider using off-season car shipping

On-season car shipping refers to the period of the year when there is a rapid increase in car shipping costs and a strong demand for car shipping services. Festivals, summer vacations, and college reopenings are a few on-season times when car shipping costs are at their highest. If you want to save money throughout the process, you may consider scheduling your car shipping services in advance or after a time of high demand. In the off-season, labor is more readily available, so you might experience inexpensive vehicle shipment.

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Choose terminal-to-terminal shipping

The most cost-effective alternative for car transport is terminal-to-terminal shipping. It's a basic approach that may help you save a significant sum of money each time you use services for intrastate or nationwide shipping. The closest terminal or site close to your new residence or destination is typically where shipping firms drop off your automobile. The best cheap vehicle shipping option for you could be terminal shipment if you feel comfortable driving a short distance. If you want to travel back to your location without any problems, leave some petrol in your car.

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Make sure your vehicle is in working condition.

Transporting a car or other vehicle that isn't in working condition can significantly increase the price to ship a car. To transfer a non-running automobile securely to your intended location, shipping firms must exercise particular caution and attention throughout the procedure. Car shipping firms employ cutting-edge machinery to load and unload your automobile and transport it to the destination from pick-up through delivery. Advanced technologies and an additional labor supply will be required. As a result, it is advised to assess your vehicle's condition before concluding your services.

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Ask for recommendations from your family and friends.

Finding inexpensive vehicle shipping solutions is made simple by asking friends and relatives for recommendations. You might ask your friends and family for referrals if they've lately used car shipping company services. Inquire about their shipping experiences and the kinds of services that enabled them to ship their cars for a reasonable price. Make a list of all the affordable vehicle transport choices, then compare their offerings to choose the best one.

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Review online feedback

Before paying for their services, it is important to do your research on your service providers. You may come across a lot of websites when doing your search activities that provide unbiased and trustworthy evaluations of the many shipping firms available. These websites have everything covered for you, from affordable automobile transport services to knowledgeable service providers. Typically, reviews are written by clients. You may also speak with the clients if you want to find out more about the shipping firms and their offerings.

What are the safest ways to ship a car?

Transporting a car in an enclosed space is by far the safest method (also known as covered transport).

The walls of the car carrier provide a secure barrier between the outside environment and vehicles being sent using the enclosed transportation technique.

Due to the increased insurance coverage that is provided in the unlikely event that any damages occur as well as the physical protection offered by automobile carriers, enclosed shipping is also the industry standard for safety and protection.

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Follow These Steps to use our
Car Shipping Calculator:

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Make sure you have specific essential details available so we can offer you the most precise car shipping estimate for an automobile. The following will be required:
  • States, cities, and zip codes for the pickup and destination.
  • Make, model, year, and kind of the car.
  • Operating condition
  • Type of carrier you want: open or enclosed
  • Date of pick-up and delivery


Car shipping firms consider several factors, including the distance between points A and B, the type of shipment you choose(open or closed), the size of the car, the vehicle's operating state, the time of year, and the season (as mentioned before the charges can be high given the peak time and season). Depending on your specific needs, there can be extra charges to take into account.

Car shipping cost for 2000 miles can cost you around $1,530 but it is affected by other factors as well. Call us at (469) 942-5444 for a precise quote on shipping an automobile, and one of our skilled representatives will assist you with all of your transportation requirements.

With the help of our instant Bold Auto Transportation car shipping costs calculator, you can quickly obtain an estimate for your vehicle's transportation, whether it is within the city or across state lines. All you need to do is complete the required fields, which include the ZIP codes of the pickup and destination, the kind of car carrier you want, the size and condition of the vehicle, and the season. The approximate cost of your car shipping will be sent to you in a few minutes.

Car shipping costs might vary greatly under different circumstances, but on average, a trip should cost you $2.92 per mile if it is less than 200 miles, $0.93 per mile if it is between 200 and 500 miles, and $0.78 per mile if it is beyond 1,000 miles. To get an average shipping cost, you can use our car shipping costs calculator or contact us directly to consult with one of our executives.

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Melanie Barnes

Bold Auto Transport, led by their exceptional team, provided me with outstanding service. Michael, in particular, was prompt and knowledgeable, making the car transport process stress-free. Thanks to his expertise, my vehicle was delivered securely and on schedule. I can't recommend Bold Auto Transport enough for their professionalism and exceptional assistance. Kudos to Michael and the entire Bold Auto Transport crew!

Melanie Barnes
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I had a great experience working with Bold Auto Transport! I reached out to them on a late Monday afternoon, and had my car picked up Wednesday morning and dropped off in another state the SAME day before the drop off location business closed at 5 pm. They outsource and they take a deposit and you pay the rest to the outsourced group. I had the drivers contact information and was able to reach out to him with any questions and he sent me pictures and confirmed when my car was dropped off. The process from start to finish was smooth and easy. If I ever need car transport, I will always reach out to Bold Auto! Their customer service is fantastic and there is always someone available to help— and if not, they will call you back within 10 minutes to see what was needed. Highly recommend!

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Eric Nabors

Great price. I do hate all the texting even though I can text. Theres a lot of money being spent here and a valuable piece of property being transported a simple phone call would do. Would have given them a 5 but my transport pushed back because of driver issues. But then got delayed because of a ice storm. Had it not been for the driver issue it never would have been delayed by the weather. That was not big issue for the rating the big issue was that i had to contact them to find out that the weather shut things down and delayed the transport after waiting a day or so

Eric Nabors
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Julie Proulx

We had a good experience with Bold Auto Transport. Their price was reasonable, they showed up on time to get the car, transported it cross country, and it arrived when they said it would - in good condition. It was dirty on the outside but we knew the truck wasn’t covered. Nothing a car wash couldn’t fix. We’ll definitely use them to send the car back.

Julie Proulx
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Barbara Gibbons

I had the absolute best most professional experience from start to finish with Bold auto Transport. From my agent Ted to the dispatcher to my Driver Tamerlan to the follow up representative Eve I was given such peace of mind and I couldn’t have entrusted a better company to handle my family vehicle getting safely from Texas to Arizona. They gave me an honest quote from the beginning, which of course it’s not cheap to get a vehicle safely shipped from one state to another across the country, as the shady companies outthere would lead you to believe but I was told from the beginning what it would cost and exactly when they would pick up my vehicle on time, and nothing worrisome ever arose, even though I was so stressed out entrusting my vehicle with anybody but all of my worries were alleviated as I was able to text and call the agent, the driver excetera with constant updates. They treated my vehicle just like they would their own, and it was shipped in an enclosed trailer with only one other vehicle, and received in the same condition They picked it up in. I literally had to organize this with Bold Auto Transport at the very last minute After dealing with so much uncertainty and unprofessionalism by other companies, especially knowing that this industry is full of fraud, etc. and Bold Auto came through above and beyond better than I could’ve ever expected. I can’t thank you all enough and I hope this review is able to help someone else in the same situation to know with complete certainty that they will be in the best hands out there! Thank you again Bold Auto Transport for everything!

Barbara Gibbons
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Leo Kovalik

My story starts in Los Angeles, Mechanic says I was good to go on an across country move. Car packed up and I set out on the road. Welp I'm writing this review because about 10 miles south of Beaver Utah my check engine light came on and my car started smoking. I felt stuck, well because I was stuck in Beaver Utah. I asked around to get the car packed with my life fixed. After several quotes on money and time, I decided to just ship it home. I had never done this before so I luckily found this company. I called on a Saturday and by Tuesday my car was picked up directly from the hotel. I started the process of flying home and to my amazement, my car beat me home. This company is amazing and handled everything with care. My car was just as I left it when it arrived at my chosen destination. I hope I don't have to ship a car again, but if I do I know who I am calling!!

Leo Kovalik
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