Military Vehicle Shipping

Transporting your military vehicle on your own can be a quite daunting and stressful and challenging process. We understand how overwhelming the whole process can be, especially if this is your first time shipping military vehicles, from one place to another. We, at Bold Auto Transport , ensure do everything possible to seamlessly ship your military vehicles to your desired location. Moreover, our team of experts possesses years of experience in handling the most complex shipping situation with utmost professionalism and care. This way, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind while and focusing on other important factors.

Moving on short notice from one place to another often can be a stressful and challenging task for military members. On average, active military members move every two to three years to fulfill military service across the nation. To ease their shipping experience, under the military car shipping program, government authorities allow shipping one privately owned vehicle for free for specific military PCS vehicle shipping locations.

Bold Auto Transports offers car shipping service military discounts to actively serving military members and retired members for a seamless and satisfied shipping experience.

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What is Military Car Shipping?

Military car shipping services are specifically designed to transport privately owned vehicles by active military members to their next permanent change of station (PCS) location. To avail of the benefits of military vehicle shipping services, you must be an active serving military member and have received an order for a permanent change of station.

How Does Military Car Shipping Work?

At Bold Auto Transport, we use highly advanced tools and methods to safely and efficiently ship your vehicles from one location to another. We offer a range of military car auto transport services at military car shipping rates.

How much does it cost to ship a car for the military?

Military car shipping services can vary from one customer to another, depending on various elements. Therefore, to state, an exact cost figure for military vehicle shipping service can be challenging. Nevertheless, with our advanced cost calculator, you can easily calculate accurate military car shipping service costs for your car.

Shipping costs can be easily influenced by various factors, including the size of your car, vehicle brand, condition of your car, weather conditions, types of shipping methods, distances between pick-up and drop-off locations, and other related factors. You can also consult our experts to determine your shipping cost by simply calling on 469-942-5444.

Does the military ship your car for free?

You can avail the benefit of free military vehicle transport services if you fulfill certain conditions. The military can ship your car for free if you are actively serving in the military and you have received an order for a permanent change of station. It is important to note that the government only pays for one privately owned vehicle (POV) to be shipped from one location to another, according to the Department of defense.

To learn more about military shipping services or schedule your appointment, you can contact one of our auto transport specialists today at 469-942-5444 or explore our website for additional information.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Military Vehicle?

Generally, it takes two weeks or fourteen working days to complete military PCS shipping services across the nation. However, depending on shipping needs and conditions, the shipping time frame can fluctuate from one customer to another.

How Do Our Military Vehicle Shipping Services Work?

Get Instant Car Shipping Quotes

Use our online instant car shipping calculator to determine affordable and convenient military car shipping rates on your internet devices. Filling all the necessary details on the cost calculator, such as distance, types of car relocation shipping services ( standard or luxury car transport military services), location, condition of your vehicle, and other related information, will help us determine the best possible option for you and the cost to ship a car across the country.

Carrier Picks Up Your Vehicle

Following the confirmation of details and information shared, our professionals will reach out to you to discuss more military PCS vehicle shipping services. Our professionals will discuss the shipping pick-up and delivery time frame based on your availability and convenience.

Get Your Vehicle Delivered

Once all the military vehicles' transportation formalities are complete, your vehicle will be handed back to you in safe and secure condition.

What type of auto transport service do military personnel choose?

Open car transport:

Open car transport shipping is one of the most affordable and military-friendly auto transport options to choose from.

International relocations:

International car shipping service is one of the best shipping car overseas military options for military personnel with international permanent change of station.

Door-to-door transport:

Door-to-door car shipping is the most convenient and hassle-free POV auto shipping service.

Guaranteed pick-up service:

As a leading military shipping company, we offer guaranteed pick-up and delivery services. We also offer military-friendly car insurance transportation to protect your car from possible damages during transit.

Expedited Car Shipping:

You can enjoy convenient and fast open or expedited auto transport services by paying extra money. We offer customizable services based on your shipping needs and requirements.

Why Should Military Personnel Choose Bold Auto For Military Car Shipping?

With profound years of experience, we strive to offer the most satisfying and risk-free shipping services. By choosing us as your shipping partner, you get to unlock the best military vehicle transportation services of all time. Get in touch with our shipping professionals to know more about the service.

Benefits Of Military PCS Vehicle Shipping

  • Cost-effective shipping services to long-distance locations.

  • Car mover's military discounts on shipping more than one privately owned vehicle.

  • Safe and secured military car shipping program.

  • Guaranteed “ PSC my POV shipping times”

  • Affordable shipping services by experienced and highly-qualified professional military car shippers.

What Are The Different Types Of Military PCS Moves?

Popular types of military PCS moves include overseas PCS moves, personally procured moves (PPM), PCS to the same geographic area, change of unit’s location, and PCS temporary duty en route.

Is There A Military Discount To Ship A Car?

Yes, we offer attractive car shipping military discounts to active and retired military members to help them ship more than one vehicle at affordable and relatively cheaper rates than other military car shipping companies.


What Is A POV?

POV stands for “privately owned vehicle” by military personnel. The military car shipping program allows active military members to ship one POV to their next location.

How Long Does Military POV Take To Ship?

It doesn’t take more than two weeks or fourteen working days to complete military vehicle transportation services. However, depending on various shipping variables, the delivery time frame may differ from one customer to another.

Does The Military Give You A Car?

Several factors are considered when handing over vehicles to military personnel. It is best to get in touch with your head or government authorities to know more about vehicles provided by the military to the members.

Does The Military Pay For Shipping A POV?

Yes, government authorities offer to ship one privately owned vehicle for free or a certain amount to their active military members who are ordered for permanent change of station.

Does The Military Pay To Ship Your Car?

Military offers to pay only for one privately owned vehicle for their active members ordered for permanent change of station.

What Documents Do You Need For A Military Relocation?

Documents such as personal identification, PCS orders, driver's licenses/permits, passport, insurance policies, and more are some of the most vital documents military members must carry during their transit.

Does The Military Ship Your Car For Free?

Yes, the military ships one privately owned vehicle for their active military member to specific locations or stations.

Can We Ship Personal Items As Part Of Your Military Car Shipping Service?

It is best to avoid shipping your valuable and expensive personal items when shipping your vehicles. Most military vehicle transportation companies don’t take responsibility for personal belongings or items left by car owners. You’re unlikely to get paid or cover the expenses of losing your personal items during transit.

Is My Car Insured During Military Vehicle Shipping?

As the best car shipping company for the military, we offer outstanding full coverage insurance of the market to ensure a safe and secure car shipping experience for all our customers.

How Are Military Vehicles Transported Overseas?

At Bold Auto Transport, we use highly-advanced and splendid shipping options to ship your vehicles to different countries or overseas destinations professionally. We take utmost care and protection to ensure your vehicles are free from potential damage and injuries throughout the transit.

How Many Cars Does The Military Ship For Free?

The military offers to ship only one privately owned vehicle for free for their active members who received the permanent change of station orders.