Door to Door Car Shipping

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Car delivery to your home;
It’s called Bold not Amazon

You can choose an exact location for your vehicle to be picked up and delivered with door-to-door car shipping that Bold Auto Transport offers. If you want to ship your car to a residence or from a residence, the driver will come as close to your driveway as possible.

But, not every city allows semi-trucks to drive through residential areas, or some locations are inconvenient to drive in with semi-trucks. If you live in an area with tight parking space, speed bumps, or other obstacles, the driver might need to arrange the loading on or loading off the process in a large parking lot closest to you.

Door-to-door car shipping is the most convenient choice among all and a pretty affordable option when you go Bold. If you're planning interstate car shipping, Bold Auto Transport offers the most reliable yet affordable auto transport in the nation.

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What Door-to-Door means in car shipping

When you ship your car, you have to decide whether you want to go door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. Door-to-door shipping allows you to determine your pickup and delivery location precisely. By working with Bold Auto Transport , you can have your car dropped off or picked up at your convenience, whether it's your residence driveway or your work's parking lot.

Terminal-to-terminal car shipping is quite different; it means your vehicle needs to be dropped off at the nearest terminal to you. And your car will be shipped to a terminal that is closest to your selected destination. Although terminals are often less expensive than door-to-door shipping, there can be some hassle, and many times aren't worth the money saved when you consider the long wait times and lack of inconsistency on the shipping dates. Because you don't necessarily know the terminal locations in advance, or you could end up paying more in gas and other transportation-related costs when you're trying to reach a terminal and making your way back.

Bold Auto Transport’s door-to-door shipping quotes are some of the most affordable car shipping rates on the market. The Bold Team’s dispatchers and drivers are highly trained and experienced. We will pick up your car from wherever you are. Thanks to our extremely cautious professional drivers, it will be returned to you in the same condition with no damage nor any incidents. Here in Bold Auto Transport, we ensure that your vehicle arrives safely, on time and will be taken to the exact destination you specified to your auto transport coordinator.

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What is car shipping all about

The process of car shipping is pretty simple with Bold Auto Transport . After you place your order, your assigned truck’s driver will call you at least a day before your pick-up date and time. When your driver arrives, they will inspect the car with you, load the vehicle, and take away the stress of driving to a new location.

Your driver will call you before the delivery to give you a heads-up when your car arrives at its destination. They'll inspect your vehicle one more time with you before going over the paperwork and having you sign the Bill of Lading to finish off your auto transportation.