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Most Common Auto Transport Scams

Being knowledgeable about the common scams that could happen when shipping a car is very important. Falling victim to car transport scams can be devastating, not only due to financial losses but also because of the distress it can cause, making the experience overwhelming. Here, in this article, we will be covering the most common auto transport scams, how to identify them, and how to evade them. Bold Auto Transport has dedicated itself to having our customers have a smooth and secure car shipping experience around the country.

What is a Car Shipping Scam?

Car shipping scams involve illegal activities where people are tricked into believing they will receive legitimate car shipping services. These "services" could be either of very low quality or simply not exist at all. In most cases, scammers will create a variety of emulations of actual sites. Others will include wrong promises and false information to trick these unaware individuals into giving them money. At Bold Auto Transport, we request users and all customers in general to be ever keen and in the know about these practices.

What are the Different Types of Auto Transport Scams

There are many car shipping scams for which customers should be aware of:

  • Unrealistic car shipping prices: Some scams will charge their services at extremely low rates. A price that sounds too good to be true is just that-better left untrusted. This is the reason that one really should not go with a transporter who offers an unreasonable quote significantly lower than normal market average. These car shipping scams online are very common lately.
  • Phishing scam: Scammers send you counterfeit emails or messages claiming to be a real car shipping company inquiring about sensitive information such as credit card numbers or login passwords in order to make you a victim of auto transport scams.
  • Insufficient insurance coverage: Scammers may not have any proper insurance coverage for your vehicle. This means that in the event your car gets damaged or lost during transport, you will be left exposed.
  • Fake sellers: Scammers may pretend to be car sellers who are offering to sell you the car at a low price, but later ask for payment for shipping services that do not exist.
  • Unknown drivers: Scammers may hire non-trusted drivers to move your car, which may increase the risk of damage or loss to your car. Every driver Bold Auto Transport Works with has to hold a valid CDL license.
  • Hide the damage: The scammers may hide the exact nature of the damage caused to your vehicle during the transport, and may demand that you pay for repair or replacement with pulling a fast one on you.

Bold Auto Transport takes care to provide the customer with transparent pricing as well as completely insured coverage for safeguarding the protection of the customers' vehicles.

Ways to Spot Car Shipping Scams

The customer can use the following tips to avoid car transport scams:

  • Gather information on the car transport company: The customer should look for details on a car transport company where info includes checking out reviews, ratings, and complaints against the said transport company. Avoid falling victim to auto shipping scams by choosing a reputable company such as Bold Auto Transport, known for its extensive positive reviews and satisfied customers. You can also check You can also check FMCSA’s SAFER tool to check the auto transport company that you decided to work with.
  • Car moving quote and terms and conditions: Sign only after carefully going through the quote as well as the terms and conditions of the agreement to avoid car shipping scams online. Make sure you understand what services are included and the total cost for the car transport services to prevent falling prey to auto shipping scams.
  • Read online customer reviews: Always check for online reviews from different sources to avoid across shipping scams. It will give an idea about how the company is offering its services and at what level. It helps in determining the company's good and bad points.

Auto Transport Companies to Avoid

For your protection and the protection of your vehicle, there are several types of companies to avoid. These companies include:

  • Unregistered auto transport companies: Only do business with a company that is registered and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Verify a carrier or broker with the FMCSA:Visit the website of FMCSA to check to see if a company is registered and search to find out if any complaints have been filed.

How to Avoid Auto Transport Scams

First, the customer should be cautious of low prices. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Prices that are significantly lower than industry standards should raise a red flag, as scammers often use low prices to lure victims into their traps.

Next, make sure to verify the company's registration. Always work with a company that is registered and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This ensures that the company is legitimate and follows industry regulations.

Reading reviews and checking ratings is also crucial. Do your homework by looking up reviews and ratings for the company. Pay attention to any complaints filed against them. As Bold Auto Transport, we are proud of having high ratings and plenty of positive feedback from our customers, which speaks to our reliability and quality of service.

Finally, carefully review the quote and terms and conditions before agreeing to anything. Make sure you understand what services are being offered, the payment terms, and the total cost.

A safe experience with Bold Auto Transport is yours for taking especially if you are well aware of the common auto transport scams and have steps in place to avoid them. That said, therefore you are more likely to get successful car shipping. Therefore, car transport scams all can be avoided if you are well informed as well as vigilant regarding auto shipping scams.


What should I watch for when shipping a car?

Be wary about low prices. Be wary of fake websites, and misleading information. Be careful researching their company; looking up reviews, ratings about a company, complaint. Look over the quote and terms and conditions carefully before signing an agreement. After considering these importances, if you decide working with Bold Auto Transport, you can get a quote or use Bold Auto Transport’s car shipping cost calculator for your needs.

How do I know if a car transport company is reliable?

It is easy to differentiate a reliable car transport company since they are duly enrolled and licensed by the FMCSA. Look for extensive research by the company about reviews, ratings, and complaints against them.

How do you know if someone is scamming you for a car?

In case someone is offering you the car at significantly lower than the market value this just could be a scam. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. So, this should actually ring a bell about some suspicious price and them make you start doing deep research about the company before transferring any money.

How do I know if a shipping company is legit?

A genuine shipping company is enrolled and licensed with the FMCSA. Do some homework by searching for reviews, ratings and complaints lodged against their name.

How do I not get scammed when shipping?

If one wants to avoid being scammed while shipping a car, then he should look out for low costs, fake sites, or false information. When the quote is provided, it should be read elaborately and along with the terms and condition before signing any form of agreement. After that, you can choose your shipping method among Open Car Shipping, Expedited Car Shipping, and Door to Door Car Shipping methods.

What to do first if scammed?

If you have been scammed, you should report the scam to the FMCSA and your local authorities also. Contact your credit card company or bank and report the fraud. They can really help you get a refund. You can also launch a complaint about the perpetrator with the Better Business Bureau.

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