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Oct 27, 2022

Auto Transport Scams and How To Avoid Them: 2022

Over the past few years, the shipping industry has witnessed tremendous growth and expanded its business in various industrial sectors. There is no denying that the shipping industry plays a vital role in the smooth business functioning of various industry sectors. As several types of industries rely heavily on shipping companies to perform their daily business activities and make their products/services reach the end users, even a slight halt in the shipping industry can cost them huge losses.

It is safe to say that without the shipping industry, it can be challenging for other industries to survive and thrive in the competitive marketplace. The increasing popularity of the shipping industry has also given opportunities to fraudulent and deceptive service providers to take immoderate advantage of customers across the nation. These auto transport companies attract users’ attention by selling their services at cheap and heavily discounted prices.

At times, their marketing tactics and knowledge about technologies are so advanced that many users fail to see through their deceptive notions and fall for the act.

If you are wondering ‘how do I identify a car shipping scam?’ or ‘how do car shipping scams operate?’, you are in the right place.

Let us begin the post by determining some popular shipping scams and types of auto transport companies to avoid when booking online auto transport services.

What are the different types of auto transport scams?

Shipping scams may vary from one car shipping company to another, depending on the type of your auto transport services. It is imperative to understand fraudulent auto transport companies can reach out to you in unique ways, and some are extremely similar to marketing tactics. Before sharing your personal information on any car shipping company's website, check their credentials.

1. Unrealistic shipping prices

Most users look for auto transport companies that offer standard quality services at affordable prices. This is not wrong, however, improper knowledge about car transportation costs may burn a hole your pocket within a few minutes. Several factors are considered while determining shipping costs, and no matter what, these prices cannot fall below a certain price range. It is recommended to check multiple shipping quotes to learn about the ongoing market rate for a particular region or distance in your country.

2. The up-sell auto transport scam

The up-sell auto transport scam is quite popular among customers relocating to different cities or states. The scammers hack certain websites where you visit to find potential service providers and contact you in a professional manner. Therefore, you should avoid sharing personal details on different websites you visit to conduct your research. A genuine and reliable website will never ask you to enter personal information right after clicking the website.

3. Phishing scam

Phishing scam is the process where fake buyers will connect you through emails or other means of marketing in a professional and appealing manner. They will show interest in your product and try to persuade you with different tactics. Phishing is more common for users looking for ways to sell their cars online.

4. Fake seller

The fake seller scam is much similar to the phishing scam. The seller tries to sell the cars are much lower rates than the ongoing market rate. To win your trust, they also create fake shipping websites to show the vehicle is held by the shipping agent. They connect with you with the sole purpose to take your money and run away without fulfilling the delivery.

How to Avoid Auto Transport Scams?

With the right knowledge and understanding of the shipping process, you can easily determine the true intention of the service provider and the types of auto transport companies to avoid on the internet. Here are some effective ways you can avoid fraudulent auto transport services and save thousands of dollars during the process.

1. Look for registered service providers

You should always hire shipping services from a car shipping company that is registered and holds a license to perform its business activities. Company registration certificate and license act as proof that the company is lawfully conducting all business activities and can be trusted. Check their license period before confirming your services.

2. Verify their address

One of the best ways to know the services are reliable and trustworthy is to verify the address and contact details mentioned by the company. Whether you are planning to hire services from a shipping company or auto transport broker, you should always cross-check their business address and contact details on the internet. You can take the help of search engine maps to determine if the company actually exists or not.

3. Read online reviews

Often the information about the service provider that is not readily available on their company websites can be found on several reviewing websites. These reviews are given by genuine customers and parties that have taken their services in the past. Read multiple customer reviews to learn vital facts about their service providers.

4. Lookout for untraceable payment methods

Most auto transport scams take place due to untraceable payment methods. The internet is huge and you should be careful while using different or unique payment methods. Even a slight mistake can make you bankrupt and lose valuable information to fraudulent and criminal service providers. Use only verified payment methods and avoid carelessly sharing information online.

5. Make wise decisions

Whether you are looking for open car transport or enclosed car transport services, make your shipping decisions wisely. Don’t go for companies that offer attractive discounts and sell services at much lower prices. Stay updated with the latest amendments in shipping rules and regulations and question your service provider about the same.

6. Read the contract thoroughly

If you have to sign the contract, thoroughly read the contract and go through all the mentioned rules and regulations. For a second opinion, make your trusted friends or family members that have related knowledge read the contract. In the case of any misappropriation, they can assist you in making wise decisions.

7. Check the driver's qualifications

You would not want to hand over the responsibility of your precision possession to an amateur driver. Speak to your driver and learn about their experience and knowledge in the shipping industry. Ask for their qualifications to confirm if the service provider is speaking the truth about the driver’s qualifications.

8. Click before and after photos

Shipping companies can avoid paying for damages sustained during the shipment if you lack evidence for the same. Clicking after and before pictures will allow you to question and recover the cost for damages sustained on your vehicles.

9. Ask relevant questions

A renowned and the best car shipping company will always entertain their customer's queries and concerns about the shipment. At Bold Auto Transport, we boldly take responsibility for all your shipping needs and handle shipping complications with utmost professionalism and vigilance.

Hopefully, this post helped you to understand different scamming methods and the types of auto transport companies to avoid during the process. To learn more about our services or book your shipment call us at (469) 942-5444.

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