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Aug 18, 2023

Car Shipping Insurance : What You Must Know

Long-distance car moves can be complex, whether you're relocating, buying or selling an automobile, or simply transporting your valuable possessions to a distant location.

You can ensure your car arrives at its new destination quickly and without unforeseen problems or additional costs. But it's crucial to understand the concept of vehicle shipping insurance coverage if something unfortunate happens to your car while it's being transported. Choosing the appropriate car shipping insurance is essential.

In this guide, we'll break down the ins and outs of automobile shipping insurance in simple terms, so you can feel secure as you embark on your adventure.

What Does It Mean By Car Insurance Shipping?

Auto transport insurance, commonly called car shipping insurance, is a type of protection that defends your car. In contrast, it is being transported from one place to another.

Are you wondering if shipping insurance covers theft or unforeseen damage? Here is the answer: Accidents, unexpected damage, or theft may occur when you entrust your vehicle to an auto transport firm. If one of these tragic things happens, the transportation insurance company ensures you're financially secure.

3 Types Of Auto Transport Insurance

Customer Insurance

What it is: This kind of auto-hauling insurance is frequently related to the regular or personal car insurance you might have if you drive your car daily.

Why you might not need it: Typically, you don't need to purchase an additional personal insurance plan specifically for shipping your car.

Why it may be helpful: While your car is being transported, your usual insurance may not provide full coverage, but it can still provide some protection.

Carrier Insurance

What is insured shipping under carrier insurance: It is a kind of special insurance that the transport company holds in case something goes wrong with your car while it is being transported.

What it covers: This auto-hauling insurance will cover any damage to your car that may occur while it is being transferred.

Why it matters: Carrier insurance provides you with a fundamental level of protection for your vehicle while in the hands of the transportation insurance company.

Be aware: It may not cover all potential damages, and some may not even be covered.

Broker Insurance

What it is: Brokers are the individuals who link you with transportation companies. Some brokers might provide you with additional insurance.

Why it's offered: They may offer additional car shipping insurance to ease your decision to use their service and attract more clients.

Why it is not always there: Brokers are not required to offer insurance, unlike carriers. They have the option to provide it as an added service.

Why consider it: When transferring a highly valued car or simply wanting more security, it may be wise to consider the additional car shipping insurance brokers provide.

Auto Transport Insurance: Terms To Know

Understanding a few key terminologies can help you better understand auto transport insurance:

Carrier: A carrier is a business that offers open and enclosed vehicle transport services. It goes by several names, including transport carrier, vehicle mover, and automobile shipper.

Supplemental: This implies "extra," similar to taking on a second job to supplement your income. Brokers may provide extra coverage for safe auto transport.

Broker: An organization that connects you with a carrier is an auto transport broker. They don't move your car.

MC number: A Motor Carrier (MC) number is given to auto transport firms. They are authorized to operate and move cargo across interstate borders.

Licensed Carrier: Carriers demand a license to carry your car, just like you need one to drive.

USDOT number: It is like an online cookie that tracks your activity, cannot be removed, and exposes the history of brokers and carriers. USDOT is the abbreviation for the US Department of Transportation.

Auto Transport Insurance: How It Works

When you decide to ship car across the country, the transportation insurance company controls safe auto transport. Knowing what shipping insurance covers is crucial if damage occurs during transit or car pickup and delivery. You must file a claim with the transportation insurance company in such cases. They will evaluate the circumstance, decide whether it is protected by your selected insurance, and make payment as necessary.

Auto Transport Insurance: Things to Know

- Coverage Disputes: Read about how much shipping insurance is covered and comprehend the conditions of your insurance policy. A thorough understanding of your policy might help avoid many hassles in a dispute.

- Check Your Car: Carefully check your car for any existing damages before transmitting with open transport car shipping. Take pictures of these and make notes about them because you might need to compare them if there are any problems during transport.

- Pick Reputable Transporters: Go with shipping firms with a solid track record and good reviews with affordable costs to ship a car. A trustworthy business will treat your vehicle carefully and uphold its car transport insurance duties.

How to Protect Yourself

- Conduct Thorough Research: Choose the transport company's insurance that best meets your demands by researching several companies and comparing their insurance packages before shipping the car to another state.

- Reviews Read: Sincere client testimonials can shed light on the dependability of an insurance policy's coverage and the general service quality offered by a transportation firm.

- Get Everything in Writing: Ensure any insurance information is expressly detailed before concluding any deals. These include any deductibles, coverage limits, or other costs.

At Bold Auto Transport, we strive to make your transportation experience as easy and stress-free as possible with door-to-door transport services. By getting familiar with the different coverage options and safety measures, you're the captain of your car's adventure. Our team supports you and provides trustworthy insurance coverage, ensuring your priceless vehicle arrives at its destination without damage. Every mile of the journey is covered by Bold Auto Transport. Book an appointment with us by contacting (469)942-5444 if you want a successful and satisfying shipping experience.

What Does Shipping Insurance Cover?

Car shipping insurance cover often includes coverage for damages resulting from mishaps, theft, and unplanned circumstances while the vehicle is in transit.

When to Buy Additional Car Shipping Insurance?

You can buy extra insurance if your car is expensive or you're worried about coverage gaps.

Do You Need Insurance to Ship a Car?

It is strongly advised to have insurance to protect your valuable car even though it is not legally needed.

How much is car hauling insurance?

The auto transport insurance cost varies according to the type of coverage, distance, and value of your vehicle.

Is insurance higher on trucks or cars?

The type of vehicle can affect insurance prices. Still, the kind of coverage and the car's value play a more significant role.

Are there specific auto transport insurance requirements?

Requirements may vary by state, so it's essential to research the rules and regulations in your area for vehicle transport insurance.

What should I ask an auto transport company about its insurance?

Ask about any potential exclusions, deductibles, and coverage limits.

Does commercial auto insurance cover bodily injury?

Commercial auto insurance usually covers bodily injury, although this may not include accidents during transportation.

Does my insurance company cover car shipping?

Contact your insurance company to determine if your existing coverage applies to car shipping insurance.

Does auto transport insurance cover property damage?

Auto transport insurance generally covers damages to your vehicle but might not cover damage to other property.

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