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Car Shipping Process in 3 Easy Steps

The journey of car shipping can be daunting, but with the right guidance, it becomes a seamless process. This comprehensive guide detailed the car shipping process into three easy steps, simplifying further complex tasks. From initial preparation to final delivery, each stage is demystified, empowering you to make informed decisions and ensure a smooth transition for your vehicle.

Whether you're relocating across the country or purchasing a car online, understanding these fundamental steps will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the car shipping process with confidence and ease.

Step 1 Get a Quote and Book Your Order

When it comes to shipping your car, the first step is obtaining a quote and booking your order. This stage sets the foundation for a smooth and hassle-free process. Here’s what you need to know:

Open Car Transport vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

The initial decision is choosing between open car transport and enclosed car transport. Open car transport is common and cost-effective, exposing your vehicle to the elements but offering reliable service for most vehicles. Enclosed auto transport provides an extra layer of protection, ideal for classic cars, luxury vehicles, or those needing extra security during transit.

Your Auto Transport Quote

Your quote for transporting cars across the country will depend on various factors like distance, vehicle size, transport type, and time of year. Reputable auto transport companies offer transparent pricing, detailing all costs involved to avoid surprises later on.

Payment Options

Upon receiving your quote, you'll be presented with payment options. Some companies may offer discounted prices for certain payment methods, while others maintain regular pricing regardless of payment method.

Option 1: Discounted Price

  • Opting for certain payment methods, like cash or bank transfer, may qualify you for discounted pricing. Always inquire about available discounts when booking your order.

Option 2: Regular Price

  • If you prefer alternative payment methods like credit card or PayPal, you'll likely pay the regular price for your car shipping service.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Shipping Across the Country

Before your vehicle is picked up for transport, it's crucial to prepare it adequately to ensure a smooth journey:

1. Wash Your Vehicle, Inside and Outside:

Washing your vehicle, both inside and outside, is essential before shipping. Thorough cleaning facilitates inspection for any pre-existing damages, ensuring they're documented before transportation begins. This step helps safeguard your vehicle and ensures transparency throughout the shipping process.

2. Take Pictures of Your Vehicle:

Documenting the condition of your car through photographs provides evidence in case of any discrepancies upon delivery. This proactive step helps ensure accountability and provides peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

3. Clean the Interior of Your Car:

Removing personal belongings and ensuring a tidy interior helps prevent damage during transit. By preparing your vehicle properly, you minimize the risk of items shifting or causing unnecessary wear and tear during shipping.

4. Remove or Secure Any Accessories:

Before shipping, it's crucial to remove or secure any accessories. Detaching aftermarket additions or loose items prevents them from shifting or causing damage during transport. Taking this precaution ensures a smooth and safe journey for your vehicle.

5. Check the Tires, Battery, and Radiator:

Ensure that the tires are inflated, the battery is charged, and the radiator is filled with coolant to prevent any issues during transport.

6. Check for Fluid Leaks:

Inspect your vehicle for fluid leaks. Addressing any leaks prevents potential damage to other vehicles during transport. This precaution ensures a safe and worry-free journey for your car and maintains the integrity of the shipping process.

7. Check for Any Mechanical and Engine Problems:

Before shipping, thoroughly check for any mechanical or engine problems. Professional auto transport addresses these issues and prevents further damage during transit, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free journey for your vehicle. This proactive approach helps maintain the safety and reliability of the shipping process.

8. Empty the Gas Tank to 1/8 to 1/4 Full:

Keeping the gas tank at a minimum level reduces weight and lowers the risk of leaks during transport. By adhering to this guideline, you contribute to a safer and more efficient shipping process for your vehicle.

9. Disable Any Alarms:

Turning off or deactivating alarms prevents them from being triggered during transport, avoiding unnecessary disruptions. This precaution ensures a smooth journey for your vehicle and minimizes any potential inconvenience for you and the transport company.

10. Deactivate or Remove Toll Tags:

Deactivating or removing toll tags is crucial to prevent unnecessary charges during transit. By ensuring toll tags are deactivated or removed, you avoid incurring additional fees along the route. This proactive step helps streamline the shipping process and prevents any surprises upon delivery, contributing to a hassle-free experience for you and the transport company.

11. Have Your Keys Ready:

Having your keys ready is important for a smooth shipping process. Ensure you have an extra set of keys available for the shipping company while keeping the original set with you for security. This preparation facilitates efficient vehicle handling and delivery.

By following these steps, you'll ensure your vehicle is ready for a seamless car shipping process across the country.

Step 2: We Pick Up Your Vehicle

After preparing your vehicle and confirming your booking, the next step is the pickup by the shipping company. This stage involves careful coordination between you and the transport company to ensure a smooth and timely pickup process.

Step 3: You Receive Your Vehicle

After you transport your car across the country, the final step is receiving it at your desired destination. This stage involves inspecting the vehicle for any damages incurred during transit and completing any necessary paperwork to finalize the car shipping process.


The process of shipping a car across the country involves careful planning, preparation, and coordination. By following these three easy steps and partnering with a reputable auto transport company like Bold Auto Transport, you can ensure a stress-free and reliable car shipping experience.

When considering the cost to ship a car cross-country, factors like distance, vehicle type, and shipping method come into play. Door-to-door auto transport, while convenient, may incur slightly higher costs due to the added service. It eliminates the need to transport vehicles to a terminal, saving time and effort. While costs vary, obtaining multiple quotes and comparing services can help you find the best balance between affordability and convenience for your cross-country car shipping needs.

Contact Bold Auto Transport at (469) 942-5444 to experience reliable and seamless car shipping services. Let us handle your vehicle transport needs with professionalism and care. Get a quote now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your car is in safe hands.


  • Can you guarantee a pick-up date?

We strive to accommodate your preferred pick-up date; external factors like weather and route optimization may influence scheduling. We'll work closely with you to arrange the most convenient pick-up time possible.

  • What does the first available pick-up date mean?

The first available pick-up date refers to the earliest date when our transporters can collect your vehicle. While we aim for prompt service, availability may vary based on factors like location, route, and current demand.

  • Do I need to provide the exact address for a quote?

Providing the exact address for a quote ensures accurate pricing and logistical planning. If the precise address is not available, providing a nearby location or zip code can still help generate an initial estimate.

  • Is my vehicle fully insured during car transport?

Of course! Your vehicle is fully insured during car transport. As a reputable auto transport company, Bold Auto Transport provides comprehensive insurance coverage to protect your vehicle against potential damage or loss during transit.

  • Can the First Available Pick-up Date be Changed?

Yes! The first available pick-up date can be changed based on your needs and availability. Contacting the auto transport company allows for rescheduling, although adjustments may depend on factors like route and demand.

  • Can you outline the specific documentation requirements during the middle phase of the car shipping process?

During the middle phase of the car shipping process, specific documentation requirements may include a copy of your vehicle's registration, proof of insurance, and a signed contract with the auto transport company. Paperwork may be needed depending on the shipping company's policies and regulations.

  • What are the key preparations involved in the initial phase of shipping a car?

The initial phase of car shipping involves key preparations to ensure a smooth process. These preparations include obtaining a quote, choosing between open or enclosed transport, preparing your vehicle by cleaning it inside and out, taking photographs, checking for mechanical issues, and ensuring proper fuel levels and security measures are in place.

  • How does the choice of shipping method impact the overall timeline of the car shipping process?

The choice of shipping method significantly impacts the overall timeline of the car shipping process. Open transport is usually faster and more readily available, while enclosed transport may take longer due to its specialized nature and potentially limited availability. Factors like distance, route, and demand also influence the timeline. Hence, it's essential to consider these factors when selecting a shipping method.

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