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Car Shipping to/from Chicago

Chicago is renowned for its rich history, iconic architecture, diverse culture, and beautiful Lake Michigan waterfront. Popularly known as the "Windy City," Chicago features some of the most iconic landmarks like the Willis Tower and Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. This city is famed for its delicious cuisine, jazz music, and sports enthusiasm. It's a major transportation hub, making it a key location for car shipping in the United States.

At Bold Auto Transport, we understand the importance of seamless and affordable car transport in this bustling city. Whether relocating to Chicago or moving away, our Chicago car shipping ensures your vehicle arrives safely and on time. With our extensive experience and expertise as one of the best car transport companies in Chicago, we offer cost-effective and competitive prices for vehicle transportation to Chicago.


Experience hassle-free Chicago car shipment with Bold Auto Transport. Being one of the fastest-growing and reputable car shipping companies, we never compromise on the safety and security standards of our shipping services.Our expert team is well-versed in Chicago auto transport, making us the preferred choice for your upcoming car shipment to Chicago. Schedule your car shipment with our safe and convenient car transport services in Chicago, Illinois.

What to consider when shipping a car in Chicago?

Transporting your vehicle to Chicago can be both stressful and time-consuming. Apart from safeguarding your car from potential damage and arranging suitable shipping methods, numerous factors contribute to the car shipping services in Chicago.

For smooth and stress-free car shipping to Chicago, consider these key aspects: Watch out for toll roads; remove I-PASS or E-ZPass for avoiding extra charges. Prepare for varying weather conditions, especially in winter. Comply with emissions testing and update insurance and registration for smooth transportation. Use a car shipping calculator for accurate cost estimations. These considerations will ensure you have a smooth and seamless car shipping to Chicago.

What customers about shipping a car with Bold Auto Transport

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Ashley L

They made this process so easy for me. From my first point of contact, to pricing, to communication, turn around time— 5 stars in all areas. Highly recommend , would definitely use again. Trustworthy & Reliable.

Ashley L
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Xro X

I cannot say enough good things about this company. They were able to have my car and motorcycle picked up on separate occasions from my house in the mountains in California. No other company would even try to get someone to come to my home because I live an hour drive up in the mountains. These guys did not hesitate and found two different drivers to come up. My car and motorcycle were taken to the East Coast and the delivery was flawless. Whenever I had a question or ordered more service, Adam, William, Chris and another person whose name I forget was always there to help. The phone was always answered by them personally and I was even given their direct lines that they always answered personally. This company does not use an annoying voice system but has humans answer their phones! It’s so great! Also, the drivers they used were exceptional people. They were very nice and very responsible with my vehicles. This company is awesome! Oh, and the prices were competitive and reasonable. A++ to them!

Xro X
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Tanna Marie Taylor

I will start with, I have never shipped a car before… I put my information on one companies quote request and I got 20+ companies trying to get my business. Bold Auto Transport was the first to text me with actual pricing, I spoke with Andrew, he was extremely helpful and explained what he needed to get the ball rolling. I kept getting calls and text from other places some were much less than Bold so I did call a few other. I didn’t get good vibes from the other companies, for example they didn’t even answer the phone with their company name I thought I was calling a scammer. I did go with Bold even though they were more expensive, I did research them on google reviews, transport reviews, BBB, and FMCSA. They do have 2 complaints with BBB but they responded to each complaint with super fine details so I felt they did their due diligence. Andrew found me a driver to transport my car who was a super friendly guy named Roman. He got my car to the destination same day which was amazing. It was only one state over but still was amazing to me to have same day delivery for a car! I can’t even get fedex to deliver in 10 days let alone same day! All in all amazing experience. Hats off to Andrew and Roman!

Tanna Marie Taylor

How does Chicago car shipping work with Bold?

Bold Auto Transport ensures smooth and seamless auto transportation to Chicago. Our car transport company in Chicago safeguards your valuable vehicle throughout the journey. We prioritize your convenience, safety, and on-time delivery with our Chicago vehicle transport services. Furthermore, combining these three core principles, we offer a dependable and affordable car transport service in Chicago.

Moving your vehicle from point A to point B is easy! It involves just three simple steps. Watch the video to discover more.

How much does to/from Chicago car shipping cost?

The cost of Chicago auto transport can vary depending on several variables, including your car's model, the shipping distance, schedule and timing, and the type of carrier you select. For example, transporting a vehicle from Chicago to Los Angeles generally takes approximately 4-6 days and may cost around $800 to $1000.

You can use our car shipping cost calculator to determine the estimated cost for your preferred destination and arrange the shipping of your car to and from Chicago.

How long does it take to ship a car to/from Chicago?

Shipping to/from Cost Distance Estimated Time in Transit
Chicago to Indianapolis
Chicago to Kansas City
Chicago to Washington, D.C.
New Orleans to Chicago

Calculate your cost of car shipping to Chicago

Several factors contribute to the calculation of shipping a car to another state. For the most precise estimate, you need to enter the general information about your vehicle, pickup and drop-off points, and the desired transit date.

Top 5 routes for car shipping To Chicago

Shipping To Shipping From Average Distance Time Estimate Cost Estimate
Chicago New York City 700 miles 2-4 days $420-$940
Chicago Los Angeles 1,744 miles 4-6 days $1,046-$2,270
Chicago Miami 1,170 miles 3-5 days $610-$1,350
Chicago San Francisco 1,934 miles 5-7 days $1,160-$2,480
Chicago Houston 910 miles 3-5 days $546-$1,210
Chicago Seattle 1,857 miles 4-6 days $1,114-$2,380
Chicago Denver 975 miles 3-5 days $585-$1,275
Chicago Atlanta 795 miles 2-4 days $477-$1,057
Chicago Phoenix 1,399 miles 4-6 days $840-$1,830
Chicago Philadelphia 637 miles 2-4 days $382-$842
Chicago Washington, D.C. 683 miles 2-4 days $410-$900

These estimates can vary depending on various considerations. It's advisable to use our instant car shipping cost calculator for more accurate and precise results.

Top 5 routes for car shipping From Chicago

Shipping To Shipping From Average Distance Time Estimate Cost Estimate
Chicago New York City 700 miles 2-4 days $420-$940
Chicago Los Angeles 1,744 miles 4-6 days $1,046-$2,270
Chicago Miami 1,170 miles 3-5 days $610-$1,350
Chicago San Francisco 1,934 miles 5-7 days $1,160-$2,480
Chicago Houston 910 miles 3-5 days $546-$1,210

These estimates can vary depending on various considerations. It's advisable to use our instant car shipping cost calculator for more accurate and precise results.

Chicago and its surrounding areas

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Bold Auto Transport offers Top auto transport service in Chicago

Door-to-door Auto Transport

Door-to-door auto transport to Chicago offers ultimate convenience. It is a stress-free car shipping option, and you don't have to worry about coordinating multiple steps or handling the logistics. Door-to-door car shipping eliminates all the additional hassles, allowing you to focus on the other facets of your journey.

Open Car Shipping

Open Car Shipping is the ideal option if you're looking to transport multiple vehicles simultaneously at affordable rates. If you have many cars to move, open-car shipping is a cost-effective and convenient option. It's a widely used shipping service, offering not only cost-effective but a practical solution tailored to your preferred dates and requirements.

Enclosed Car Shipping

If you want the highest level of protection for your vehicle during transit, our enclosed auto transport service is the best solution for your requirements. We understand your vehicle is a valuable asset, especially the classic automobiles, so we've introduced this premium option.

Expedited Car Shipping

If you need your vehicle to arrive at your destination as quickly as possible expedited car shipping is the ideal choice. We understand that some situations necessitate a speedier pace, and we are ready to meet that requirement.

As one of the best car transport companies in Chicago, we ensure that your automobile will arrive at its destination substantially faster than normal shipping alternatives. Whether you have a tight timetable or want a quick delivery, our affordable car transport services ensure your vehicle arrives on time.


1). Is my car covered by insurance when I'm transporting it to or from Chicago?

Yes! We provide insurance coverage for your vehicle during transportation, assuring its safety throughout the journey. Our team safeguard your valuable car, ensuring it reaches its destination in perfect condition. Whether it's a short distance within the city or a long-haul journey, our insurance coverage provides peace of mind by covering any potential mishaps or unexpected events.

2). What are the most common methods of auto transport used in Chicago?

The two most commonly used methods for auto transport in Chicago are open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport is a popular and cost-effective choice. It involves transporting vehicles on open carriers, which are efficient for short and long-distance moves. Enclosed transport, on the other hand, provides an extra layer of protection. This method utilizes enclosed carriers, shielding your vehicle from external elements such as weather, road debris, and potential damage.

3). Can you provide information on the estimated delivery times for auto transport services in Chicago?

Estimated delivery times for Chicago shipping services generally range from 2 to 7 days, depending on the distance and chosen routes.

4). Can I book same-day shipping in an emergency?

While we do provide expedited car shipping, however, it is advisable to contact our team for immediate assistance.

5). Who are the top car shipping companies Chicago has to offer?

With significant years of experience in the shipping industry, Bold Auto Transport is one of the leading car auto transport companies in Chicago. We understand what it takes to safely and securely transport vehicles of different sizes from one location to another. Unlike other Chicago moving companies, our shipping charges are not impacted by minor changes in shipping variables. We offer price-guaranteed shipping services at affordable and reasonable rates.

6). How Do I Ship My Car To Chicago?

At Bold Auto Transport, you can easily book your shipment in a few simple steps. First, begin by sharing necessary information on our websites, such as the types of shipping services, distance, location, number of vehicles, delivery time frame, and more. Based on the information shared, our shipping professionals will analyze your details and will get in touch with you.

Once your auto transport service in Chicago is confirmed, our shipping professionals will soon arrange your shipment process and provide you with a tracking system to keep you informed throughout.


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