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Apr 14, 2023

Do You Have To Change Car Insurance When You Move States?

Shipping services involve unavoidable risk possibilities that can cause potential harm to your valuable possessions. Securing your car with shipping insurance policies before finalizing the shipment process can help you elude unwanted and uncertain shipping expenses.

Moving a car from one place to another can take a lot of time and effort. During shipping, your car is exposed to several outdoor elements, such as poor weather conditions, dirt, dust, theft, etc. Shipping insurance covers expenses or damages caused due to a particular road or shipping incident. Meaningt you don’t have to worry about arranging additional money or spending extra costs to restore your vehicle.

Getting your car insured will help you enjoy peace of mind and focus on other imperative factors in moving to a different state. Investing in insurance coverage can also help you avoid significant financial burdens and the consequences of the uninsured shipment process.

This article contains information that will help you find solutions to “do you have to change car insurance when you move states?” orHow to move to another or a different state?and other related questions.

Is car insurance impacted when moving out of state?

Generally, your shipping insurance policy depends on the terms and conditions of the car insurance policy you invest in. However, after moving to another state, car owners must change the car’s registration number and license plates as per the state rules and regulations imposed by the government. This can affect your insurance coverage up to an extent.

Over the past few years, several insurance companies have now started to offer flexible insurance policies to make transferring car insurance to another state faster and easier for customers. In simpler terms, you can continue the same insurance coverage policy even after shifting to another state.

It is vital to note that such a situation is only possible if the insurer has another branch or office in the particular place/state you are planning to move to. If not, you might have no choice but to change your insurers.

What To Consider When Moving To Another State?

Here are a few things to consider when moving to another state along with your vehicles.

1. Documents

Documents are the most crucial elements of your shipment process. Moving without updating car insurance documents can give rise to unwanted issues such as delays in shipment, problems during clearance checks, refusal of your shipment, etc. Additionally, without appropriate documentation, hiring shipping companies to transport your car to different states can be impossible. Personal identification, car title, proof of ownership, shipper and consignee information, bill of sale, power of attorney, and all state insurance paper are some important documents to submit while booking shipping services.

2. Shipping Services

Mode of transportation is another vital factor to consider for smooth and hassle-free shipping experiences. Following are some popular and widely used shipping options to choose from.

  • Open transport car shipping: It is the most convenient and suitable option for customers looking for affordable shipping options. In open transport mode, the car is transported in an open trailer exposed to several road elements and conditions throughout the process.

  • Enclosed vehicle transport: Enclosed auto transport is most suitable for transporting expensive, limited-edition, and luxurious vehicles from one state to another.

  • Door-to-door transport: If you have no time to travel for a few miles to drop off or pick up your vehicle at your service provider, door-to-door shipping is the perfect shipping option for you.

At Bold Auto Transport, we offer an extensive range of standard cross-country car shipping services at affordable prices. To book your premium quality car pick-up and delivery services, contact us today.

3. Multiple shipping quotes

For customers changing car insurance when moving to different states, it is imperative to get multiple shipping quotes to determine the actual cost to ship a car from one particular state to another. Bold Auto Transport offers instant and reliable shipping quotes at one click on our websites. To take advantage of our instant car cost shipping calculator, you must fill in all the necessary information and documents that play a significant role in car insurance cost factors to determine the shipping charges. Once you have filled in all the information and documents, in a few minutes or less, you will get accurate and reliable quotes on your internet devices.

4. Insurance coverage

Always be thorough with the conditions and rules of your insurance policy to determine the type of damages and situations the car insurance company covers. If the policy condition is not met at the time of the change of address when moving to a different state, the insurer can reject your claim, and you would be liable to pay for the expenses. Moreover, if your existing insurance policy doesn’t offer significant coverage, consider investing in a new car insurance policy scheme.

5. Pickup and delivery dates

Ensure to provide correct pick and delivery dates, locations, and timing to avoid last-minute surprises and complex situations. If you have customized your services, it is vital to provide clear instructions to the service provider. Ensure to stay in touch with service providers in case of any change of address in your car insurance policy.

6. Prepare your car

One of the most important factors is to prepare your vehicle before transit. Get your vehicle cleaned of unwanted clitter, run a quick maintenance check to determine existing problems with your car, and remove all your personal belongings. Shipping companies don’t take responsibility for securing your personal belongings during transit.

When Do I Notify My Car Insurance Company About My Move?

As a matter of fact, it is always best to inform the car insurance company of the address change as soon as possible. This way, you can provide sufficient information and time to the agent to arrange the required documentation, including car insurance out-of-state documents. In some cases, you may need to adjust your coverage options based on your new living situation and place of residence and pay an additional amount for the same.

Does Car Insurance Change If You Move?

Yes! Address change can impact car insurance policy schemes depending on various conditions. When you permanently move your vehicle to a different location, the car insurance company must reevaluate the risk factors based on the current situation of your vehicle and the likelihood of unwanted events. If you are existing car insurer does not offer flexible insurance coverage policies, it is best to change car insurance companies for better coverage options.

Does The Auto Insurance Rates Increase, Decrease, Or Stay The Same After The Move?

Generally, the cost of auto insurance rates fluctuates with the change of permanent address of your home. Some companies allow customers to carry forward their existing plans, while others suggest investing in new plans based on the situation and potential risk. It is recommended to invest in insurance companies having multiple branches or offices in different states that offer flexible and significant coverage to your valuable vehicles.

At Bold Auto Transport, we offer fully insured auto transport services with the best coverage as per the market rates to keep your vehicle safe and secured throughout the transit. Browse our website or get in touch with us to discover the best suitable interstate shipping option for your prized possessions.

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