Enclosed Car Shipping

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Enclosed Car Shipping;
Safe and also affordable

We understand that anyone can be concerned about their vehicles with open auto transport . That's the reason why enclosed auto transport exists. To eliminate all your safety concerns, enclosed auto transport is the best car shipping option for you. Enclosed car shipping is used mainly by classic, luxury, exotic, and muscle car owners. Enclosed auto transport provides extra protection for your vehicle and minimizes anxiety since it shields your vehicle from inclement weather.

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What does enclosed car shipping mean?

Enclosed car haulers offer extra protection and safety for your car that will be shipped. They are completely enclosed, protecting your vehicle from the weather as well as external threats such as flying rocks or debris. They require a little more investment, but they are worth it if you value your car and need to guarantee safety. Enclosed car carriers are mainly used to transport exclusive and expensive cars and racing vehicles. For the car owners who need to ship exotic, antique, custom, or high-end vehicles, we recommend you take advantage of enclosed car shipping.

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Enclosed Auto Transport vs. Open Auto Transport

There are two different types of auto transport carriers: enclosed car carrier and open car carrier.

If you want to ship your vehicle with maximized safety, there's no better option than enclosed car transportation. However, the enclosed car shipping service is widely known to be more expensive than open auto transport options, and it's true. But the price difference is not as drastic as most people might assume. On average, the total cost on most popular routes differs only 30-35% more than open car shipping. Due to safety precautions, enclosed car hauler drivers drive slightly slower than open carrier drivers. Therefore, the delivery time might be a little longer than open auto transport. But our enclosed car transporter services are handled by only the most qualified professional drivers with years of experience. They are specifically trained and specialize in handling delicate vehicles, taking extra care with every step.

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How much does enclosed car shipping cost?

Enclosed auto transport rates can differ significantly depending on the make and model you drive, the overall distance of your shipment, and whether or not your car is in running condition.
If you're ready to go Bold with enclosed car shipping, we offer instant enclosed auto transport quotes that you can get at the push of a button. With our instant online shipping car cost calculator , you don't have to provide any information except some information about your vehicle and shipping route. We'll have on-site enclosed auto transport rates for you to choose from within no time at all.