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Apr 21, 2023

Hire Someone To Drive Your Car Cross Country : A Complete Guide

Are you looking for ways to hire someone to drive your car across the country? If yes, this blog can be quite helpful to you.

Not everyone can afford car shipping services or rent a car to drive cross country. Shipping services are the most convenient way to get your car shipped to your desired destination. However, it can surely take a toll on your finances if you have a hard time managing your expenses.

A professional driver drives you around in your car until you reach your destination or, based on the services you hire them. They follow the instructions mentioned while confirming the services to offer you a safe and customizable shipping experience at affordable prices. However, the only disadvantage to hire a driver for a long trip is that you can transport only one vehicle at a time.

If you want to transport more than one vehicle at a time, consider hiring cross-country car shipping services. Nevertheless, if you have only one car to be transported at cheap and affordable prices, long-distance driver service is the best option.

Continue reading this blog until the end to learn significant facts about hiring shipping drivers for cross-country transport services and ways to save a considerable amount.

How much do personal drivers cost?

Several factors are involved in the services that help determine the cost of hiring a shipping driver for a particular region or period. Here are the following factors in determining the cost of hiring a driver to drive your car from one location to another.

  • Distance: Generally, shipping drivers charge high prices to drive cars for long distances. Long-distance driving consumes a lot of time and most drivers charge fees on an hourly basis. The longer it takes to drive a car, the higher the shipping cost.

  • Location: Location is another factor that can easily influence the cost a driver will charge for driving a car. Drivers usually charge high rates in cities or towns with active shipping customers. They charge less to ship vehicles from one village to another or locations with lower inflation rates.

  • Types of vehicle: It takes a lot of time and effort to ship heavy-duty and large-size vehicles from one place to another. Drives can charge hefty shipping fees to drive big-size and heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Weather conditions: Most drivers avoid driving vehicles in extreme and uncertain weather conditions. The ones that agree to offer driving services in such situations charge double, triple, or more than the ongoing rates.

To determine the cost to ship a car through open car shipping, enclosed vehicle transport, expedited car shipping, and door-to-door auto transportation services, consider using our car shipping cost calculator by simply sharing mentioned details and documents on our website. At Bold Auto Transport, we offer premium and insured car pickup and delivery services at affordable prices. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about shipping services.

How much does it cost to drive 1000 miles?

Most shipping drivers charge driving fees hourly depending on several factors. Determine the cost structure before confirming the long-distance delivery jobs with your own car to avoid getting involved with misleading/ fraudulent service providers.

How to hire a driver?

If this is your first time hiring car shipping drivers, you would want to know how you can get the most out of your services. With the growing popularity of driver shipping services, several fraudulent and misleading service providers have opportunities to conduct their businesses. The tips below can help you hire the best service providers for your prized possessions at affordable costs.

  • Research: Always begin by doing appropriate research on the potential service providers to determine their true intentions and avoid getting trapped in their fraudulent business activities. Consider conducting offline and online research to learn more about shipping drivers and help anyone looking for a personal driver to drive their vehicle to their desired destination. Research service providers near your location or offer potential services you are interested in.

  • Know your requirements: Before conducting offline or online research, understand your requirements. Finding appropriate service providers based on your current needs and requirements can be easy. Look for drivers that offer customizable shipping services within your budget. If you want to transport more than one vehicle at a time, look for service providers that offer cheap and flexible driving services for more than one vehicle.

  • Plan your budget: It is always a good idea to plan your budget before you look for a long-distance driver for hire. Your budget should be prepared depending on the purchasing capacity, expenses, and the amount you want to save by the end of the service. Get multiple service quotes to determine the ongoing rates drivers charge to drive a car from one place to another.

  • Read online reviews: Several reviewing websites offer accurate and reliable information about the companies or service providers that offer driving services to ship vehicles from one location to another. Customers generally share these reviews based on their experiences with different service providers for specific locations. Beware of fake and misleading reviewing websites that offer paid and false information online.

  • Seek referrals: Connect with your family members or friends who are recently hired drivers to ship their vehicles from one location to another. Ask about their experiences, factors they disliked about the services, things they ignored, and other related factors. Usually, referrals can help you get genuine services at affordable and reasonable prices.

  • Ask relevant questions: Lastly, always remember to ask relevant questions to your service providers to know more about their knowledge and experience in the industry. You can ask questions about their services, cost charges on an hourly basis, and factors that make their services different from others.

Need someone to drive a car across the country?

When looking for driver services online, always conduct a background check and explore their websites. You can learn important information about the service provider by simply exploring their website and reading customer testimonials. Avoid hiring services from drivers with less than five years of experience driving different types of vehicles nationwide. There are chances that amateur drivers might get involved in road incidents and other dangerous situations that can cost you a fortune.

Can you rent a car to drive cross country?

Yes, you can easily rent a car to drive in-country or in a particular state depending on your needs and requirements. To rent a car, you will need to submit your personal information and a bunch of different documents that the service provider mentions. Ensure to beware of the latest amendments, rules, and regulations for renting cars in a particular state or country.

Bold Auto Transport takes full responsibility for safely and efficiently shipping your vehicle to the desired locations at affordable prices. You can explore our website or contact one of our representatives to learn more about our shipping services.

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