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Nov 17, 2023

How To Move A Car With No Wheels?

Moving a car with no wheels may seem like a daunting task, but with the proper knowledge and assistance, it can be a seamless process. The standard method of loading vehicles involves driving them onto the truck and securing them in place. However, shipping a non-running car throws a wrench into this routine.

A vehicle without wheels, tires, or rims means it's either resting on its brake rotors or has been propped up with blocks or jacks to keep it off the ground. In either case, the vehicle is immobilized, unable to move under its own power or by means of a tow cable or winch.

In this blog post, we'll equip you with valuable insights and auto transport tips on moving a wheel-less car, whether you're shipping a car across the country or anywhere else.

Can You Ship A Vehicle Without Wheels?

How to move a car with no wheels? Well, shipping a car without wheels is indeed possible, and it requires a strategic approach. Bold Auto Transport specializes in such situations, ensuring a seamless process for transporting cars without wheels.

Know How Shipping A Vehicle With Wheels Works

Most companies that ship cars like to drive them onto and off their trucks. They think it's the safest and cheapest way. This way is better for customers, too, as it doesn't require extra equipment or third-party assistance. It gives the auto shipping companies more control over everything.

But not all cars are in working condition, so we need special services for it. If a car can move but won't start, we often need a winch to load and unload it instead of driving it on and off the truck like usual.

Know How Shipping A Vehicle With No Wheels Works

How to move a car without wheels? Well, shipping a vehicle without wheels poses a challenge because it can't roll despite having brakes and steering capabilities. Consequently, conventional methods, like driving onto or off the truck or using a winch, are impractical.

In such cases, most carriers opt not to transport a car with no wheels. Their equipment is not suitable for safe loading or unloading since the vehicle won't roll, even if they have a winch.

A forklift becomes essential for loading and unloading a wheel-less vehicle to handle this situation. However, not all shipping companies provide services for non-rolling cars due to the hassle involved. It's challenging to find a carrier willing to move such a vehicle unless you have access to a forklift at both pickup and delivery locations.

What Carriers Help To Ship A Vehicle With No Wheels?

Some auto transport companies use open haulers in desperate situations, but most pass them by.

Enclosed haulers, due to their confined trailers, usually can't safely load or unload such vehicles.

The safest option for shipping a wheelless vehicle is flatbed carriers, similar to a flatbed tow truck for moving a car to another state. Flatbeds can handle heavier, larger, and non-standard vehicles. However, using a forklift at both pickup and delivery locations is almost always necessary.

What If You Don't Have A Forklift?

When a car is without its wheels, it becomes challenging for auto transporters. Conventional methods like driving or winching the vehicle onto the truck are no longer viable. This is because winching a car resting on its rims can cause damage, and carriers are committed to safeguarding the vehicles they transport.

In the absence of a forklift, the solution is to find a way to get the car moving. Even towing companies may struggle to transfer a wheel-less vehicle into a truck; however, some can lift autos onto their trucks.

How to load a non-running car on a trailer? Lack of a forklift should not prevent you from moving a car with no wheels. Bold Auto Transport provides solutions and expertise to load non-running cars onto trailers safely and efficiently.

Let Bold Auto Transport Help you.

Bold Auto Transport is your trusted partner for Texas car transportation, assisting in shipping a non-running car without wheels. You can schedule your loading and unloading at both pickup and delivery locations at your convenience. Our experience and commitment to excellence ensure a smooth and reliable transportation process for your vehicle.

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What are some alternative methods for transporting a car without wheels?

When it comes to transporting a car with no tires, alternative methods include using specialized equipment like rollback flatbed trailers and hiring professional auto transport services like Bold Auto Transport.

Are there specific tools or equipment needed to move a wheel-less car?

Moving a wheel-less car requires tools such as winches, towing straps, and, in some cases, a forklift. Bold Auto Transport is equipped with the tools required to handle such scenarios.

In the absence of wheels, what are the best techniques for relocating a car?

The best techniques for relocating a car with no tires involve careful planning, secure loading methods, and utilizing carriers specifically designed for non-running vehicles.

Are there any safety considerations or precautions to take when moving a car without wheels?

Safety is paramount when moving a car without wheels. We follow strict safety protocols, secure the vehicle properly, and use experienced professionals to avoid any accidents or damage during transportation.

What are the challenges one might face when attempting to move a car lacking wheels?

Challenges in moving a car without wheels include loading difficulties, potential damage, and the need for specialized equipment.

Are there legal considerations or restrictions when moving a car without wheels on public roads?

Legal considerations for moving a car without wheels on public roads vary by location. We stay informed about local regulations to ensure compliance and a hassle-free transportation process.

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