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Aug 16, 2023

How to Track Your Vehicle in Transit?

If you just got a new car, we know how thrilling it is to picture yourself gliding down the road in your brand-new ride. But the car is not yet with you. It's currently on the move, making its way towards your eagerly awaited hands. This condition could have previously resulted in anxiety and stress. But with modern technology at our fingertips, tracking your vehicle has become a simple process due to GPS tracking.

Finding a reliable car shipping company that offers GPS vehicle tracking is crucial. Rather than being concerned about where your vehicle is during transit, you can proactively discover how to track your vehicle's route from when it's picked up to its scheduled delivery point.

Can You Track A Vehicle Shipment?

The simple answer is yes! Tracking a new vehicle as it reaches your doorstep is possible and very simple, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. This ease is made possible by GPS tracking systems for transporting cars, which have revolutionized the auto transport sector.

How Does Vehicle Shipping Tracking Work?

Are you wondering how to track your vehicle? Well, GPS satellite tracking and Passive GPS tracking are the two methods available for monitoring the whereabouts of your car during transportation.

GPS Satellite Tracking: You can receive real-time location information about your vehicle via GPS satellite tracking, which is especially helpful if you're wondering how to track a new car in transit. Most of the time, the cost of shipping includes this service. Moreover, This information is available on the company's website, through a specific app, or via text messages.

Passive GPS Tracking: If you’re thinking about tracking your car location with the help of a VIN number, passive GPS tracking is the answer. It enables you to follow your valuable automobile with GPS tracking using a VIN number. It updates the location in phases. This means you won't get real-time specifics, but you'll always know roughly where your car is. In short, Passive GPS tracks car shipments by VIN number and updates your car’s whereabouts.

What does "in transit" mean for a car?

After explaining how to track shipping cars to another state, let's define what "in transit" means.

When we refer to your vehicle as being "in transit" while tracking your vehicle shipments, we suggest that it is being transported from the time of car pickup and delivery. The time the driver spent driving and any break time is also included in this timeframe.

Why Do Auto Transport Companies Advertise GPS Tracking?

The assurance that comes with a GPS tracking system to track your vehicle using its VIN is highly priceless.

GPS is the best option for knowing how to track a new car in transit, enabling you to keep an eye on the vehicle and stay informed about its condition during car shipping across the country. Using your vehicle's VIN and a dependable app, website, or SMS, you can safely track your vehicle rather than relying on irregular contact from drivers and incomplete information. It's a wise business practice. That's the reason top car shipping companies promote this feature.

Why Is Car Shipping GPS Tracking Hard To Find?

GPS tracking systems can lead to stress-free enclosed or open transport car shipping. Despite its undeniable benefits, you might find that not all transportation companies actively promote this service. The causes can range from marketing tactics to technological restrictions. Some businesses might not have GPS systems that are fully integrated, while others might see it as an extra expense. For this reason, it's essential to research and enquire about GPS tracking when searching for an Auto transport company.

What Will You Do If You Can’t Find GPS Tracking?

If the auto transport business you choose doesn't provide GPS tracking while the car is in transit, it would be a good idea to broaden your research to include reputable auto transport companies like Bold Auto Transport.

Smaller car transportation businesses may be unable to provide their clients with exact GPS data. However, reliable companies regularly update your vehicle's status, estimated delivery times, and available routes. While it might not offer the same real-time tracking as GPS, this information can still ease your worries and help you plan accordingly.

How To Find An Auto Transport Company With GPS Tracking?

Now that you know the advantages of GPS tracking for your automobile, the next step is to find an auto shipping company that provides this service. Here's how to approach it:

1. Conduct Extensive Research: Research online on various auto shipping businesses providing open or enclosed vehicle transport. Pay attention to companies discussing GPS tracking as part of their offer.

2. Read Reviews: Customers who have previously used these businesses provide reviews. These reviews might help you determine how competent the organization is. You can assess their ability to locate your vehicle and their level of customer service.

3. Ask Question: Once you've found a few companies you like, immediately inquire about their GPS tracking and how long a car in transit takes. You might ask how frequently they will let you know where your vehicle is and whether you must pay extra for this service.

4. Verify their website or application: Look at the business's website or any application they use. These will make it clear to you how you should monitor your car. It shows that the company wants to be transparent with you if their website or mobile app is simple.

5. Compare Quotes: Request estimates of the cost to ship a car from multiple businesses. But don't just focus on the price; also check if it includes features like tracking and insurance.

6. Request recommendations: Speak to your friends and family or look up reviews of these businesses online. They can share their personal stories with you and recommend reputable companies.

Always remember that a reliable auto transporter will provide you with door-to-door transport services and employ GPS tracking. They will also help you answer your queries on tracking your vehicle's location quickly and accurately. This way, you'll feel more relaxed knowing where your car is during the voyage.


When it comes to transferring your automobile, Bold Auto Transport has your back. We aim to ensure the car's journey is as simple and worry-free as possible. Our reliable service lets you unwind, knowing where your cherished vehicle is. GPS tracking has also made it easier to keep track of your car in transit. We're here to redefine car shipping for you. Get a free, fast quote for your car transportation needs by visiting our website.

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