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Nov 29, 2023

The Ultimate List of Best Auto Transport Load Boards for 2023

In the fast-paced world of logistics and transportation, efficiency is the key to success. Auto transport businesses rely on various tools and platforms to streamline their operations, and one indispensable tool in this realm is the different online platforms, such as load boards for cars.

Auto transport load boards serve as virtual marketplaces connecting shippers with carriers, facilitating the smooth movement of vehicles across the country. However, with a plethora of options available, choosing the right load board becomes crucial for the success of an auto transport business.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various facets of vehicle transport load boards, shedding light on the characteristics that define the best ones in the industry. We have also prepared a list of the best load boards for car haulers you will find online in the market.

Keep reading to find out how to choose the right transport load board for you.

What Does A Load Board Mean?

Before diving deep into the intricacies, we first need to establish a clear understanding of what a load board for auto transport is. A load board is an online platform that serves as a meeting point for shippers and carriers.

Shippers (typically the auto broker) will post their available freight, detailing the nature of the job. Carriers, typically tuckers and transport haulers, will browse through these listings to find suitable loads for transportation.

As a broker, if you need to ship a car across the country, online load boards can help you find open haulers or enclosed haulers. So, in essence, an auto transport load board acts as a digital marketplace where real-time information about available shipments and trucking capacity is exchanged.

Which Characteristics Enhance the Overall Quality of a Load Board?

Load boards for cars enhance efficiency by simplifying the paperwork and verification process essential for the professional transportation of vehicles. In addition to streamlining booking and billing processes, they also do background screening on auto brokers to safeguard truckers from deceitful agents.

While some platforms may have minimal features, the best load boards are the ones that extend beyond basic services, providing additional valuable functionalities.

The success of an auto transport business is significantly influenced by the car carrier load board it chooses. Below, we look at the several key characteristics that contribute to the overall quality of a load board.

Analysis, Negotiation & Rate:

  • Transparent Pricing: A quality load board provides comprehensive information about freight rates. This transparency empowers carriers to make informed decisions regarding the profitability of a given load.

  • Negotiation Tools: Quality car hauling load boards should have advanced negotiation tools that enable effective communication between carriers and shippers, fostering fair and mutually beneficial agreements.

  • Market Analysis: Load boards with robust analytics features offer users valuable insights into market trends. This analytical capability aids in strategic decision-making, helping carriers adapt to changing market conditions and optimize their operations.

Free vs. Paid Load Boards:

While free load boards for car haulers may be tempting, businesses must consider the cost-effectiveness of paid options. Paid load boards often provide additional features and a higher level of service, contributing to better overall user experiences.

Optimization of Pricing:

Dynamic rate calculators within car load boards assist carriers in optimizing pricing based on real-time market conditions. This feature ensures competitiveness without compromising profitability, a critical factor in the dynamic freight industry.

Available Load Quality & Quantity:

The best auto transport load boards feature a diverse range of high-quality loads, offering carriers ample choices that align with their specific requirements. Accurate and up-to-date information about load quantity and quality is crucial for carriers to plan their routes efficiently.

Factoring Vs. Quick Pay:

Load boards for cars that offer factoring options or quick pay services contribute to the financial flexibility of carriers. These services facilitate faster and more predictable cash flow, addressing a significant concern for many carriers.


A user-friendly interface is essential for both shippers and carriers to navigate the platform seamlessly. An intuitive design enhances efficiency and reduces the learning curve for new users, promoting widespread adoption and satisfaction.

Update Frequency:

Auto transport load boards that update information in real-time provide users with the most accurate and current data. Real-time updates enable carriers and shippers to make timely decisions, improving the overall efficiency of the transportation process.

Decision Tools:

  • Route Planning: Load boards with integrated route planning tools assist carriers in optimizing their routes, minimizing fuel costs, and reducing transit times.

  • Carrier Performance Metrics: Access to carrier performance metrics helps shippers make informed decisions when selecting carriers, contributing to a more reliable and efficient transportation network.

Credit Ratings:

Load boards for cars that provide credit ratings for shippers offer carriers valuable insights into the financial stability of potential partners. This feature helps reduce the risk of late payments or non-payment, fostering a more secure and trustworthy business environment.

Consolidation Options (FT, LTL):

Load boards that accommodate both Full Truckload (FT) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments provide carriers with a broader range of opportunities. This versatility caters to different business models and capacities, enhancing the overall flexibility and attractiveness of a car load board.

The Best Auto Transport Load Boards for 2023

As you start searching for auto transport gigs online, you will see there is a wide number of auto transport load boards found on the web. If you want your business to do well, you need to be sure you’re on the best load boards out there.

Refer to this comprehensive list to discover some of the most popular and trustworthy load boards for cars in the industry.

1. TruckStop.com

TruckStop.com currently boasts an impressive 200,000 active listings. Widely regarded by both novice and seasoned auto carriers, this load board stands out for its user-friendly interface and efficient search options. Users can easily filter jobs based on load type or truck type, ensuring a tailored experience. Furthermore, TruckStop.com offers a range of features across its plans, such as Instant Booking, Quick Pay, and unlimited load searching.

The Pro Plan, a premium offering from TruckStop.com, elevates the experience with additional perks. Subscribers gain access to valuable market insights, broker credit ratings, and real-time updates on the load board. Notably, the Pro Plan empowers carriers to search for the best-paying loads and provides advanced optimization tools for enhanced efficiency in their operations.


  • Fast payment processing

  • Comprehensive market insights

  • Advanced multi-trip search functionality


  • It is not the most widely used load board; therefore, it receives fewer postings.

  • Standard plans lack some desirable features.

Subscription Fee:

  • Basic - $39/month

  • Advanced - $125/month

  • Pro - $149/month

2. TQL Carrier (Free Subscription)

TQL Carrier, a complimentary and exclusive load board by Total Quality Logistics, boasts over 65,000 weekly job postings by brokers. While not exclusively focused on auto transport, TQL Carrier accommodates partial loads, filling the gap between Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FT) shipments. To become part of TQL's carrier network, carriers must meet specific insurance criteria, including liability coverage of $1 million or more and cargo insurance coverage. TQL Carrier proves especially beneficial for truckers with specialized equipment or skills, offering seamless load searches based on load and trailer type.


  • Instant booking option

  • Phone booking option

  • Discount ELD

  • Exclusive deals on Ryder services and products

  • Seamless TMS integration


  • Updates to the TQL Carrier app reported some bugs

3. Trucker Path

Trucker Path emerges as a leading free load board, garnering acclaim for its exceptional features at three subscription levels. With over 150,000 daily loads and approximately 300,000 monthly users, Trucker Path stands out for its real-time notifications and unlimited searches and posts. The platform fosters a community of carriers who share valuable insights, creating a collaborative environment. Paying members enjoy additional benefits, including Rate Check tools, a fuel surcharge calculator, real-time "live load" alerts, and per-lane trend analysis.


  • Free application

  • Crowdsourced knowledge community

  • Transparent payment process

  • Credit reporting

  • Trend analysis tools

  • Bid visibility


  • Some truck stop reviews are misleading

  • Limited availability of high-quality loads

Subscription Fee:

  • Essential Plan - $29.99/month

  • Preferred Plan - $49.99/month

  • Ultimate Plan - $109.99/month

4. Direct Freight

Direct Freight, with its straightforward interface, presents over 300,000 daily loads, emphasizing reliability and transparency. Before making booking decisions, carriers can access essential information, such as broker credit scores, bond authority, and relevant insurance details. Despite offering advanced features, Direct Freight maintains competitive pricing and provides customizable load filtering and text alerts for an enhanced user experience.


  • Customised search filters

  • Personalised alerts

  • Weather notifications

  • One-click store and send documents

  • Efficient days-to-pay feature


  • Less known compared to other boards, resulting in fewer available jobs

  • Limited features compared to some paid boards

Subscription Fee:

  • Free Plan

  • Premium - $34.95/month

5. Convoy.com (Free Subscription)

Convoy.com boasts a premium clientele, including major shipping players like Unilever, P&G, and Wayfair. Truckers using Convoy.com discover a wealth of high-quality loads facilitated by user-friendly filter features. Sorting by geographical location, route, and load type becomes effortless, and Convoy offers top-notch route optimization tools, streamlined load bundling, and valuable rate insights. The platform further distinguishes itself with numerous integrations, rewards programs, and bundled services.


  • Automated Reloads

  • Free TMS features

  • TruckYeah Savings program

  • Convoy fuel card

  • Automated bookkeeping, confirmation, GPS tracking

  • Easy-to-use app

  • One-click lumper code requests


  • Intense competition may pose challenges for early-career truckers

6. DAT

DAT introduces an innovative approach to load board management, consolidating three platforms—DAT Power, DAT TruckersEdge, and DAT Express—into one comprehensive solution. Functioning as a bidding platform, DAT removes search and post limits, providing users with broker credit ratings, load match alerts, and mileage and routing optimization at all membership levels. Premium subscribers gain access to spot-market data, advanced routing and optimization tools, and assurance features for an unparalleled experience.


  • Past-due payment collection assurance

  • Fuel optimization

  • Tri-hauling suggestions

  • Preferred and blocked company filters

  • Live (real-time) load board

  • Exact match alerts


  • Customer service responsiveness may be a concern for some users

  • Lower-tier subscriptions may lack essential features

Subscription Fee:

For Carriers:

  • DAT One Standard - $ 45/month

  • DAT One Enhanced - $ 85/month

  • DAT One Pro - $ 135/month

  • DAT One Select - $ 180/month

  • DAT One Office - $ 295/month

For Brokers:

  • DAT One Express - $ 145/month

  • DAT One Select Broker - $ 260/month

  • DAT One Office Broker - $ 395/month

7. Central Dispatch

Central Dispatch takes the lead as the most-utilized auto transport load board on the internet, featuring around 40,000 loads at any given time. Its extensive network attracts brokers and shippers, with millions of job postings each month. However, the platform differs from others by not enabling bidding; instead, brokers set the rates. Despite its popularity, Central Dispatch faces criticism for lacking advanced features, and users find the management procedures and dispute resolution process particularly frustrating.


  • Multi-point route search

  • Advanced search and filter features

  • Streamlined invoicing with one-click functionality


  • Limited features for TMS integration, rate checks, and other analytics options.

  • No rewards or automated features. Manual confirmation is required by carriers to shippers.

Subscription Fee:

  • $90-116/month

8. Carrier by ACV (Free Subscription)

Carrier by ACV, an app-based load board associated with ACV Auctions, offers a straightforward user interface and consistent workflow. Catering to the transportation side of online car sales, Carrier by ACV provides quick pay options, real-time security features, and protective benefits for drivers. However, it may not offer as many premium-quality auto-transport loads as some competitors.


  • Direct delivery to dealers, saving pickup/drop-off time

  • Quick pay options

  • Real-time security features

  • Real-time pricing, status updates

  • Protective benefits to drivers, including photo-based electronic Bill of Landing


  1. Limited availability of premium-quality loads

  2. Unpopularity among some auto carrier professionals

9. CarShipIO

CarShipIO is an all-in-one auto transport carrier TMS and load board. Members benefit from unlimited access to the marketplace and load boards, and the platform integrates with up to 35 different sources. With features like load management, trip planning, and expense tracking, CarShipIO simplifies operations. The EBOL EPOD app enhances communication by facilitating ETAs, status updates, and automatic capture of Bill of Landing information.


  • One-click expense tracking

  • Asset-tracking tools

  • Trip management

  • Automatic customizable notifications

  • 24/7 support and live online training

  • Variety of software integration options


  • Non-intuitive customization of expenses

  • Mobile app may experience lag on certain devices

Subscription Fee:

  • Mid Size Fleet - $ 149 /month

  • Small Fleet - $ 89/month

  • Owner-Operator - $ 39/month

10. 1Dispatch (Ready Logistics) (Free Subscription)

1Dispatch, a load board app by Ready Logistics, offers high-quality loads directly from the full-service vehicle transportation solution. Qualification requires engagement with the Carrier Experience Team, providing fast payment, streamlined load management, and damage claims protection. However, being free doesn't guarantee acceptance, as 1Dispatch caters more towards mid-career auto transporters.


  • Fast payment

  • Streamlined load management

  • Damage claims protection and resolution

  • Easy vehicle addition and grouping


  1. Qualification process may be time-intensive

  2. Geared more towards mid-career auto transporters

11. 123Loadboard

123Loadboard, with over 350,000 users, impresses with its secure and reliable platform, hosting over 53 million truckloads annually. Users praise its effectiveness, and the load board stands out for its rate tools, integrations, and expansive network. While providing real-time load alerts and visible broker credit scores, some users have expressed frustration with limited rate sorting and optimization tools on the standard plan.


  • Real-time load alerts

  • Visible broker credit scores

  • Automated electronic document capture and storage

  • Rate Check tool (for premium users only)

  • Point-to-point mileage insights (for premium users only)


  • Limited rate sorting and optimization tools on the standard plan

  • Automatic charges after the free trial may catch users off guard

Subscription Fee:

  • Standard plan - $ 39/month

  • Premium plan - $ 59/month

  • Premium Plus plan - $ 79/month

Wrapping Up

In the dynamic landscape of auto transport, selecting the right car load board is akin to choosing the right gear for a journey. Each characteristic outlined above plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless flow of operations, from transparent pricing and negotiation tools to real-time updates and versatile consolidation options.

Whether you’re moving a car to another state or have a heavy shipment to transfer, online load boards for car haulers assist in finding reliable and credible truckers in the market. These virtual platforms are beneficial for both brokers and truckers. If you’re someone in the auto transport industry looking to grow contracts, finding freight loads on ship cars load board platforms can go a long way in helping you establish your business.

In conclusion, the best auto transport load boards serve as reliable partners, facilitating connections between shippers and carriers while empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-changing logistics landscape.

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