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Dec 18, 2022

Long Distance Car Transport: Detailed Guide for 2022

Moving to a new home in a different city or state takes a lot of organization and time. From dealing with harsh road conditions to arranging documents for a smooth transition, there are several factors involved in long-distance car transport. Without the assistance of professional shippers, it can be nearly impossible to get your vehicles shifted to the new location in the desired time frame. In simpler terms, you might not be well-versed dealing with various shipping factors involved in the long-distance transportation process.

A professional and experienced auto transport company takes care of the entire long-distance transport process right from beginning to end. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is trained to offer complete customer satisfaction and deal with any given situation with the utmost professionalism and care.

Whether you are moving to a different city or state, this blog will answer all your questions about how cars are transported in the long-distance move and ways shipping services are more beneficial than other options.

What is long-distance car transportation?

Long-distance auto transport is a term used for shipping distances that cover a significant amount of distance across a large city, state, or country. International shipping services are also considered long-distance transport. In simple terms, distances that are not possible to cover in a short time and require assistance from professionals are called long-distance transportation services.

Genuine and reliable long-distance car shipping companies offer full services and shipping options that simplify the transportation process and allow you to enjoy peace of mind throughout your services.

What are the benefits of long-distance car transportation?

With long-distance car services, you can easily cover significant miles without worrying about freight charges, road incidents, and more. Here are some benefits of long-distance car shipping services.

  • Saves time.

  • Saves freight, logging, and other expensive charges involved in the process.

  • Prevents wear and tear on your vehicle.

  • Can be customized according to your shipping needs and preferences.

  • Protects your vehicle from weather conditions, road elements, and theft.

  • Professional assistance in the necessary paperwork.

  • Various shipping options to choose from.

  • More feasible and convenient than self-driving methods.

What services do long-distance car transport companies offer?

When booking long-distance vehicle transport services, you should look for services that offer a combination of safety, convenience, and efficiency at affordable prices. Here are some popular services that you would come across while booking long-distance car shipping services.

1. Open car transport

If you are looking for cheap and convenient shipping services, the open car transport service is the best available option. You can easily ship more than one vehicle at affordable and reasonable prices. In open car transport methods, vehicles are transported in an open trailer with no sides. Vehicles are often exposed to different weather conditions, road elements (dust, dirt, pollution, and more), and unwanted road incidents. It is similar to self-driving your car on the road.

2. Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed auto transport is one of the safest and most secure long-distance car transport methods. Vehicles are transported in a closed container protected from outdoor elements, climate conditions, theft, and other related factors. Customers prefer this transportation method to move their expensive, luxurious, and limited edition vehicles. This shipping method is the most expensive available option. If money is not your main concern and you want to protect your car from every possible damage, opt for enclosed auto transport.

3. Expedited car shipping

The expedited car shipping services are offered by shipping companies at additional costs. In this shipping option, your vehicle is kept at the priority and is delivered much more quickly than the average shipping time frame. However, it is practically impossible to cover 3,000 or more miles in a day or two. Avoid asking for deliveries at unrealistic time frames, especially in the case of interstate or international shipping services. Several factors are involved in the shipping process that takes time to organize.

Tips on finding a reliable car transport company for long-distance shipping

Finding a reliable and trustworthy car shipping company can be more challenging than searching for a new home. Follow these below-mentioned tips to avoid getting involved with misleading and deceptive service providers.

1. Give yourself plenty of lead time

It is imperative to spend some time with your family or people you trust to discuss different aspects of long-distance car transport. Planning everything in advance and understanding your shipping requirements will allow you to invest your money in the right set of services. However, avoid wasting too much time in deciding or waiting for the price to drop, as it might only delay your shipment. Besides, you may also end up paying more than the required amount.

2. Compare car shipping companies

Different long-distance auto transport companies offer unique services to stand out in the competition and build a good market image. This eventually results in price fluctuations. Long-distance auto transport companies with a good market reputation and years of experience charge shipping services at higher prices. There is nothing wrong with this practice. Comparing the shipping companies will allow you to discover companies that offer similar services, rather better services, at affordable and feasible prices.

3. Verify company credentials

Misleading and fraudulent shipping companies often look for opportunities to take undue advantage of customers that lack significant knowledge about the shipping industry. They fool customers by giving wrong information and offering services at unrealistic prices. Hence, you should always make a practice of verifying the credibility of the service provider before engaging with their services.

4. Inquire about insurance coverage

Most people don’t understand how crucial it is to invest in insurance coverage, especially for long-distance car transport services. The insurance coverage can help avoid unwanted shipping expenses and safeguard your interests during uncertain road incidents. Bold Auto Transport offer a wide range of long-distance car transport services at manageable prices. All our shipping quotes are inclusive of full insurance coverage with no hidden or additional costs. To know accurate and reliable estimates, use our cost shipping calculator.

5. Select appropriate shipping services

Shipping services play a major role in the entire process. Your overall cost to ship a car will be calculated based on the selected long-distance car transport service. Additionally, shipping service decisions will also impact the transport conditions your vehicle will enjoy during the transit. Select the services that offer the best shipping experience at manageable prices. Some popular shipping options include open car transport, enclosed car transport, door-to-door shipping, and expedited services.

6. Understand the process

From arranging the shipping trailer to managing clearance at the checkpoint, there are several factors involved in the long-distance car transport shipping process. Understanding the process will help you avoid unnecessary costs and getting involved with fraudulent service providers. Before confirming your services, conduct research on your service provider, check for recent updates in national or international shipping regulations, and if possible, meet your service provider in person.

7. Keep realistic expectations

We live in a world where every customer expects fast delivery services, irrespective of shipping variables involved in the process. You must avoid keeping unrealistic expectations and believe in your service provider. It does not take more than two weeks or fourteen days to complete a long-distance car transport delivery across the country. However, if the situations are beyond our control, there might be a slight change in the schedule.

8. Inquire about payment methods

When booking long-distance car transport services, look for service providers that offer flexible and uncomplicated cost structures and payment methods. Shipping companies often ask for small deposits before the shipment to arrange the trailer and other facilities. Later, after the completion of the process, you have to pay the rest of the amount. Avoid paying the entire amount or more than 50% of the cost at the time of booking.

9. Prepare your vehicle before the shipment

Lastly, prepare your vehicle for long-distance car transport by removing your personal belongings, limited edition removable auto parts, and more. Check your tire pressure and run a quick maintenance check to determine existing problems with your vehicle. Preparing your vehicle will help prevent chances of theft and allow you to enjoy peace of mind throughout the shipment.

How much does long-distance car shipping cost?

It can be challenging to state the exact shipping cost for long-distance car shipping services without knowing the shipping variables involved in the process. To get accurate and reliable shipping estimates, use our cost shipping calculator on our website. By simply filling out the necessary information, you will get reliable estimates within a few minutes on your device.

How do you pay for long-distance car shipping?

To know more about our payment shipping methods and discounts, explore our website or call us at (469) 942-5444. Our shipping charges include full insurance coverage with no additional or hidden costs.

At Bold Auto Transport, we work with shipping professionals having years of experience and knowledge about every aspect of the shipping industry. Contact us at (469) 942-5444 to learn more about long-distance car transport services from our shipping professionals.

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