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Mar 18, 2024

8 Most Affordable BMW Cars Under $20k

Buying a BMW has always been synonymous with luxury and prestige. However, there are several BMW models available for under $20,000, making the dream of driving a BMW more achievable.

While BMWs are known for their performance and luxury, it's essential to consider various factors before making a purchase. In this guide, we'll explore affordable BMW cars of 2024, analyzing their reliability and whether investing in one is worth it. So, if you've thought owning a BMW was out of reach, think again!

Which BMW model is the cheapest?

The 2024 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe stands out as the most affordable BMW car. There are various BMW vehicles; however, the 2 Series is competitively budget-friendly. Its compact size makes it well-suited for navigating crowded city streets and parking in tight spaces, while its powerful engine ensures exhilarating acceleration and responsive handling on the open road.

With prices generally falling under $20,000 for well-maintained models, it's an ideal option for those seeking a taste of luxury without the hefty price tag. Moreover, despite its affordability, the 2 Series does not compromise on performance or technology, offering drivers a dynamic driving experience enhanced by cutting-edge features and innovative technology.

What is the most reliable BMW to buy?

Apart from considering the price, it's crucial to ensure reliability, especially if you need a car for long-distance driving.

While finding an affordable BMW is important, some of the most reliable models include the BMW i3, BMW 5-Series, BMW X7, and the BMW 8-Series Coupe.

Matching the reliability with budget-friendly options will help you find the best and most affordable BMW car according to your preference.

8 Most Affordable BMW Cars Under $20K

BMW 3-Series (2016-2018 Models)

With its sporty handling, upscale interior, and potent engines, the BMW 3-Series remains a top choice for luxury sedan enthusiasts. Prices generally range from $15,000 to $20,000, making it one of the most affordable BMW models on the market. Whether driving in urban settings or on highways, the BMW 3-Series promises a dynamic and enjoyable ride.

BMW 5 Series (2014-2016 Models)

The BMW 5 Series combines reliability with luxury, offering a smooth and composed ride along with a well-appointed interior. Prices for older models can be found under $20,000, providing excellent value for money. The BMW 5 Series is a top choice for those seeking both comfort and affordability because of its sophisticated look and upscale features.

BMW X3 (2015-2017 Models)

For those in search of a luxury SUV at an affordable price, the BMW X3 fits the bill perfectly. With its spacious cabin, agile handling, and robust engine options, the X3 offers a compelling driving experience for under $20,000.

BMW i3 (2014-2017 Models)

Are you looking for something more eco-friendly? The BMW i3 electric car combines sustainability with luxury, featuring a distinctive design, smooth handling, and zero-emission driving. Pre-owned models can often be found for around $13,000 to $20,000, making it an affordable option for environmentally conscious drivers.

BMW 02 Series

The BMW 02 Series, including models like the 2002 and 1602, offers classic charm and driving pleasure at a budget-friendly price point. While newer models may be harder to come by, well-maintained vintage BMWs can be found for under $20,000, appealing to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

BMW X1 (2016 Model)

Another excellent option in the compact luxury SUV segment is the BMW X1. With its dynamic engine, comfortable ride, and upscale interior, the X1 delivers a premium driving experience without the premium price tag, generally retailing for under $20,000 on the used market.

BMW 4 Series (2015 Model)

Sleek, stylish, and sporty, the BMW 4 Series coupe offers a dynamic driving experience at an affordable price. With prices starting at around $18,000 for older models, the 4 Series provides excellent value for those seeking a luxury coupe without breaking the bank.

BMW E31 850i

Rounding off our list is the BMW E31 850i, a classic grand tourer known for its powerful engine, refined demeanor, and timeless design. While prices for well-maintained models may vary, it's possible to find this iconic BMW for under $20,000, offering a taste of automotive history at an affordable price.

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Is buying a BMW worth it?

Whether buying a BMW is worth it depends on various factors such as personal preferences, budget, intended use, and individual priorities. BMWs are known for their performance, luxury, and advanced technology, which can provide a rewarding driving experience. From their finely tuned engines to their meticulously crafted interiors, BMWs offer quality and refinement at every turn. However, it's essential to consider factors such as maintenance costs, depreciation, and insurance rates before making a purchase.

What is the average life of a BMW?

The average lifespan of a BMW generally ranges from 200,000 to 250,000 miles, showing the brand's reputation for engineering durability and longevity.

Before making a purchase, it's highly recommended to test drive several BMW models to assess how they handle on the road and become acquainted with their various features and capabilities. This firsthand experience allows you to evaluate factors such as comfort, performance, and technology integration, helping you make a well-informed decision.

Moreover, one of the advantages of owning a BMW is its ability to retain value over time. Maintaining your vehicle properly and keeping up with routine maintenance can help preserve its resale value. This means that when the time comes to sell, you'll have the option to capitalize on its enduring desirability by selling it online or through other avenues, potentially recouping a significant portion of your investment.

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