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Aug 4, 2023

Multiple Cross-Country Car Transports: A Comprehensive Guide

There are several factors to consider while shipping numerous autos across the country. It's critical to be well-informed about everything from selecting the best transportation company to guaranteeing the process's safety and cost-effectiveness.

In this detailed guide, we will delve into the complexities of multiple-car transport, examining the types of vehicles available for shipping, the benefits of shipping multiple automobiles, the cost of shipping a car, and vital suggestions to guarantee a smooth and secure journey.

What is multiple-vehicle transport?

Multiple-vehicle transport, also known as multiple-car transport, is a practical and effective means to move several cars at once from one location to another. It meets the requirements of people, auto dealers, and companies looking to transport many vehicles nationwide. Compared with the individual car shipment approach, it streamlines the process and reduces time and expense. Multiple car transports, frequently handled by specialized carriers, provide secure and reliable car pick-up and delivery. It makes it an effective choice for people working in the auto industry or with several vehicles, they need to move over long distances.

Is it Cheaper to Ship Multiple Cars?

Shipping numerous cars simultaneously, similar to any other products or services, may significantly reduce expenses per car. Planning and shipping multiple vehicles at once can result in significant savings. However, they are not always cheap.

Auto shippers usually begin their delivery routes when the carrier is almost full. Doing so maximizes their profit earnings by sending full truckloads to numerous places around the United States. With a full trailer, transport routes can be easily planned, and logistics become simpler at this critical planning time frame.

Once the carrier has received the entire consignment of vehicles, they determine the most effective delivery routes for each one and combine the details into an overall logistics strategy. This practice is similar to other shipping processes for different types of commodities. Shipping numerous cars at once benefits the carrier by helping to fill the truck, which leads to potential discounts on the cost of shipping for each vehicle. If they grasp these dynamics, customers may make better selections and experience cheaper and more effective auto transportation.

Types of vehicles you might want to ship in multiple

Some cars are better suited for multi-car transit when considering size and weight. These are the typical car kinds that are frequently transported in groups:

1. Standard-sized cars and sedans

2. Trucks, SUVs, and pick-ups

3. Vehicles used by military personnel

4. Sports and muscle automobiles

5. All-terrain automobiles

6. Speedy vehicles and race automobiles

These vehicle types are regularly shipped together, taking advantage of multiple car transports' affordability and efficacy.

Who Ships Multiple Cars at the Same Time?

Multi-car transportation services are advantageous to various people and organizations:

- People moving across the country in several automobiles with their families.

- Automobile dealerships carrying inventory from one place to another or customers.

- Auction houses move vehicles to auction venues.

- Businesses shifting the location of their fleet of automobiles.

Is Shipping Multiple Cars Across the Country Safe?

The following factors should be considered while shipping cars across the country:

1. Select an Insured and Licensed Automobile Transport:

- Seek out a transportation firm that is authorized and registered.

- Confirm their insurance coverage to guard against any possible damages during transit.

2. Select Enclosed Vehicle Transport:

- Enclosed carriers offer your automobiles an additional layer of security.

- Protecting them from the outdoors, traffic hazards, and dangerous debris.

3. Inspect each vehicle carefully before shipping a car to another state:

- Inspect each vehicle's appearance and interior in great detail.

- Take pictures of any existing dents, scrapes, or other damage.

4. Get the Cars Ready for Transport:

- Protect all personal belongings from automobiles to guard against theft and damage.

- To save weight, make sure the gas tank is no more than 1/4 full.

5. Pick a Trustworthy and Skilled multi-car Transport Company:

- Read consumer reviews and check the company's reputation.

- Select a business that has a solid foundation in multi-car shipping.

6. Verify Insurance Coverage:

- Ask the transport business about the insurance protection it provides.

- If your automobiles are valuable, consider purchasing additional insurance.

7. Communicate Special Preferences:

- Let the transportation provider know any specialized requirements or worries.

- Talk about any adjustments needed for large or modified cars.

8. Check Correct Loading and Securing:

Ensure the car carrier appropriately loads and secures each vehicle.

- Verify that all safety precautions have been performed before the journey begins.

9. Resolving Delivery Issues

- Coordinate the delivery schedule so that someone is present to receive the vehicles.

- After delivery, inspect the vehicles and report any problems right away.

10. Quickly addressing issues:

- Take immediate action if any damages or problems occurs during transit.

- Coordinate any claims with the transport company and insurance provider.

11. Assistance and Support for Customers:

- Pick a shipping business with a dependable vehicle delivery service.

- Seek help with any queries or concerns during the shipping procedure.

Remember that the safety of transporting cars across the country is entirely dependent on your vigilance in selecting a trustworthy and competent auto transport firm. Your priceless automobiles will travel safely and without incident if you take the necessary precautions, communicate clearly, and follow all safety instructions.

What is the cost of shipping multiple cars?

Multiple factors, such as the following, can affect how much it costs to ship multiple cars:

Distance: Shipping prices are typically greater for longer distances.

- Transport Mode: Generally, open transport car shipping is less expensive than enclosed transport.

Car weight and size: The shipping cost may be higher for larger and heavier cars.

- Extra Services: There may be an additional fee for Door-to-door transport and expedited shipping.

How to Save Money When Shipping Multiple Cars

Despite the potential cost-effectiveness of multiple-car transport, there are further ways to save costs:

- Examine multiple car shipping quotes provided by the car shipping cost calculator. Get a quick auto-shipping quote whenever you like on the Bold Auto Transport website.

- Consider grouping the shipment with other automobiles headed in the same direction.

- Be adaptable when choosing the shipping dates because sometimes they offer cheaper costs.

- When possible, choose open transit over enclosed transport because it is generally less expensive.

Top Multiple Car Shipping Tips

Follow this crucial advice to achieve a successful and seamless multi-car transfer process:

- Research and choose a trustworthy car hauler for hiring multi-car shipping with excellent client testimonials.

- Thoroughly clean your vehicles and take out any personal items to prepare them for transfer.

- Turn off your car's alarm to prevent potential travel delays.

- Ensure that each vehicle has enough gasoline to load and unload quickly.

- Verify the insurance coverage offered by the transport provider and, if necessary, consider additional coverage.

Shipping Multiple Cars Safely Across Country

Prioritizing safety while transporting cars across the country is essential. Select enclosed transportation to protect your vehicles from traffic risks and bad weather to ensure a safe journey. It lowers the possibility of transit-related harm. Examine each vehicle carefully after delivery for any indications of damage, and notify the transport firm of any problems as soon as possible so that they can be resolved. By taking these safety measures, you can be sure your priceless cars will arrive at their destination undamaged and at peace.


Transporting multiple vehicles across the country with careful planning and the correct auto transport partner can be a hassle-free and cost-effective experience. You may ensure a smooth and successful journey for your vehicles by being familiar with the unique characteristics of multiple-car transport and according to our safety recommendations and ideas.

Our multi-car transport services provide a practical and effective approach to bringing your automobiles to their final destination, giving you peace of mind along the route, whether you're an individual moving with your family's cars or a corporation moving a fleet. For a comfortable journey, rely on Bold Auto Transport.

1. How far in advance should you book your shipping?

Booking multiple car transport services in advance is advised, especially during busy times of the year.

2. Is it cheaper to ship multiple cars?

Compared to individual car shipments, transporting cars at once is usually more affordable per car.

3. Is multi-car transport better than single cars?

Many people favor multi-car transport because it is frequently more effective and economical than shipping vehicles separately.

4. How many cars can be shipped at once?

Depending on the capacity of the transport company and the size of the automobiles being carried, the number of multiple cars that can be transported at once can vary.

5. How to ship multiple cars across the country?

Follow the steps mentioned below to transport multiple autos across the country:

- Do your research and pick a reliable auto transport service.

- Request several car shipment estimates and contrast services and costs.

- Clean and check the vehicles to get them ready for travel.

- Based on your needs, select the best mode of transportation (open or enclosed).

- Arrange pick-up and delivery times in advance and schedule the shipment.

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