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Shipping any vehicle on an open car transport carrier with Bold Auto Transport is the easiest and most cost-effective cross-country car shipping out there. Open auto hauling is safer than what most people think, and also insured against any incidents.

What does open car shipping mean?

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable way to ship your vehicle within the US, open auto transport might be your best option. Open auto transport carriers allow you to transport a vehicle at a cost that's always more competitive than enclosed auto shipping. Unlike enclosed auto transport , open auto transport involves vehicles secured on an open trailer with no coverage outside. While it may seem somewhat dangerous at the first glance, there's almost no risk of damage to your vehicle while it's being shipped. Here in Bold Auto Transport, we specialize in open auto transport, which is the most common type of car shipping. With our expert open car shipping carriers and top-tier customer service, you can be sure that you're getting the best care possible in the most cost-effective way.

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Open Auto Transport vs Enclosed Auto Transport

There are two different types of trailers in auto transport: enclosed trailer and open trailer.

Open auto transport is a car shipping method where we put it onto the open trailer. After it’s loaded up the driver secures it with harnesses from the it’s wheels to the trailer. This ensures during transit your vehicle’s weight won’t lay on its brakes. If you prefer to ship your vehicle economically, there's no better option than open carrier transportation. However, when you ship your vehicle on an open carrier, it may be exposed to rain, hail, or snow. There is always a slight possibility of external influences damaging your car, but this is a rare occurrence, and your car is very unlikely to sustain damage. If it’s your lucky day and your car happens to be delivered with damage, Bold Auto Transport will step in, handle the process and guide you to claim insurance for any damage occurred during transit. Thanks to our support professionals we always ensure your car will have full coverage insurance before pickup until delivery.

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How much does open car shipping cost?

Open auto transport rates can differ significantly depending on the size and curb weight, the overall distance of your shipment, and your car’s running condition.

If you're ready to go Bold with open car shipping, we offer instant open car transport quotes that you can get at the push of a button. With our instant online auto transport quote calculator , you don't have to provide any information except some information about your vehicle and shipping route. We'll have on-site open auto transport rates for you from which to choose within no time at all.

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Pros Of Open Carrier Auto Transport

Auto transport companies are mostly using open car shipping carriers over enclosed car carriers. This vehicle shipping trend is growing and it’s driving the auto transport market forward. Auto transport industry is highly competitive, forcing auto shipping companies to provide high-quality services at cost-effective prices. Bold Auto Transport can ship more vehicles at once, which reduces costs for customers and lowers the overall costs of shipping a vehicle with special offers and discounts.

Standard open auto carriers can hold up to ten vehicles and are the most cost-effective method for shipping multiple vehicles. Open carriers frequently used to transport factory new cars to the dealerships. Since It is the most cost-effective way of transporting multiple vehicles in a single trip, even making the dealerships go with this option at all times.

Cons Of Open Carrier Auto Transport

Vehicles shipped on open carriers rarely suffer damage due to exposure, but it is possible. If something does happen, like damage, you can rest assured that our full coverage insurance is here to protect your vehicle. The odds of being affected by open-car hauling except dirt and grime are very low, and economical benefits far outweigh the risks. Open auto transport is safe, reliable, and practical, also it is the most common and best pick for regular cars. If your priority is not saving some bucks, enclosed auto transport is a better option for rare and fragile vehicles. Bold Auto Transport is ready to deliver any type of service according to your needs and preferences.

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Why go Bold?

Bold Auto Transport offers a cost-effective, comprehensive auto shipping service that is tailored for your needs. Our carriers are receiving special training on how to handle high-end supercars, non-running antiques, vintage fragile vehicles and many more. We are upfront about our auto shipping costs, so you will never be surprised by an additional fee.

When you need to have your vehicle transported short, or long distances, you can count on Bold Auto Transport to cover every contingency from when we pick up your vehicle until we deliver it to you. We keep your vehicle safe and secure throughout the trip while offering full insurance coverage, and 24/7 auto-tracking. Bold Auto Transport provides safe, insurance-backed open auto transport services. We deliver on its promises, going above and beyond to fulfill all customer needs.