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Jul 21, 2023

Transporting Cars For Dealerships Is One Of Our Areas Of Expertise.

Car delivery dealers are essential in the automotive sector since they are the primary interface between producers and customers. A smooth and efficient transportation system is necessary to convey vehicles from manufacturers or auctions to dealership lots to run a successful dealership. Here is where the expertise of car transporters comes into play.

This blog post will delve into transporting cars for dealerships, analyzing the services, expenses, benefits, and key suggestions for this specialized field.

 What Are The Transporting Cars For Dealerships?

Transporting cars for dealerships, also known as dealer car transport, dealership car shipping, or hauling cars for dealerships, is moving vehicles from various sources to car dealerships. These vehicles can be newly manufactured cars from factories, pre-owned vehicles from auctions, or trade-ins from other customers. Car dealership transporters are specialized carriers that handle the task of delivering these vehicles safely and efficiently.

What Is The Cost To Transport Cars For Dealerships?

The cost of transporting cars for dealerships can vary depending on several factors. Some critical factors that influence the cost include:

  1. Distance: The time difference between car pickup and delivery significantly impacts travel costs in the vehicle transport business. Longer distance travel generally entails higher costs.

  2. Vehicle Type: The vehicle's size, weight, and dimensions impact the price. For heavier or larger autos, specialized carriers might be required, increasing the overall cost. Use our website's car shipping cost calculator to get an approximate quote.

  3. Transport Type: Open and enclosed transport are the two primary car transport services that deliver cars for dealerships. Although less expensive, open transit exposes cars to the weather. Transport that is enclosed offers added security but is often more costly.

  4. Time of Year: Changes in seasonal prices can affect the cost to ship a car or auto transport services. Prices may increase during peak seasons when demand is tremendous.

  5. Additional Facilities: Additional fees include extra services like car delivery for the dealership, door-to-door transport, or expedited shipping.

Is dealer car transport a nationwide service?

Yes, dealer car transport is indeed a nationwide service. Across the nation, reputable auto shipping businesses specializing as car delivery dealers are in business. They have built networks of carriers and logistics to facilitate flawless vehicle shipping from any area to dealerships countrywide, ensuring efficient transportation when people need to ship car across country. This broad coverage is vital for meeting the demands of car dealerships, including the need to ship cars from dealership to customers or between different dealership locations, regardless of their location.

We provide beyond with our dealer transport services

At Bold Auto Transport, we offer more than just basic dealership car shipping. Our dedication extends beyond only moving cars. We provide a comprehensive and customer-focused solution on how to haul cars for dealerships to guarantee a seamless and trouble-free transportation process for auto dealerships.

  1. Transparent Pricing: We support straightforward and honest pricing for car delivery for dealerships, guaranteeing that our clients know all associated costs and no hidden fees.

  2. Reliability: Through years of practice in car transport in Texas, we have established a reputation for dependability. Dealerships can rely on us to deliver their cars on schedule and in good condition.

  3. Insurance Coverage: Our transportation services, which deliver cars for dealerships, provide extensive insurance coverage, giving dealerships peace of mind in unanticipated circumstances.

  4. Dedicated Support: Our team of experts is always available to support dealerships by transporting cars for dealership jobs and quickly responding to any questions or concerns.

What auto transport services do car dealerships prefer?

Car dealerships prefer auto transport services that meet their specific needs and requirements for how to transport cars for dealerships. Some of the most desired services include:

a. Open Transport Car Shipping: This is the most widespread and cost-effective car transportation mode. Vehicles are put onto an open carrier and transported to the dealership location.

b. Enclosed Vehicle Transport: Dealerships typically use enclosed conveyance for pricey or opulent vehicles. This method protects you against changes in the weather and road debris.

c. Door-to-Door Transport: This convenient service involves picking up the vehicles from the dealership's location and delivering them directly to the dealership lot.

d. Expedited Delivery: Dealerships that want to ship cars to another state quickly can choose accelerated delivery options, which ensure speedier turnaround times.

What are the benefits of car dealer auto transport?

Using auto transport services for car dealerships offers several significant benefits:

  1. Time and Cost Efficiency: Utilizing car delivery for dealership transport services saves time and money by eliminating the need for dealership personnel to go to pick up vehicles.

  2. Expanded Inventory Options: Car dealership auto transport companies can access a broader range of inventory by sourcing vehicles from distant locations.

  3. Vehicle Protection: Reliable car dealers with nationwide delivery handle vehicles carefully, limiting the chance of damage during shipment.

  4. Focus on Sales and Service: Dealership staff can focus on sales, marketing, and customer service while leaving the vehicle transportation to these car dealership transporters and professionals in the field.

Hints & Tips for Moving Cars for Dealerships

Consider the following suggestions and tips for a hassle-free car transportation experience with car delivery dealers:

1. Plan Ahead:

Effective planning is one of the key components of a smooth car transportation operation. Dealerships should book transportation far in advance. They may prevent last-minute rushing and ensure the logistics are well-planned and efficient. Effective resource allocation and preparation for any unforeseen delays or changes in the delivery schedule are also made possible by adequate planning on the part of the dealership.

2. Check Licensing and Insurance:

It's essential to carefully review a transportation company's licensing and insurance before entrusting them with transporting cars for dealerships. A transporter with a valid license complies with all regulations, providing the dealership with confidence that their customers' vehicles are handled ethically and appropriately. Enough insurance protection is crucial because it guards against potential losses that could happen while the item is transported, ensuring all parties' financial security and safety.

3. Prepare cars for transfer:

To ensure smooth and damage-free travel, it is essential to prepare the cars before transfer properly. To reduce the possibility of any items becoming lost or sustaining damage while in transit, dealerships should remove all personal items from the vehicles. Additionally, disarming auto alarms and ensuring that the vehicles are in good functioning order helps to avoid any issues during loading, unloading, and transporting.

4. Inspect Vehicles Upon Delivery:

Once the vehicles have arrived at their destination, it is crucial to conduct a thorough inspection. This inspection should be performed in the presence of the car delivery dealers to identify any potential damages that may have occurred during transportation. Promptly addressing any issues can prevent disputes and facilitate the resolution process with the transportation firm, if necessary.

5. Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations:

Selecting a reputable car dealership transporter is paramount to a successful transportation experience. Dealerships should read reviews and seek recommendations from other dealerships or industry peers. This research can provide valuable insights into the transporters' reliability, professionalism, and quality of service. Choosing a trusted transporter ensures that the vehicles are in safe hands and are more likely to arrive at their destination on time and in the desired condition.


Bold Auto Transport is your trusted partner for specialized transporting cars for dealerships. We play a critical role in ensuring a smooth flow of vehicles from manufacturers and auctions to dealership lots nationwide.

By relying on our expertise, car dealerships can focus on their core business while leaving the transportation task to the experts. Our customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence set us apart, delivering reliable, cost-effective, and timely services.

Count on us to handle your vehicles carefully, providing peace of mind and streamlined logistics. Join satisfied dealerships nationwide and experience the Bold difference in auto transport efficiency and success.

1. Where Do Car Dealerships Get Their Cars From?

Car dealerships get their cars from various sources, including:

a. Manufacturers: New cars are sourced directly from manufacturers' production facilities.

b. Auctions: Dealerships purchase pre-owned vehicles from auctions.

c. Trade-Ins: Customers may trade in their old vehicles when purchasing a new one from the dealership.

d. Wholesale Transactions: Some dealerships engage in wholesale transactions with other dealerships or private sellers.

2. How Long Does It Take for a Car to Go From Factory to Dealership?

The duration for a car to go from the factory to the dealership can vary based on factors such as the manufacturing process, the distance between the factory and the dealership, and transportation mode. It can take several days or weeks to complete. Vehicles requiring customizations or in high demand may have longer lead times.

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