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Jan 6, 2023

What Is PCS and POV Shipping: Everything You Need To Know

Active military members often travel to different places to serve their duty and maintain peace and harmony in society. Relocating on short notice with your family members and belongings can be overwhelming and stressful. To help active military members to relocate to their new stations and enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience, the government allows free shipping services for one privately owned vehicle.

Military car shipping services are shipping services offered to active military members. At Bold Auto Transport, we offer tier-quality military shipping services to active and retired members at attractive discounted rates. In other words, if you are actively serving the country or have taken retirement, you can enjoy standard shipping services at affordable prices.

If you are looking for ways to learn more about PSC and POV shipping services, continue reading till the end.

What is PCS Shipping?

The term PCS vehicle shipping stands for ‘permanent change of station’ shipping services. PCS shipping services are offered to military members who have been ordered for a permanent change of station. It is imperative to understand that not all active members can avail the benefits of military PCS vehicle shipping services.

To avail of the benefits of free shipping services, you must fulfill the following conditions

  • You are actively serving in the military.
  • You have received orders for a permanent change of station for at least 20 weeks.

If you fail to fulfill all the above conditions, the government will not ship your vehicle for free to your new assigned location.

What is POV Shipping?

The term POV stands for privately owned vehicles by active military members. The government allows active military members to ship one privately owned vehicle for free. This means you would have to bare the expense of shipping more than one privately owned vehicle. At Bold Auto Transport, we offer military vehicle transport services at a discounted price to active and retired military members. Book your POV shipping services by following simple steps on our website or call us at (469) 942-5444.

How much does POV shipping cost?

The cost to ship a privately owned vehicle might differ from one military member to another. To determine your POV shipping estimates, it is important to know the factors involved in the cost structure of military shipping services. Here are some major factors that can easily influence your POV shipping services.

Factors that influence POV shipping costs

1. Distance

The distance between the pick-up and drop-off location can majorly affect the final cost to ship your POV to your desired destination. Hence, prices tend to hike up when you book long-distance shipping services. For a cheaper shipping experience, opt for open car transport over other services. Through an open car transport service, you can ship more than one vehicle at affordable rates.

2. Condition of the vehicle

Inoperable and damaged vehicles require extra attention and care throughout the shipping services. Shipping companies use additional resources to load, unload, and transport inoperable or poor-condition vehicles which eventually increases the overall cost of POV shipping services.

3. Shipping services

Shipping companies charge different shipping rates for unique shipping services. Below are some popular and widely used POV shipping services across the nation.

  • Open car transport- In this shipping method, your vehicle is transported in an open trailer/truck. Open car transport method is similar to self-driving your car on the road.

  • Enclosed auto transport services are best suited for transporting luxury and limited edition cars from one location to another. Your car is transported in a closed container, secured from outdoor elements and road incidents.

  • If you are looking for shipping services where you don’t have to travel for a few miles to pick up and drop off your vehicle, then door-to-door transport services is the best option for you.

  • Expedited car shipping services are suitable for military members looking for fast and urgent POV shipping services.

4. Weather conditions

Another important factor that can easily influence the cost of shipping your POV from one location to another is weather conditions. Shipping companies either avoid or charge double the ongoing industry shipping rates to fulfill delivery orders during harsh weather conditions.

5. Number of vehicles

Government permits free shipping services of one privately owned vehicle by the active members. For instance, if you are shipping three vehicles, you will be charged for two out of three vehicles. Look for companies that offer military shipping services at affordable and reasonable prices.

6. Others

Other shipping variables that can easily influence your overall cost to ship a car include fuel charges, freight, reputation of the shipping company, insurance, and other related factors.

How long does it take to ship my POV?

Depending on several shipping variables, the delivery time frame to ship a car from one place to another might differ. Now, let us look at the factors that can affect the delivery time frame of your shipping services.

1. Road conditions

Sometimes, situations are beyond the control of shipping companies. Poor road conditions, unexpected damage on the infrastructure, traffic jams, floods, and more can result in adverse road conditions. Dealing with such situations might consume a lot of time and effort, and you may have no choice but to wait until your vehicle gets delivered.

2. Time of the year

During the on-shipping season or high-demand period, it is extremely challenging to get shipping appointments. Shipping companies experience a shortage of resources due to excessive customer demands. To avoid such situations, book your shipping services in advance and enjoy a cheap and affordable shipping experience.

3. Availability of labor

During labor strikes or riots, it becomes impossible for shipping companies to fulfill customer deliveries. Some companies who take the responsibility to complete the delivery often charge double or triple the current industry shipping rates.

4. Distance

It takes seven to fourteen working days to ship vehicles from one state to another. Hence, it is best to discuss the estimated delivery time of your shipment with your service provider before confirming your services. Ask for shipment tracking to stay updated throughout the shipping process.

5. Others

Other factors that can easily affect your delivery time frame include road construction, government rallies, change in shipping rules and regulations, number of spots, and type of shipping services.

What is considered a PCS move?

When an active military member gets a permanent change of station (PCS) order, it is considered a PCS move. A PCS delivery company will deliver your vehicle from one state to another or as per the orders given to the military member.

Hopefully, this blog helped you find solutions to all concerns related to military shipping services and eligibility to claim free shipping services for privately owned vehicles. To speak to one of our professionals, contact us at (469) 942-5444.

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