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Texas Car Shipping Services

Shipping a car can be a daunting task, especially if you're unsure where to begin. That's where Bold Auto Transport comes in, simplifying the process by providing premium services for transporting your vehicle, regardless of your location.

Our Texas car shipping services are stress-free and simple, guiding you through each step with remarkable ease. Whether dealing with dealerships, individuals, or companies nationwide, we offer a range of services tailored to meet our diverse needs.

Top-Rated Texas Auto Transport Company

We are a rapidly expanding auto transport company nationwide, prioritizing safety without compromise and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to facilitate a smooth shipping experience for your vehicle, whether you're transporting within Texas or across state lines.

We prioritize the safety of your vehicle, aiming for an efficient and smooth car shipment process. With extensive experience in transporting numerous vehicles across the country and to various islands, we focus on refining the car shipment process. We ensure you receive comprehensive insurance coverage, offering protection against potential damages during transit.

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Which state do you want to ship a car to?

Bold Auto Transport
Reliable Texas auto transport service

As Bold Auto Transport, We Proudly provide the top rated car shipping service solutions for every customer in auto transport industry

Cross Country Auto Transport

With Bold Auto Transport, you don't need to spend hours driving your car from a state to another. We make sure that your car is treated with care and it won't be exposed to any possible damage during the shipment.

Hawaii & Alaska Island Auto Transport

Bold Auto Transport has shipped thousands of vehicles to and from Hawaii & Alaska. Our island transport experts will handle every step of the process leaving you with a peace of mind.

Interstate Auto Transport

We revolutionize the auto transport industry with our outstanding service quality and cost effective car shipping solutions. We allow you to have a unique auto transport experience.
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Julie Proulx

We had a good experience with Bold Auto Transport. Their price was reasonable, they showed up on time to get the car, transported it cross country, and it arrived when they said it would - in good condition. It was dirty on the outside but we knew the truck wasn’t covered. Nothing a car wash coul...

Julie Proulx
Eric Nabors

Great price. I do hate all the texting even though I can text. Theres a lot of money being spent here and a valuable piece of property being transported a simple phone call would do. Would have given them a 5 but my transport pushed back because of driver issues. But then got delayed because of a...

Eric Nabors
Abbra Reed

Very helpful. Kept me informed every step of the way. Have been using Ready Logistics to transfer my vehicles cross states who have ZERO communication or accountability and will now be using Bold Auto Transport for my company. SAME DAY delivery on a vehicle that Ready Logistics held onto for 4 we...

Abbra Reed
Barbara Gibbons

I had the absolute best most professional experience from start to finish with Bold auto Transport. From my agent Ted to the dispatcher to my Driver Tamerlan to the follow up representative Eve I was given such peace of mind and I couldn’t have entrusted a better company to handle my family vehicle ...

Barbara Gibbons

I had a great experience working with Bold Auto Transport! I reached out to them on a late Monday afternoon, and had my car picked up Wednesday morning and dropped off in another state the SAME day before the drop off location business closed at 5 pm. They outsource and they take a deposit and you p...

Ashley L

They made this process so easy for me. From my first point of contact, to pricing, to communication, turn around time— 5 stars in all areas. Highly recommend , would definitely use again. Trustworthy & Reliable.

Ashley L
Enrique Valencia

I am actually a driver for Hauling Crew LLC. From a transporters perspective, they are quick to answer the phone, always available. And fast at taking care of things to have the vehicle readily available for transport. This is very important to get your vehicle delivered to you the fastest and safes...

Enrique Valencia
Shay B

Hassan is a great driver 👏🏽U Rock!!!😀 >> Bold Transport delivered my car on time as promised and no damages! Please contact them if you would like to receive the white glove treatment. ☺️

Shay B
Ellyn Edelman

The service was amazing. I called and spoke to someone on a Sunday. They took the order and I told them I wouldn't pay the deposit until they confirmed a driver. They called in Tuesday with a driver and our car was picked up from Boston that Friday, as we requested. The car was delivered to Florida ...

Ellyn Edelman
Local Guide

Very professional service! I was unsure of who to look for with transporting my new Toyota Tacoma. I had never done anything like this before, so I was very much confused. Bold reached out to me and walked me through the whole process in a simple explanation. The agent who I worked with Andrew, was ...

Years of Experience

How does Texas car shipping work with Bold Auto Transport?

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Car Shipping quotes for Texas:

As one of the best auto transport companies, Bold Auto Transport provides complimentary and non-binding quotes for car shipping. Choose between open or enclosed vehicle transport. Open-carrier transportation, known for its cost-effectiveness, remains the preferred option. For enhanced security, you can choose an enclosed car transport method.

Arrange Vehicle Pickup Through an Auto Transport Provider

Once you have received your quote, you can conveniently make an online reservation or contact our professional for car transport to Texas and schedule a pickup time. We assure you of a reliable car pickup and delivery service tailored to your specifications. We'll provide regular updates during your vehicle's transit to keep you informed and at ease.

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book auto transport
Experience a Seamless Vehicle Delivery Process

On the delivery day, your car will be carefully unloaded from the transport truck. A final inspection will verify that the condition of your vehicle aligns with the initial pickup. From the beginning to the end of the process, Bold Auto Transport ensures secure and seamless auto transport to Texas, or nationwide.

Bold For A Reason

Auto Transport Process With Bold Explained

Bold Auto Transport offers transportation services with both open car carriers and enclosed car carriers. Depending on your choice and needs, we will help you to choose one and run every step of process while keeping you in the loop.

Choosing Bold Auto Transport for your car shipment means you won't have to deal with any insurance paperwork or spend hours doing research about your shipment. We will take care of everything for you, give you constant updates during transit and save you bunch of time.

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Texas Car Shipping Made Easier Instantly With Bold

Shipping a car can be tricky, especially when you're not sure where to start. That's why Bold makes the process easy by providing you with several options for getting your vehicle transported--no matter where you're located.

We are known for making texas car shipping services stress-free and straightforward by providing each step of the process easier than you could ever imagine. We work with dealerships, individuals, and companies across the country, and we offer a variety of services to meet our clients' needs.

With only the size of your vehicle requested, our on-site auto shipping calculator will give you an instant car shipping quote for nationwide auto transport. Just enter your state-to-state car shipping details, and you will be able to choose from three different auto shipping quotes based on your needs.

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What information is needed to calculate the total auto transport cost?

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Your Vehicle
We collect information about your vehicle(s), such as their year, make, model, size and the running condition.
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The Route
With the distance and the locations being determined, there will be too little before your car is ready for shipment.
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The Shipment Date
After things such as the date and the type of the car hauler are determined, we will pick up your car and deliver it fast and safely to its destination.

Why You Should Book Your Auto Transportation With Bold Auto Transport

Bold Auto Transport was established to provide the smoothest car shipment experience to auto transport customers, and we have been successful at this goal by serving thousands of U.S. citizens. We take care of documentation, insurance, vehicle inspection, and safe shipment for you and save you lots of resources. We subject your car to insurance without any additional fee and prepare the required documentation. Your car is periodically checked during the shipment until delivery. In case of even the slightest damage, our insurance service takes care of the problem in no time. Truckers and auto transport specialists at Bold Auto Transport are the most experienced and talented workers in the industry. Our truckers are full-time drivers, and all of them are highly experienced. Our auto transport specialists will be available for your questions or consultation 24/7 before, during, and after the shipment. You can call us now at 469-942-5444 to get information about our shipment services.

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How Is Your Auto Shipment Fee Calculated?

We consider a few aspects while estimating the cost of car shipping to offer you an accurate pricing quotation. The distance between the pick-up and delivery address is the most crucial element in determining your total rate. Other important considerations are the type and condition of your vehicle. Also, the date your car will be picked up for shipment may be considered for season conditions. Most of the time, an auto shipping service throughout the United States costs between $300 and $2,000. So, for calculating your car shipping fee, we need:

  • tick vector The Distance Between Pick- Up And Delivery And Make And Model Of Your Car
  • tick vector Your Car's Condition
  • tick vector Your Choice Of Open Or Enclosed Shipment

How Do I Book A Shipment With Bold?

To book a shipment, we will need; the make and model/size of your car, your choice of open or enclosed carrier, the pick-up and delivery addresses, date of pick-up, legal documentation of the car if it's brand new from a dealership.

At Bold Auto Transport, the process is made easy for you. You can book your shipment in minutes with Bold following these 3 steps:

  • tick vector 1. Use Our Instant Price Calculator To Get A Price
  • tick vector 2. Determine A Date For Shipment
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How much does Texas car shipping cost?

Several factors contribute to the cost of shipping your car in Texas. These include the total shipping distance, pickup and delivery locations, trailer type (open or enclosed), vehicle details, and seasonal fluctuations.

It's crucial to provide information such as your vehicle type, origin and destination locations, the first available shipping date, and specify the trailer type (open or enclosed) to obtain the most accurate estimate. Providing these details ensures a precise assessment of the cost associated with your Texas car shipment.

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How long does it take to ship a car to or from Texas?

The shipping distance between your desired locations primarily influences the actual transit time for your vehicle. Various factors can impact your overall timeline, including weather conditions, seasonal demand, pickup and delivery locations, ongoing route construction, and traffic along the route.

Transport Your Vehicle To Or From Any City In Texas

Car transport to Texas or anywhere else is a simple process with Bold Auto Transport.

Share your vehicle details, obtain a precise quote instantly with our car shipping cost calculator, select a service, and proceed to book your shipment. Enter your state-to-state car shipping details, and within moments, you can choose from three different auto shipping quotes tailored to fit your specific requirements.

As one of the best auto transport companies, we ensure a seamless pickup from your specified location, focusing on the safety of your vehicle during transit. We oversee the delivery to your destination in Texas or elsewhere, prioritizing the security of your vehicle's condition. Transparent communication is maintained throughout the entire process, offering updates and support.

Bold Auto Transport streamlines the entire process, ensuring hassle-free Car Transport to your desired destination.

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Bold Auto Transport Offers Top-Notch Texas Auto Transport Services

Open Car Shipping

If you're searching for a dependable and cost-effective vehicle transport method, open auto transport could be your optimal choice. Open car hauling in Texas enables you to move a vehicle at a price that is consistently more competitive than enclosed auto shipping. At Bold Auto Transport, we excel in open auto transport – the most widespread car shipping method.

Enclosed Car Shipping

For ultimate safety, choose enclosed auto transport, or nationwide, which is the ideal choice for car shipment. This method is suitable for classic, luxury, exotic, and muscle cars. Enclosed auto transport ensures added protection, easing concerns by shielding your vehicle from adverse weather conditions. Our enclosed car transport services are managed by highly qualified professional drivers with extensive years of experience.

Expedited Car Shipping

At Bold Auto Transport, we understand the urgency and importance of timely car shipping. That's why we offer expedited car shipping services to ensure your vehicle reaches its destination promptly and securely. Our expedited service is designed for those who require swift transportation without compromising on reliability. We specialize in the fastest transport, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination promptly with a simplified approach.

Door to Door car shipping

Bold Auto Transport takes the hassle out of car shipping with our convenient door-to-door service. We ensure a seamless experience by picking up your vehicle directly from your location and delivering it right to your desired destination. With our door-to-door car shipping, you can enjoy a stress-free process, knowing that your vehicle is in capable hands from start to finish.

Vehicle shipping to/from Texas with Bold Auto Transport

Experience hassle-free transportation to or from Texas with Bold Auto Transport. We’re committed to exceptional customer service, trustworthiness, and safety. Bold Auto Transport is here to help, whether you're relocating, purchasing a car from a distant seller, or in need of vehicle transport to Texas. When it comes to your valuable vehicle, settle for nothing but the best.

Use our instant car shipping cost calculator to obtain an accurate quote for your upcoming car shipment.

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At Bold Auto Transport, we offer comprehensive shipping services and full insurance coverage with no additional fees. For a satisfactory and fruitful shipping experience, book your appointment with us by simply calling (469) 942-5444 or sending an email to info@boldautotransport.com.

Auto transport termed is used to describe a shipping company that specializes in transporting auto vehicles of different types and sizes from one location to another.

Auto transport companies conduct shipping activities using highly advanced shipping technologies and tools. They use different shipping trucks/trailers to fulfill the services with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

The cost to ship a car from one place to another is determined by considering several shipping variables. To learn more about our cost structure or get accurate shipping estimates, you can use our cost shipping calculator by simply adding the necessary details on our website.

The auto transport industry operates shipping activities using different means of transport such as road, rail, air, and water. Depending on your shipping needs and distance, you can select the means of transportation that offers the best services at affordable rates.

To book your auto transport services, all you need to do is present the correct documentation and mention the specification of your services, such as the type of car, shipping services, distance, and other related factors. Following the verification of your documentation, our shipping professionals will reach out to you for further processing.

When selecting an auto transport company, look for companies that offer a wide range of shipping services, have good experience in the industry, and offer flexible shipping options.

A reliable and genuine auto transport company is known to offer shipping services at affordable and reasonable prices. They are extremely attentive to all your shipping needs and grievances and can handle the same with utmost professionalism and vigilance.

One of the best ways to learn about a shipping company is to check its customer reviews and conduct online research. Positive reviews, great years of experience, satisfactory customer service, and tier-quality shipping methods are some significant qualities of a good and trustworthy shipping company.

We can transport vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and even some specialty vehicles to and from Texas.

The cost of shipping a car can vary based on factors such as distance, the type of vehicle, and the chosen shipping method. Open transport is generally more affordable than enclosed transport to and from Texas.

Popular routes for car shipping to Texas often include routes from the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and neighboring Southern states. Routes from major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami are common shipping routes.

Common routes for car shipping from Texas include California, Florida, New York, and the Midwest.

Remove your personal items, clean your vehicle, inspect for necessary maintenance, and maintain the fuel tank at a fifty percent capacity. If necessary, remove valuable and exclusive detachable automobile components.

It's advisable to remove all personal belongings from the car before shipping. If you need to transport personal items, consider using a separate shipping service.