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Oct 10, 2022

Shipping a car from California to Hawaii: How Much Does it Cost?

Thousands of vehicles get shipped from California to Hawaii year-round. Some people travel to spend quality time with their family on the heavenly island while others relocate for better employment opportunities. Regardless of your reasons, relocating to a new place along with your vehicles can help reduce transportation costs and make traveling much easier in new surroundings.

But, how much does it cost to ship a car from California to Hawaii?

It can be challenging to state the precise cost of car shipping from California to Hawaii, as several transportation factors are involved in the California to Hawaii auto shipping process. The cost of shipping a car to Hawaii can vary depending on pick-up location, types of services, destination, door-to-door auto transport, and other related factors associated with the auto shipping process.

If you are unaware of the right methods to calculate your car shipping from California cost or what to expect from your California to Hawaii auto shipping services, we are here to help.

Here’s everything you need to know about shipping your car from California to Hawaii.

How to ship a car from California to Hawaii?

Here are some popular California to Hawaii car shipping options that you can consider using for your shipment process.

1. Open Car Transport

When booking online shipping services, you must have come across open transport car shipping services. It is one of the popular and cheapest ways to ship a car to Hawaii. In open car transport services, your car is transported in an open trailer, exposed to different weather conditions and road elements. This is a perfect shipping option for a budget-friendly car shipping from California experience.

2. Enclosed Auto Transport

If you are looking for services that offer great protection and safety to your vehicle throughout the auto shipping process, enclosed auto transport can be an ideal option for you. In this auto shipping method, your vehicle will be transported in a closed car shipping container that protects it from unwanted road incidents, weather conditions, and other elements present on the road.

3. Expedite Transport

Expedite auto shipping service is the fastest mode of transport. Under this auto-shipping method, we assure to deliver the car to your destination as soon as possible. If you have to urgently ship a car from California to Hawaii, you can opt for expedited transportation services to get your delivery at a specific time.

How much does it cost to ship a car from California to Hawaii?

To get instant and accurate car shipping quotes online, you can use our shipping calculator by filling in the necessary details on our website. Here are the factors that can easily influence the overall cost of car shipping from California.

Factors influencing the overall cost of shipping

1. Distance between pick-up and delivery

When calculating the cost of car shipping from California, most car shipping companies consider the distance between the pick up and delivery location. The more the distance, the greater will be the cost to ship a car to Hawaii from California or vice versa.

2. Types of shipping services

As mentioned above, enclosed car transport is one of the most expensive modes of transportation, and open transportation is the cheapest of all. The types of transportation services you opt for can directly impact the overall cost to ship a car from Hawaii to California. Based on your car shipping needs and budget preferences, you choose the shipping method accordingly.

3. Weather conditions

The process of car shipping from California becomes ten times more challenging during harsh weather conditions. More resources and tools are used by car shipping companies to seamlessly ship your car to another state. During such situations, you will notice a sudden spike in auto shipping prices.

4. Weight and dimensions of your car

Big-size vehicles tend to occupy more space than compact or small-size vehicles. At times, it becomes challenging for auto shipping companies to move more than one or two vehicles at the same time. There might be a slight difference in your auto shipping rates compared to other Hawaii car transport services.

5. Time of the year

Hawaii car shipping companies often increase their auto shipping service rates during on-season or high-demand periods. College/school reopening and vacation periods are considered on-season or high-demand seasons for auto shipping companies. You can either opt for advance booking or wait till the season ends to ship vehicles from Hawaii to California at much lower rates.

6. Insurance

When hiring car shipping from California services, you should invest in insurance coverage. If your auto transport company offers insurance coverage, you should avoid investing in other agencies as it might increase the overall cost to ship vehicles from Hawaii to California.

7. Government regulations

To improve transportation methods and maintain balance in the industry, government authorities often bring amendments to transportation laws. It is advisable to check for updates in shipping regulations before finalizing your car shipping from California auto transport services.

How long does it take to ship a car from California to Hawaii?

The distance between California to Hawaii ranges from 2,300 to 2,700 miles. Generally, it takes three to four days to cover 1,000 miles on the road. Anything beyond 1,000 miles can take up to seven to fourteen days depending on the car shipping from California requirements and weather conditions.

Best ways to ship a car from California to Hawaii?

At Bold Auto Transport, we offer flexible shipping services based on your transport needs and purposes. You can choose the type of auto shipping services, depending on your urgent needs, shipping preferences, and budget limitations. All our auto shipping services are built considering several transportation factors and customer preferences to offer a satisfactory shipping experience. Call us at (469) 942-5444 to speak to our auto-shipping professionals.

What vehicles do we ship from California to Hawaii?

From compact-size cars to heavy-duty/large vehicles, we offer auto shipping services for all types of vehicles. Book your appointment today by simply filling in all the required details and documents on our website or sending an email to info@boldautotransport.com to get in touch with one of our representatives.

Whether you are planning to transport one or more vehicles at a time, our highly trained and skilled professionals will help you throughout the process and fulfill all your auto shipping requirements with the utmost professionalism and care. To learn more about Hawaii car transport or Hawaii car shipping services, get in touch with one of our representatives today.

Call us on (469) 942-5444 or send an email at info@boldautotransport.com to learn more about shipping a car from California to Hawaii or vice versa.

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