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How to ship your car to Hawaii?

Moving to a new state or city can have difficulties, but moving from the mainland to Hawaii or moving from Hawaii to the mainland is an entirely different and more complicated process. Since finding another car that fits your needs can sometimes be quite tricky in the islands, you may prefer to have your car shipped with you.

Shipping cars from/to Hawaii is entirely different from traditional cross-country auto transport services . Some additional steps and processes are unique to Hawaii auto transportation. There are also several things you should know about the shipment process. Today, we will deeply inform you about shipping your car to/from Hawaii. We will also be replying to your questions about shipping your car to/from Hawaii.

In this article, we will be informing you about:
  • Process Of Shipping A Car To / From Hawaii
  • Is It Worth To Ship Your Car To / From Hawaii?
  • How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To / From Hawaii?
  • Why Should You Have Your Car Shipped With Bold Auto Transport?
  • How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car To/From Hawaii?
  • What Kind Of Documents Do You Need To Have Your Car Shipped To/From Hawaii?
  • What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Is A Car Shipped To/From Hawaii?

Shipping cars to/from Hawaii is usually arranged through us with door-to-door transport services, or you can ship your car by yourself as a port-to-port transport service. Click here to get your cost calculated now!

If you would like to run this process by yourself; You must drive your car to the port and pick it up from the destination port all by yourself. Your vehicle will be shipped from one port to another at the end of the day.

There will be additional expenses you might not consider at first glance, such as gas, insurance, paperwork, and a flight ticket to your way back home. You will put extra miles on your car when you're driving to the port, and you will not be able to track the shipment, and there will not be any professionals to take care of your car or someone to give you constant updates during the shipment. In conclusion, in port-to-port shipping that you will arrange yourself, you will have to take care of all of the work, and it will both be riskier and more costly than working with an auto transport company for shipping your vehicle.

Door-to-door Hawaii shipment with Bold Auto Transport is a more effortless and surprisingly more affordable option for you if you don't live right off the west coast. As Bold Auto Transport, we offer door-to-door transport or port-to-port service from anywhere in the mainland to Hawaii or vice versa. Our transport specialists take care of any paperwork and guide you on everything required for shipping your car to/from Hawaii.

By choosing Bold Auto Transport to ship your vehicle with door-to-door car transport , you will be avoiding significant expenses such as accommodation, insurance, paperwork stress, and every cost to fly back to your home.

With Bold Auto Transport, there will not be anything you should do apart from letting our experts lead the way. You will only provide the required documentation, address, and vehicle information, and the rest will be taken care of by our experienced professionals. The only thing you will do is be present during pick up and delivery; if not, you'll be able to designate someone else, maybe a friend, family member, or neighbor, to be present on your behalf. Plus, you will be able to track your shipment 24/7 and consult our car shipping specialists both on our website and on their direct phone number that we will provide right after the dispatch. And most importantly, your car will be protected by insurance when you arrange any shipment with Bold Auto Transport with no additional fee.

As Bold Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer service and the most competitive prices on the market. Our professional truckers and transport dispatchers ensure that your car is shipped in the most reliable and most protected conditions.

Is It Worth Have Your Car Shipped To/From Hawaii?

While considering shipping a car to/from Hawaii, one of the most significant thoughts is whether your car is worth shipping it. Since shipping a car to/from Hawaii can be a considerable expense, it might be wiser to consider it twice before deciding.

To conclude, here are some questions that will help you to decide:

How Long Do You Plan To Stay In Hawaii?

Do you plan to move to Hawaii permanently, or do you plan to stay in Hawaii for a short while? If you don't plan to live in Hawaii for longer than half a year, it might not be the best choice to have your car shipped to Hawaii because the shipment expenses might exceed the car rental cost of 6 months. If you're staying in Hawaii for only a few months, you might want to look into renting or leasing a car. Some dealerships let you lease a car for six months. However, it would be best if you checked the costs of leasing, renting a car, and getting your vehicle shipped before making a decision. If you plan to stay in Hawaii for longer, 9-12 months, for example, it is always a better option for you to have your car shipped. But still, another determining factor becomes the value and condition of your car.Is

Is your Car In Good Condition?

When shipping a car to/from Hawaii, the car's condition is an essential factor. If your car is brand new or in excellent condition, it is reasonably worth having your car shipped. However, if your car isn't in its best days or needs fixing and constantly requires additional investments to improve its condition, it might not be the best choice to have it shipped.

How much is your car worth?

If your car doesn't provide a sentimental value for you, the most important determinant for your decision is your car's financial value. Since shipping a car to/from Hawaii can be a significant expense, cars worth less than 20,000$ should be considered twice before choosing.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Car Shipped To/From Hawaii?

The cost of shipping a car from the mainland to or from Hawaii can differ significantly. The total cost depends on several factors and determinants. In general, most car transport services have a price range of between 700$ and 3000$. However, as we said above, the pricing greatly depends on several factors. We listed below the important ones among these factors;

Where will your car be picked up from?

One of the most important determinants is which state/city we will pick up your car from. If you ship your car to Hawaii, your location will affect the pricing. For example, shipping a car from Los Angeles to Honolulu will cost less than shipping a car from New York City to Honolulu.

Where will your car be shipped to?

Along with the pickup location, the destination is another determinant. While shipping a car from the mainland to the islands, since bigger islands, such as Honolulu, has more shipment traffic, it will be cheaper and easier to ship a car to Honolulu due to the fast-flowing freight business. However, shipping a car to a smaller island, Lahaina, is more expensive than Honolulu.

How big is your car?

The size of your car is another important determinant of the price. While shipping smaller vehicles such as coupe sports cars is cheaper, shipping a bigger vehicle, a Fullsize SUV like GMC Yukon Denali or Lincoln Navigator, will cost more because of the size and curb weight of the car.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping A Car To/From Hawaii

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car To/From Hawaii?

The shipment's transit time dramatically depends on the pickup and destination. The port-to-port shipping usually takes 5 to 7 days, while the entire process takes at least eight days. To give you a better idea, below, we will be listing some locations and their time of shipment.

  • Shipping a car from Los Angeles to Honolulu takes about 8-12 days.
  • Shipping a car from Chicago to Honolulu takes around 13-17 days.
  • Shipping a car from New York City to Honolulu takes roughly 14-20 days.

Given this information, the year can also slightly affect the shipment's total duration.

What Kind Of Documents Do You Need To Ship A Car To/From Hawaii?

For your car to be loaded up onto the vessel, there are several documents that you will need. Below, we will be listing these documents:

  • A photo ID to confirm the owner on the title and registration.
  • Current Vehicle Registration.
  • Vehicle Title Or Lien Holder Authorization Letter. ,

If you haven't paid off your car completely, you will need a letter of authorization from the lender or lienholder to ship your car to/from Hawaii.

Also, if the title lists multiple owners or the vehicle is on the lease, and the title is under the dealership's name, both parties must agree to authorize the car to be shipped. A notarized letter from the sole owner, multiple owners, or every party with partial ownership approving the vehicle's transport will be necessary.

How do I get a quote for shipping my car?

To get a quote for shipping your car, you can use our online car transport calculator or call us for a quote from one of our car shipping experts. For us to give you a price, we will need the following pieces of information about the shipment:

  • Where will the vehicle be picked up, and where will it be delivered?
  • What is the vehicle's make and model?
  • What condition is the vehicle in?
  • Do you want a specific pickup day?
  • At what time of the year will the vehicle be transported?

Can I track the shipment online?

Yes, you can track the progress of your shipment 24/7 on our website. Also, you can call your dispatcher to get information about the process during the shipment. We will provide you with a unique booking number to track your shipment quickly. You will also be able to live chat with a shipping professional who can answer any inquiries you have about the status of your vehicle through your tracking portal.

Are there any options optimized for a sports car, a vintage car, or an exotic car?

Yes, you can prefer enclosed auto transport for shipment of the vehicle to the port. With that option, even a single leaf won't touch your vehicle during the whole process. Also, we will place your beloved car into a container during the vessel shipment for extra protection. Our specialists will be conscientious about avoiding and preventing any possible damage to your vehicle during the shipment.

Can I put my items in my car during the shipment?

Although we do not recommend it, you are legally allowed to put your items in the vehicle during shipment. However, if the weight of these items surpasses 100 pounds, there may be additional charges. Also, you can only put these items in certain places in the car. No insurance policy does not cover the items inside the car, nor the damages these items inside the car will cause due to vibrations during transit.

How can I pay for my auto shipping?

Bold Auto Transport accepts all credit cards, electronic transfers, postal money orders, bank checks, and PayPal. Also, if you want to pay cash, you can pay our driver upon delivery.

Can I directly ship my car from California to Hawaii?

Yes, you can ship your car from California to Hawaii directly via ferries.

Will my car be exposed to any external factors during the shipment?

It is your choice to have your car shipped via an open or enclosed trailer during on-land transportation. Your car may be exposed to external factors such as snow, rain, and hail during auto transport.

Right before your car is boarded onto the particular vessel, they will be kept on the port outside for a short time. However, during the vessel shipment, your car will be completely safe and protected from any external factors as it will be underneath the deck in a container.

What will you need to pick up your vehicle?

All you need to pick up your car is the shipment booking number given to you by our car transport presentative post-booking with that booking number and your ID, or a notarized letter with you're authorizing someone else; Also that person with their ID together with the booking number can pick up the vehicle at the destination.

What is involved in the cost of shipping a car to/from Hawaii?

Bold Auto Transport offers 24/7 live customer service, shipment tracking, detailed vehicle inspection before and after the shipment, and detailed shipment reports included with the shipment.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipment?

There is a list of things you should do before we come to pick up your car to avoid any possible complications and damage during the shipment. Below, we will be listing them for you:

  • Clean your car inside and outside. To inspect the vehicle thoroughly and properly, it needs to be as clean as possible.
  • Disable the alarm of the car. Because the engine will not be running during shipment, the noise, vibrations, and other outside factors may trigger the vehicle's alarm and endanger both the driver and the vehicle.
  • Don't fill your tank more than %25. During the shipment, a full tank brings about severe risks. Please be sure that your tank is not full to comply with DOT rules. Any extra fuel in the tank is a risk for both the driver's and your vehicle's safety.
  • Remove custom accessories and precious items. During the shipment process, any item that is not stock apart from the vehicle itself is not insured by the insurance policy. In case of any damage occurs to those items, the insurance company won't carry any responsibility. Even though we never had any theft cases, we still don't recommend that our customers leave any precious items in their vehicles.
  • Lock the car. Once the vehicle is loaded onto the trailer (or the vessel), there will be no reason for it to be unlocked. Our crew will also lock the vehicle once boarded or loaded to the trailer.
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Why Bold Auto Transport for Hawaii Auto Transport?

As Bold Auto Transport, we ship from the mainland to islands and from islands to the mainland every day. We arrange this shipment process for any sized vehicle very frequently, and our primary goal is to offer the most hassle-free experience while keeping our competitive rates. With years of experience in the field, Bold Auto Transport offers you a unique worry-free experience. Our specialist truckers are highly experienced in the island car transport process, and most of them have been in this industry for more than a decade. Our services never have any surprise fees; everything is included in the quote you're given before your pickup date. Our industry-leading car transport team assures the best experience you can have in the whole process. We offer 24/7 live customer service, shipment tracking, detailed vehicle inspections before and after the shipment, and detailed shipment reports. We can also offer customized quotes for shipment for your particular needs. As Bold Auto Transport, our main intention is to ensure that our customers do not have any headaches or be overwhelmed by the complex process. We will assign you a personal dispatcher and a personal support agent to keep you in the loop throughout every step.