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Jun 16, 2023

Know More About Shipping A Car And Belongings Together Across The Country

If you’re wondering whether it is possible to ship your car and your personal belongings, the answer is YES!

Relocating to a new city or state is a tiresome job. Similarly, dealing with personal belongings can make things immensely challenging. Most people prefer hiring movers and packers to safely and securely transport their belongings from one location to another. But, if you cannot afford expensive movers & packer's services or don’t have sufficient space in your moving truck, you always have an option of shipping your car with stuff inside.

Nevertheless, before making any decision or jumping to conclusions, weighing the pros and cons of shipping a car and personal belongings together is imperative. This detailed guide will help you determine the best available cross-country car shipping options for your valuable possessions and ways you can secure your personal belongings during transit.

What is the best way to ship my car and belongings together?

When shipping a car and belongings together, opt for the most secure and convenient car shipping services- enclosed auto transport.

Enclosed auto shipping services are a premium quality shipping option that transports vehicles in a shipping container protected from outdoor elements and risky road conditions. In this method, your car is protected from intruder invasion, potential damage/injuries, unexpected weather conditions, and risky road situations.

Compared to other shipping options, the enclosed shipping service is one of the safest and most expensive means of transport. The car shipping long-distance prices may be slightly higher than open car transport services.

Benefits of shipping a car and belongings across the country

Here are some of the incredible advantages of shipping your car and personal belongings together across the nation.

1. Cost-effective solution

There is no denying that long-distance car shipping or buying is always costly. One of the reasons why most car owners prefer self-driving their car for long hours is to save a significant amount of money during the process. Shipping your belongings along with your vehicles allows you to relocate to a new location cost-effectively. Look for car shipping companies that allow you to pack your car during transit to protect your car from intruders, theft, and more. To determine the accurate cost to ship a car or shipping estimates, use our car shipping cost calculator on our website. Mention all the required details and wait a minute or less to get reliable estimates on your internet devices.

2. Time-saving

Another major benefit to ship your car and belongings together is time-saving. You don’t have to worry about arranging different services to move your belongings and vehicles separately. You can add as many items as possible to your vehicle to save time and move during the transit. This way you can easily get all your belongings shipped at one time to your location. Additionally, if you’re planning to move out alone, shipping your car along with your vehicle is the best possible option for you.

3. Greater safety

Moving companies that move cars and furniture together usually use tier-quality shipping safety and security measures to ensure your car vehicle is safely and securely transported from one location to another. They take utmost care and responsibility to safeguard your priced possessions throughout the transit. Most shipping companies utilize specialized equipment and tools to load, unload, and transport your vehicles and belongings to your desired location.

Whether you are looking for auto transport services to Michigan or Alaska, Bold Auto Transport has got everything covered for you! Browse our website to learn more about our cross-country auto transport services.

How to plan a long-distance move?

How to ship a car? Or How to ship my belongings to another state? Perhaps it is one of the most asked questions by our customers.

Planning a long-distance move demands professional services to ensure your vehicle is transported harmlessly across the country. However, before handing over your vehicle, one needs to consider several factors to get the most out of their car pick-up and delivery services. Here are some effective long-distance car shipping tips to consider to ship your car across the country.

  • Make a list of your requirements- Always begin by making a list of your requirements. Doing this will help you determine the most suitable available shipping option for your car.

  • Wisely choose the shipping means- It is vital to choose a shipping method based on your shipping requirements and preferences. If you are looking for a convenient shipping option, door-to-door transport is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for quick delivery options, opt for expedited car shipping services.

  • Prepare your vehicle- Run a quick maintenance check to determine the existing problems with your vehicle, keep your fuel tank half full, and remove sharp objects that harm your personal belongings during long-distance car shipping. To effectively ship your car and belongings together, pack your belongings professionally using appropriate packing materials and precise boxes.

Can you ship a car with stuff in it?

Yes, there are no rules stating car owners cannot ship their personal belongings along with their car. However, ensure to take proper safety measures during long-distance shipping so your belongings are not lost or damaged. If possible, avoid shipping expensive and valuable items that cost you a fortune and your vehicles.

Is shipping a car and belongings across the country legal activity?

Generally, it is legal to ship cars and belongings together across the country. But, to be safe, it is best to research more on the shipping policies, rules, and conditions imposed by the state government to ship different types of vehicles from one location to another.

Can I ship my car and belongings together?

Yes, At Bold Auto Transport, we allow our customers to add their belongings to their vehicles during transit. Sometimes, certain situations are beyond our control, and we may not take complete responsibility for protecting your valuable belongings during the shipping process. If possible, avoid leaving valuable and expensive items in your car for better protection and safety of your belongings.

Should I fill my car before shipping it?

Your car is transported in a shipping carrier. Filling your car will help shipping professionals load and unload the vehicle on transport trailers more quickly and efficiently. Most auto transport companies charge extra money to load and unload non-running or poor-condition vehicles on shipping carriers.

Is It Safe to Ship Belongings With My Car?

Typically, it is unsafe to transport your belongings with your car for long-distance shipping methods as shipping professionals don’t take responsibility for your personal belongings. Stuff only necessary or non-expensive items to avoid damage or theft-related issues.

Do Personal Belongings Increase Shipping Costs?

The cost to ship a car and belongings is not static. It can get easily influenced depending on several shipping variables involved in the process. Use our cost shipping calculator to determine your mobile device's most reliable and accurate shipping estimates.

What am I not allowed to include in my car during the car shipping process?

Hazardous substances, illegal products, valuable items, and flammable items that can cause potential damage or harm to your vehicle are usually not allowed to ship along with your vehicle.

We are BOLD enough to maintain complete transparency and utmost professionalism to ship your car safely and securely from one destination to another. To book our shipping services or learn more about services, get in touch with one of our representatives today!

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