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Auto Transport to/from Michigan

Michigan is a bustling hub of culture and commerce, offering a rich tapestry of attractions. The state presents various attractions, from its varied neighborhoods to iconic landmarks. It's a vibrant metropolis that captures the essence of American urban life.

Whether you're planning a move to the dynamic cities of Michigan or need to transport your vehicle across state lines, we're here to assist you.

At Bold Auto Transport, we understand the significance of your vehicle beyond mere conveyance; it's a valuable possession. That's why we provide premium car transportation services in Michigan tailored to your budget and schedule.

Choose Bold Auto Transport in Michigan for a safe and expedited car shipment to its destination!


What to consider when shipping a car in Michigan?

When transporting a vehicle to or from Michigan, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure a seamless shipment. Key considerations include selecting the type of shipping service, such as choosing between open transport for cost-effectiveness or enclosed transport for enhanced protection.

Furthermore, deciding between terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door delivery options helps you to make a well-informed decision based on considerations such as time convenience, vehicle safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Choose our reliable car shipping services in Michigan for a stress-free and budget-friendly car transport experience.

Michigan Auto Transport Review: What our customers say about Bold Auto Transport.

What our customers have to say about bold auto transport.

What customers about shipping a car with Bold Auto Transport

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Felipe Pabon

Recently transported a vehicle from Massachusetts to Dallas, Alan was extremely professional and always on top of everything. I did had an issue with my transport, but once I notified Alan, he immediately jumped on to it and got everything sorted. On the day of delivery, the vehicle showed up after office hours and Alan stayed in to make sure everything was 100% with the delivery. Alan thank you sir! Great work definitely will be calling again for further transport needs.

Felipe Pabon
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Barbara Gibbons

I had the absolute best most professional experience from start to finish with Bold auto Transport. From my agent Ted to the dispatcher to my Driver Tamerlan to the follow up representative Eve I was given such peace of mind and I couldn’t have entrusted a better company to handle my family vehicle getting safely from Texas to Arizona. They gave me an honest quote from the beginning, which of course it’s not cheap to get a vehicle safely shipped from one state to another across the country, as the shady companies outthere would lead you to believe but I was told from the beginning what it would cost and exactly when they would pick up my vehicle on time, and nothing worrisome ever arose, even though I was so stressed out entrusting my vehicle with anybody but all of my worries were alleviated as I was able to text and call the agent, the driver excetera with constant updates. They treated my vehicle just like they would their own, and it was shipped in an enclosed trailer with only one other vehicle, and received in the same condition They picked it up in. I literally had to organize this with Bold Auto Transport at the very last minute After dealing with so much uncertainty and unprofessionalism by other companies, especially knowing that this industry is full of fraud, etc. and Bold Auto came through above and beyond better than I could’ve ever expected. I can’t thank you all enough and I hope this review is able to help someone else in the same situation to know with complete certainty that they will be in the best hands out there! Thank you again Bold Auto Transport for everything!

Barbara Gibbons
quote icon
Thomas Craven

Bold did a good with our car. There was some delay at first getting a carrier lined up, but it was the Thanksgiving week, so that wasn't unexpected. Car was picked up on Sunday and delivered on Wednesday going from Spokane WA to Los Angeles. Driver called an hour before delivery. Price was reasonable (I would never use low ball estimates from other people). I would use Bold again if needed.

Thomas Craven

How does Michigan car shipping work with Bold Auto Transport?

Bold Auto Transport in Michigan simplifies the car shipping process for you. Our efficient service ensures a hassle-free and smooth shipping experience. Whether moving a car across the country or to another state, our reliable car hauling company in Michigan will act as your reliable auto shipper, ensuring a seamless transition for your cherished vehicle.

Count on Bold Auto Transport to handle your car shipment to and from Michigan confidently!

How much does to/from Michigan car shipping cost?

The cost of auto transport to or from Michigan varies based on several factors, including the distance, chosen service type, and your vehicle's specifics. However, the estimated cost generally falls between $600 and $2000 for shipping your car to or from Michigan. We provide a range of options, from standard to expedited car transport services in Michigan, offering accessible and budget-friendly car transport solutions tailored to each customer's preferences.

To know the precise quotation, use our instant car shipping cost calculator.

How long does it take to ship a car to/from Michigan?

Shipping to/from Cost Distance Estimated Time in Transit
Michigan to Florida $800 - $1000 1,390.2 miles 4 - 5 days
Michigan to California $1100 - $1300 2,404.0 miles 7 - 9 days
Michigan to Texas $750 - $950 1,378.1 miles 4 - 5 days
Michigan to Washington $1350 - $1550 721.7 miles 7 - 9 days
Michigan to Oregon $1400 - $1600 2,227.7 miles 7 - 9 days
Florida to Michigan $800 - $1050 1,390.7 miles 4 - 5 days
Texas to Michigan $800 - $1000 1,377.7 miles 4 - 5 days
Oregon to Michigan $1200 - $1400 2,228.8 miles 7 - 9 days
California to Michigan $1100 - $1200 2,405.0 miles 7 - 9 days
Washington to Michigan $1100 - $1300 2,277.8 miles 7 - 9 days

Please note: These are estimated costs and may vary depending on several factors, including the pickup and drop-off location, the type of transportation method(open vs. enclosed), the season, and current fuel prices.

Calculate your cost of car shipping to Michigan.
To get a precise quote for your Michigan car shipment, enter details about your vehicle, pickup and drop-off location, and your preferred schedule.

Top 5 routes for car shipping To/From Michigan

Shipping To Shipping From Average Distance Time Estimate Cost Estimate
Michigan Florida 1290 miles 4-6 days $1140
Michigan California 2302 miles 6-8 days $1535
Michigan Arizona 1984 miles 5-7 days $1443
Michigan Texas 1320 miles 4-6 days $1020
Michigan Washington 2287 miles 6-8 days $1497
California Michigan 2311 miles 6-8 days $1486
Florida Michigan 1286 miles 4-6 days $1146
Texas Michigan 1311 miles 4-6 days $1316
Arizona Michigan 1979 miles 5-7 days $1432
Washington Michigan 2307 miles 6-8 days $1657

Please note: These are estimated costs and may vary depending on several factors, including the pickup and drop-off location, the type of transportation method(open vs. enclosed), the season, and current fuel prices.

Transport your vehicle to or from any city in Michigan.

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Types of Car Shipping to/from Michigan

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

Choose door-to-door auto transport to/from Michigan for unparalleled convenience. Our door-to-door car shipping solution streamlines the process, removing the need to handle multiple steps or logistics intricacies. You can focus on other aspects of your journey with door-to-door vehicle shipping.

We will work closely with you to schedule a convenient pickup and drop-off timetable, ensuring your vehicle receives the highest level of care and precision during transportation across the state.

Open Car Shipping

Open car shipping in Michigan is an excellent choice for transporting multiple vehicles simultaneously at cost-effective rates. This service provides an affordable and practical solution if you need to relocate several cars. We offer flexibility tailored to your preferred dates and specifications, ensuring reliable auto transport service.

Our auto transport service in Michigan ensures careful handling and secure transit, providing an economical and dependable solution for your car shipping needs.

Enclosed Car Shipping

Our enclosed car shipping service in Michigan is the ideal choice if you want maximum protection during transit. We understand the value of your vehicle, especially classic automobiles, so we offer this premium option to ensure top-tier security.

The enclosed setting shields your valuable vehicle from potential damage caused by exposure to the elements. Our enclosed vehicle transport in MI ensures your prized possession remains pristine from pickup to delivery.

Expedited Car Shipping

When time is of the essence, and you need your vehicle to reach its destination quickly, expedited car shipping is the perfect solution. We understand that certain circumstances require a faster pace and are prepared to meet such demands.

Our expedited service ensures swift transit and delivery of your vehicle, expediting the entire shipping process. We maintain a dedicated approach to meet stringent deadlines and provide peace of mind while transporting your valued vehicle within Michigan.


Is my car covered by insurance when I'm transporting it to or from Michigan?

Yes! Your vehicle is protected by insurance during transportation to or from Michigan.

What are the most common methods of auto transport used in Michigan?

The most common methods of vehicle transport in Michigan are enclosed and open-car shipment. Your decision should be based on your vehicle type and specific preferences.

Can you provide information on the estimated delivery times for auto transport services in Michigan?

Estimated delivery time differs depending on factors such as distance and selected services.

How does the auto transport process work for shipping vehicles to or from Michigan?

The process involves:

Can I book same-day shipping from Michigan in an emergency?

Bold Auto Transport offers expedited auto shipment services to/from Michigan, ensuring your vehicle is prioritized for prompt delivery in emergencies.

Who are the top car shipping companies Michigan has to offer?

Bold Auto Transport emerges as a leading auto transport company in Michigan. We have the expertise to safely and securely move vehicles of various sizes from one place to another. We provide price-guaranteed shipping services at affordable and reasonable rates.

How Do I Ship My Car To Michigan?

At Bold Auto Transport, scheduling your car shipment to and from Michigan is simple. Begin by entering the necessary information on our website, such as the type of shipping services, location, distance, number of vehicles, delivery timeframe, and more. Our shipping experts will assess the details.

Upon confirmation, our shipping specialists will efficiently arrange your shipment and provide a tracking system to stay informed throughout the journey.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car from Michigan?

Using open car shipment and booking well in advance is generally the cheapest way to ship a car to/from Michigan.

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