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Jan 20, 2023

Things To Do After Damage During Car Shipping Services

Dealing with your car shipping damages can be a nerve-wracking process. Although a rare occurrence, it can definitely take a toll on your finances and majorly affect your travelling journey.

It could be bad weather, poor road conditions, driver negligence, or unavoidable circumstances to blame for severe damages caused to your prized possession. The possibilities for car damage are simply limitless. Thus, it is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of car shipping insurance policies to secure yourself from paying hefty and unwanted damage costs.

During such occurrences, there are a few things you can do to be proactive and make sound decisions throughout. To get the most out of your car insurance shipping coverage, continue reading till the end.

What if the damage happens on the road?

At Bold Auto Transport, we take full responsibility to keep you updated about the condition of your car throughout the transit. During a road accident or incident that causes damage to your valuable vehicle, our team of skilled experts will immediately get in touch with you and explain what happened. We will assist you the whole time and help find sound solutions to all your concerns.

We offer fully insured auto transport services with the best full car insurance coverage at affordable prices. Book your appointment today to experience exceptional cross-country car shipping services at affordable prices.

What to do if your car gets damaged?

1. Research the car shipping policy

First and foremost, you should begin by researching or getting thorough with your car shipping policies. Ideally, the research part should be done before confirming your services with a car shipping company. Look for types of services covered under your car insurance coverage ( military vehicle transport, open car transport, enclosed auto transport, or door-to-door transport services), damages covered, the validity of your insurance coverage, and the amount offered by the car insurance companies.

Doing this will allow you to claim the full benefits of the car shipping insurance coverage and avoid getting fooled by misleading and fraudulent car insurance companies.

2. Know your shipping insurance coverage

Depending on the shipping requirements and risk involved in the car shipping process, the car shipping insurance coverages are classified into unique categories. Customer insurance, carrier insurance, and broker insurance remain the popular choices among the all. Customer insurance protects the interest of the owners or customers hiring shipping services. It is regular insurance coverage offered by insurance companies. Some insurance companies also include auto transport insurance coverage under regular policies.

Carrier insurance coverages are taken by cargo/transport companies to protect your vehicles during transit. Lastly, broker insurance is considered by the middle party that connects carriers with their customers to increase their vehicle coverage amount.

3. Take photos of your car

Always take pictures of your vehicles before and after the completion of delivery services. Pictures act as proof during the inspection by insurance companies and help you claim the maximum benefits of your coverage. Click pictures from every angle, take detailed shorts of both interiors and exteriors of your vehicle, and don’t forget the base of your vehicle. For documentation purposes, label your pictures and, if needed, mention parts or systems severely damaged during transit.

4. Inspect your car

Before the representative of the insurance company arrives, inspect your car thoroughly to discover the damaged area of your car. Ensure to inspect your vehicle immediately when it arrives and in the presence of the shipping professional. This way, you can question them and report the same to the shipping company. Make the shipping professional aware of all the visible damages on your vehicle and personal belongings inside the vehicle. For evidence purposes, click the pictures of the professional present at the time of the incident and draft an incident report to strengthen your case.

5. Contact your transport company

Following the above pointers, get in touch with your service provider and insurance agent to discuss the matter and reach optimum solutions. If you are alone, call your family or friends to help you throughout the process.

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Is my vehicle fully insured during car transport?

We offer the fastest and safest fully insured auto transport services at guaranteed shipping rates. Whether you are shipping a car to Hawaii, Texas, or other places, you will enjoy a fully insured shipping experience for your standard or expedited car shipping services.

Our customers are our utmost priority, and we ensure to offer the best and most satisfactory insurance coverage services at affordable prices. To learn more about the cost to ship a car to Texas or the damages included in our car shipping insurance coverage, call us at (469) 942-5444.

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