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Dec 15, 2023

Is Long Distance Towing a Viable Choice for Car Transport?

When it comes to transporting your vehicle over significant distances, the choice of the right method is crucial. Long-distance car towing is one of the best options, offering numerous advantages.

In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of long-distance towing for auto transport, exploring how it works, its pros and cons, and essential considerations for making an informed decision.

Is long-distance towing a perfect choice for auto transport?

Driving your car to a new destination may not be the best choice in certain situations. Whether you're moving a vintage vehicle or navigating behind a moving truck, there are times when exploring alternative long-distance transport methods is necessary. In these cases, a long-distance towing service is a viable option.

While long-distance towing can be a viable option for professional auto transport, its suitability depends on vehicle size, towing equipment, condition, the cost to ship a car cross country, and your specific needs. These factors help determine whether long-distance towing is the perfect choice for your auto transport requirements.

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How Does Long-Distance Car Towing Work?

Long-distance vehicle towing is a transportation method that employs specialized equipment to relocate vehicles over substantial distances. The process utilizes advanced tools such as tow trucks, tow dollies, or long-distance car carriers, each tailored to specific circumstances and vehicle types.

Diverse Towing Equipment:

Tow Trucks:

  • Tow trucks are commonly used for long-distance auto transport and come in various types, including flatbed and traditional hook-and-chain models.

  • These trucks are equipped to lift and tow vehicles over extended distances securely.

Tow Dollies:

  • Using a tow dolly for long distances is suitable for front-wheel-drive vehicles.

  • While capable of long-distance car transport services, they may not be optimal due to specific considerations, such as wear on the towed vehicle's tires.

Car Carriers:

  • Car carriers, often referred to as "auto transports" or "car haulers," are designed explicitly for transporting vehicles over long distances.

  • This long-distance transport method minimizes wear and tear on a vehicle's tires, making it particularly advantageous for highway driving.

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Essential Considerations

Mechanics Understanding:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the mechanics involved in long-distance towing is crucial for evaluating its suitability for individual needs.

  • Factors such as the type of towing equipment selected and the condition of the vehicle being towed play a significant role in the overall process.

Feasibility Assessment:

  • Evaluating the feasibility of long-distance towing involves considering the equipment best suited for the task, factoring in the distance to be covered, and assessing the vehicle's condition.

Long-distance car relocation services use specialized equipment, each with unique considerations. A thorough understanding of the mechanics and careful evaluation of factors such as the type of equipment, distance, and vehicle condition are essential for determining the feasibility of long-distance towing for specific transportation needs.

What Are the Pros of Long-Distance Car Towing for Auto Transport?

Preserving Vehicle Condition:

  • Long-distance car haulers are a prudent choice when relocating your vehicle without exposing it to the wear and tear associated with driving.

  • Towing prevents mileage accumulation on the engine, which is especially beneficial for preserving the integrity of luxury, vintage, or rare automobiles.

Considerations for Towing Methods:

  • Towing with a dolly may strain the rear tires due to specific positioning for transport, potentially impacting wear and tear.

  • Alternatively, using a trailer for car towing provides immunity to driving-related wear, making it an attractive option for moving valuable vehicles within budget constraints.

Budget-Friendly Long-Distance Shipping Options:

  • Car towing is the most economical long-distance transport method, excluding driving.

  • With a tow hitch and a capable vehicle, long-distance car transportation can cost as little as $50 per day.

Integration with Moving Processes:

  • Incorporating a car trailer into the moving process is popular, especially for those driving a giant truck.

  • Truck rental companies like Penske and U-Haul offer add-on car trailers, enabling simultaneous transport of the vehicle and possessions at a competitive price.

Control over Timeline:

  • Professional long-distance car towing may limit control over the move's timeline; on average, cross-country transportation takes about two weeks.

  • Choosing to tow your vehicle long-distance provides greater control, allowing you to dictate the speed at which the vehicle reaches its destination.

What Are the Cons of Long-Distance Car Towing for Auto Transport?

While long-distance car towing can effectively and economically transport your vehicle, its suitability may extend to some scenarios.

Exposure to Environmental Elements:

Engaging in car towing helps mitigate the wear and tear associated with driving; however, it does not shield the vehicle from exposure to the elements. This consideration becomes essential when transporting luxury, vintage, or rare vehicles. Awareness of the specific weather conditions route is crucial, especially when traversing areas prone to hail. Enclosed car transport services emerge as the superior choice to provide comprehensive protection.

More Expensive for Long Distances(coast to coast):

Towing a car over long distances, such as from one coast to another, can incur significant expenses. The cost of fuel, potential accommodation during stops, and wear on the towing and towed vehicles contribute to the overall expenditure.

Time-Consuming: You Have to Stop a Lot During Your Trip:

  • Long-distance towing requires frequent stops, contributing to a more time-consuming journey. The towing vehicle and the towed car may need periodic checks and adjustments.

  • These stops are essential for safety, as towing for extended periods without breaks can strain the towing equipment and compromise the well-being of both vehicles.

Only Small or Mid-Sized Vehicles Can Be Towed:

  • Towing limitations exist, particularly when considering the type and size of the vehicle. Small to mid-sized cars are more suitable for towing. In contrast, larger or heavier vehicles may require specialized equipment and pose logistical challenges.

  • This limitation can impact individuals with larger vehicles, restricting their ability to use long-distance towing as a viable transportation option.

Long-distance towing is rarely a good option for auto transport.

While long-distance towing may suit specific situations, there are better choices for auto transport. This section will delve into particular scenarios where other alternatives might be more suitable, ensuring that you make a decision aligned with your unique requirements.

There Are Budget-Friendly Car Towing Options Available.

Explore various budget-friendly long-distance shipping options, considering the distance, vehicle type, and your specific budget constraints. Understanding the cost dynamics will enable you to make a financially sensible decision.

You Can Easily Control the Timeline.

One advantage of long-distance towing is its flexibility in controlling the timeline of your vehicle transport. Discover how this feature can be advantageous, allowing you to plan your move more efficiently.

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1).How does the cost of long-distance car transport vary among different service providers?

The cost varies based on distance, vehicle type, service type, timing, long-distance shipping companies's reputation, insurance coverage, and additional services.

2).What are the common methods used to consider before choosing long-distance towing as your method of car transport?

Methods include:

  • Open or enclosed long-distance car shipment.

  • Door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service.

  • Expedited shipment.

3).Is towing long-distance safe?

It is safe to tow long distances if you choose a reputable and licensed towing company that adequately prepares your vehicle and maintains clear communication.

4).Why is it that taking a road trip with a car in tow is not such a good idea?

It reduces fuel efficiency, increases wear on the towing vehicle, causes stress and fatigue, limits mobility, and requires specialized equipment, making professional transport a more convenient option.

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