Auto Transport To/From Florida

Florida is the most popular and the fourth most populated state in the United States. Located in the Southeast part of the United States, Florida is surrounded by Alabama, Georgia, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. Also known as “the Sunshine State”, Florida is a winter getaway destination for people living in the states. The warm climate, theme parks, and family-oriented sires attract thousands of individuals to come and reside here in this Sunshine State.

If you are one of those individuals who want to relocate to this beautiful Sunshine State, book an auto transport service. However, you must choose a reliable and trustworthy auto transport service to ensure safe car shipping. Only the best auto transport company will provide you with damage-free and safe car shipping.

Bold Auto Transport understands the challenges involved with finding and choosing a reliable Florida auto transport company for vehicle shipment. We ensure your prized possession arrives at the destination on time, safely, and without any damage. We pride ourselves on delivering reliable and quality car transportation in Florida.

We strive to exceed your initial expectation regarding our auto transport in Florida. Our auto transport specialists are well-trained and qualified to provide the best car shipping service in Florida. What makes us unique from other car shipping companies in Florida is the constant need of upscaling our customer service.

We take time to understand your vehicle shipping needs to deliver quality service that leaves you satisfied and stress-free. Our primary focus is to ensure customers receive exceptional auto transport delivery speed and the best customer service at an affordable price. Whether you want to ship a car from Texas to Florida or need assistance with shipping a car to Florida from anywhere in the states, we commit to delivering the best, safe, and cost-effective auto transport service.

When looking for one of the most reliable, trusted, and safe transport companies in Florida, choose Bold Auto Transport.

Ensuring Safe, Smooth, and Comfortable Car Transportation

Relocation to Florida or any other state means dealing with the packing-unpacking chaos. But relocation also means you need to shift your prized possession from one place to another. Since Florida has expanded areas, bringing your personal automobile becomes a no-brainer. It is useful to travel to the workplace or when dropping kids to school. However, self-driving shouldn’t be an option for those relocating, especially when you have budget and weather constraints. You might encounter challenges when self-driving to or from Florida, including mechanical issues, vehicle breakdowns, weather changes, or minor accidents. Instead of putting yourself in a complex position, why not hire an auto transport company? Investing in a Florida auto transport company will ensure the safety of your vehicle during the shipment process and provide peace of mind with timely delivery.

At Bold Auto Transport, we make your auto transport to Florida safe, smooth and comfortable by providing the best car shipping service. Our team of auto transport specialists ensures your prized possession reaches its destination on time and ensures complete peace of mind. We aim to make your move to or from Florida as smooth and seamless as possible. When choosing us for your car transportation to Florida, you are guaranteed economical and speed-efficient vehicle shipping at a cost-effective rate.

With Bold Auto Transport, your Florida car transport will be smooth, safe, and comfortable.

Auto Transport Safety Measures in Florida

When relocating to or from Florida, your number one concern will be the safety of your prized possession against possible damage. While on the road, your vehicle will have to go through all external elements like sun rays, dust, debris, rain, etc., and sustain the worst conditions. In such cases, the safety of the vehicle and your life becomes a huge concern. Instead of considering self-driving as an option, choose an experienced Florida car transport company, like Bold Auto Transport .

Here, we take it upon ourselves to ship and deliver your prized possession in the exact state you have left and trusted us with. We believe in providing only safe and damage-free Florida car shipping to anyone planning to move in or out of Florida. Our safety measures start with an overall truck inspection. We inspect our auto transport trucks regularly to ensure potential malfunctions and vehicle accidents while in transit. Our auto transport specialists perform a double check to ensure each car is trapped in the place properly and doesn’t move during the car shipping process. Our car shipping carriers are designed to sustain even the toughest external elements. Hence, if you decide to choose our open truck option, you can rest assured about the safety of your vehicle. When choosing our Florida car shipping service, you also don’t have to experience flat tires or internal damage issues. Whether you are looking for car transportation from California to Florida or need reliable vehicle shipping in Florida, we will ensure every auto transport need is covered, keeping shipment safety in mind.

Choose safe Florida car transport - Bold Auto Transport.

Ship Your Car From Florida to Another State

Shipping to Florida

  • California to Florida

  • Georgia to Florida

  • Illinois to Florida

  • Alaska to Florida

  • Massachusetts to Florida

  • Michigan to Florida

  • New Jersey to Florida

  • New York to Florida

  • Texas to Florida

  • Washington to Florida

Shipping from Florida

  • Florida to California

  • Florida to Georgia

  • Florida to Illinois

  • Florida to Alaska

  • Florida to Massachusetts

  • Florida to Michigan

  • Florida to New Jersey

  • Florida to New York

  • Florida to Texas

  • Florida to Washington

New York to Florida Car Transport

Winters in New York are unbearable and harsh. To get away from such extreme cooling temperatures and heavy snowfalls, several New Yorkers decide to fly down south – Florida. The Sunshine State is known for its warm temperature throughout the years, making it a winter getaway destination for many.

For those who keep relocating to Florida from New York for warm shelter, we provide reliable New York to Florida care transport service. We can assist individuals with car transportation to Florida at a cost-effective rate.

Individuals can consider our auto transport service from New York to Florida for relocation to a new job or new vehicle transport. When choosing our car shipping service, you don’t have to worry about expensive car rental fees. You can simply come here, enjoy the spring, and happily fly back to NY without stressing more about the auto transport to Florida.

Looking for the best car transport from NY to Florida? Call us at (469) 942-5444 today!

Tips for Using Car Transport Companies in Florida

Relocating to Florida with your own vehicle has its own perks, especially when you have a family. You can use your own vehicle to travel to your workplace or drop your kids off at school. If you’re looking for ways to use car transport to or from Florida, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind:

Choose a pick-up point close to the travel area -

If you will be traveling to various areas in the Sunshine state, ensure to choose a designated pick-up point. However, ensure the auto transport pick-up should be from the location nearby the areas you are planning to travel to. Also, make sure to prepare an inspection report of the current vehicle's condition before sending it to Florida.

Check multiple auto transport companies

One of the best ways to transport your car to or from Florida is by considering the assistance of an auto transport company. However, most individuals make the mistake of considering the service of their first enquired company. We suggest you check with multiple auto transport companies to get the best deal. You can consider comparing the quotes and ensure there are no hidden fees involved.

Protect your vehicle from the sun

While on transit, your prized possession will be exposed to extreme external elements – sunlight. If your car has recently been custom painted, opt for an enclosed auto transport service. Enclosed auto transport ensures complete protection of the vehicle from sunlight while in transit. We offer enclosed and open auto transport service to and from Florida.

Plan your course of travel

If you plan to travel around Florida with your vehicle, ensure to plan your course of travel ahead of time. By planning your path, you don’t have to deal with expensive spending in gas stations from one area to another. Charting your path ahead of time will allow you to discover points that you might have missed when planning.

How Do I Transport a Car to Florida?

One of the best ways to transport care to Florida is by choosing a trusted and reliable car shipping company. Bold Auto Transport offers you an overview of how we operate our car shipping company. We understand the dilemma of choosing a car shipping company for safe and damage-free transit. What car owners want is experience and reputation, which we can guarantee you.

Still not satisfied with the answer? Look below for our car shipping process:

Step 1 – Book Your Auto Transport Online or Call Us

Moving or relocating to or from Florida can be challenging and stressful. However, at Bold Auto Transport, we make the car shipping process to or from Florida as simple and seamless as possible. The initial step consists of using our online auto transport quote calculator. You will be provided with an on-the-spot quote and excess information about our vehicle shipping service. You have to enter your pickup and delivery zip codes, and choose between enclosed or open vehicle shipping options, vehicle year, make and model, type, and desired dates in the calculator to get an instant quote. If you want to know more about our Florida vehicle shipping services or for a quote, you can reach out to us at (469) 942-5444 .

Bold Auto Transport provides cost-effective and flexible auto transport services in Florida. Our auto transport specialists will be with you every step of the way. From ensuring a fast turnaround to delivering the car on time, leave it up to Bold Auto Transport for a reliable Florida car shipping service.

Step 2 – Vehicle Pickup

Upon finalizing the quote, you can now book a vehicle pickup with Bold Auto Transport. You can rest assured about the timely pickup of your prized possession. We understand that moving or relocating to Florida can be challenging. Consequently, we ensure to offer our customers a stress-free and comfortable car shipping experience. We will get in touch with you further to understand your shipping requirements and assist you through the entire process. You can also talk to one of our auto transport specialists to arrange a suitable vehicle pickup time and date. Before the pickup and transit, we recommend our customers keep the interior of the vehicle clean and remove any valuables inside. You must inform us of any pre-existing damages before transit. On a safer note, we also inspect your vehicle before pickup and shipment.

Step 3 – Vehicle Delivery

After inspection and signing the agreement, your Florida car transportation starts officially. Our next stop will be the mentioned destination. When shipping a vehicle to or from Florida, individuals should always be in touch with the auto transport company for quick shipment status. The auto transport company should provide you with the entire detail of the shipment to offer peace of mind.

Bold Auto Transport believes in ensuring a smooth and comfortable vehicle shipping experience. Our dispatchers are always available to answer your shipment queries and will ensure you receive complete peace of mind before and during the process. Our auto transport carriers are highly trained and experienced in transporting vehicles to and from Florida with complete safety. We will deliver your prized possession to the mentioned address on time and without any damage. Our experts will also conduct a final inspection of your vehicle to identify the damage if any. When you want to ship a car from Florida, trust only the expert in the industry – Bold Auto Transport .

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car to Florida?

The cost of transporting a car to Florida depends on various factors, including vehicle type, pickup date and time, distance covered, destination, and selected auto shipping company. The cost may also vary depending on the shipping service opted for, i.e. enclosed or open. You can obtain a quick quote on our online auto transport calculator or speak to one of our auto transport specialists at (469) 942-5444 .

Best Ways to Transport the Car to Florida

One of the best ways to ship your car to Florida is by considering the assistance of an experienced auto transport company. Auto transport service providers ensure safe and damage-free shipping of your prized possession. You also don’t have to deal with any in-transit challenges, which are usually common when self-driving.

How Long Does It Take to Ship My Car to Florida?

The shipment timeframe may vary from one location to another and distance covered. However, you can get in touch with our dispatchers for any queries before or during the auto shipment process.