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Iowa Car Shipping

Car transport in Iowa is an important aspect of our many services, and we take pride in providing reliable and efficient auto transport solutions for your vehicle. Here at Bold Auto Transport, we understand the importance of shipping cars safely and efficiently in Iowa. Whether you're shipping a car from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids or from Davenport to Sioux City, we have got you covered.

Car Shipping to/from Iowa

Car transport in Iowa is a common service we offer. Our team of experts has years of experience in handling car shipping Iowa, ensuring that your vehicle reaches its destination on time and in excellent condition with one of the best services among Iowa auto transport companies. We offer various shipping methods, including open, enclosed, expedited, and more. Our team will help you choose the best method for your needs for Iowa car transport.


What to Consider When Shipping a Car in Iowa?

When planning a Iowa car transport, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Iowa Auto Transport Review: What Our Customers Say About Bold Auto Transport

Here at Bold Auto Transport, we take pride in our customer service and the quality of our car shipping services. Our customers rave about our professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers:

What customers about shipping a car with Bold Auto Transport

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Local Guide

Very professional service! I was unsure of who to look for with transporting my new Toyota Tacoma. I had never done anything like this before, so I was very much confused. Bold reached out to me and walked me through the whole process in a simple explanation. The agent who I worked with Andrew, was very helpful and ensured that my truck was transported safely and on time. They kept me up to date with any delays. Not to mention the estimate they gave me was very affordable too! I would gladly use the services of this company again. The agent and driver were both very professional and courteous. Thank you!

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Xro X

I cannot say enough good things about this company. They were able to have my car and motorcycle picked up on separate occasions from my house in the mountains in California. No other company would even try to get someone to come to my home because I live an hour drive up in the mountains. These guys did not hesitate and found two different drivers to come up. My car and motorcycle were taken to the East Coast and the delivery was flawless. Whenever I had a question or ordered more service, Adam, William, Chris and another person whose name I forget was always there to help. The phone was always answered by them personally and I was even given their direct lines that they always answered personally. This company does not use an annoying voice system but has humans answer their phones! It’s so great! Also, the drivers they used were exceptional people. They were very nice and very responsible with my vehicles. This company is awesome! Oh, and the prices were competitive and reasonable. A++ to them!

Xro X
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Shay B

Hassan is a great driver 👏🏽U Rock!!!😀 >> Bold Transport delivered my car on time as promised and no damages! Please contact them if you would like to receive the white glove treatment. ☺️

Shay B

How Does Iowa Car Shipping Work with Bold?

Here at Bold Auto Transport, we make the car shipping process as seamless as possible. Here's how it works:

How Much Does To/from Iowa Car Shipping Cost?

The cost of car shipping to or from Iowa can vary greatly based on the transport route and service options. For example, expedited enclosed transport from Des Moines to Los Angeles would cost approximately $1,100 and take 4-6 days. To ship a car in an open carrier from Cedar Rapids to Denver typically costs $700-$800 with a transit time of 6-10 days. For more budget-friendly transport, you could pay around $600 for open carrier transport from Davenport to Atlanta, which would take 7-14 days.

Keep in mind costs fluctuate depending on fuel prices, seasonality, vehicle size, and other factors. Be sure to get quotes from multiple car shipping companies to find the best match for your specific shipping needs and budget.

Calculate Your Idaho Car Shipping Costs

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car to/from Iowa?

The time it takes to ship a car to or from Iowa depends on the distance and shipping method. It includes auto transport to Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and most other parts. Here is a general estimate of the time range:

Shipping to/from Cost Distance Estimated Time in Transit
Iowa to California $1476 2131 miles 6-8 days
Iowa to Florida $1009 1101 miles 4-6 days
Iowa to Texas $931 1074 miles 4-6 days
Iowa to Arizona $1336 1763 miles 5-7 days
Iowa to Washington $1569 2241 miles 6-8 days
Iowa to Chicago $500 300 miles 1-2 days
Iowa to Des Moines $200 100 miles 1 day
Iowa to Cedar Rapids $300 200 miles 1-2 days
Iowa to Davenport $400 250 miles 1-2 days
Iowa to Sioux City $450 300 miles 1-2 days

Top 5 Routes for Car Shipping from Iowa

When shipping a car from Iowa, several factors come into play to determine the cost and time it takes to transport your vehicle. Here are the top 5 routes for car shipping from Iowa, including the average distance, time estimate, and cost estimate:

Shipping To Shipping From Average Distance Time Estimate Cost Estimate
California Iowa 1712 miles 4-6 days $1476
Florida Iowa 1142 miles 3-5 days $1009
Texas Iowa 929 miles 2-4 days $931
Arizona Iowa 1549 miles 4-6 days $1336
Washington Iowa 1853 miles 4-6 days $1569

These routes are based on the average distance and time it takes to ship a car from Iowa to other states. The cost estimate is based on the average price for each route.

Transport Your Vehicle to or from Any City in Iowa

At Bold Auto Transport, we offer car shipping services to and from any city in Iowa which includes auto transport Des Moines and all other cities and states. Whether you're shipping a car from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids or from Davenport to Sioux City, we have got you covered.

Iowa ZIP Codes

Here are some common ZIP codes in Iowa:

50010, 50021, 50023, 50035, 50036, 50046, 50111, 50112, 50125, 50131, 50201, 50208, 50211, 50263, 50309, 50310, 50311, 50312, 50313, 50314, 50315, 50316, 50317, 50319, 50320, 50321, 50322, 50323, 50324, 50325, 50327, 50331, 50332, 50333, 50334, 50335, 50336, 50339, 50340, 50347, 50350, 50359, 50360, 50361, 50362, 50363, 50364, 50367, 50368, 50380

Types of Car Shipping to/from Iowa

Here are the types of car shipping services we offer if you want your car transport to Iowa:

Door to Door Car Shipping

We transport your vehicle from your doorstep to the doorstep of your destination.

Open Car Shipping

We transport your vehicle in an open trailer, which is more cost-effective but less secure.

Enclosed Car Shipping

We transport your vehicle in an enclosed trailer, which is more secure but more expensive.

Expedited Car Shipping

We transport your vehicle as quickly as possible whenever you want to ship a car to Iowa or from Iowa, which is ideal for those with tight deadlines.

At Bold Auto Transport, we understand the importance of reliable auto transport service in Iowa auto shipping. Whether you're moving across the state or relocating to a new home, our team in one of the best car transport companies in Iowa is dedicated to providing top-notch auto transport solutions for your vehicle. Contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about our car shipping services in Iowa, and use our Car Shipping Cost Calculator to estimate your costs.


How much is it to ship a car from Iowa?

Shipping costs vary depending on distance, vehicle type, and shipping method, ranging from $450 for local shipping to $1900 for long-distance shipping. For a precise estimate, use our Car Shipping Cost Calculator or contact us directly for a free quote.

What types of vehicles can I ship to or from Iowa?

You can ship various types of vehicles to or from Iowa, including standard cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and specialty or luxury vehicles. We handle each type with care to ensure safe and efficient transport.

Is my car covered by insurance when I'm transporting it to or from Iowa?

Yes, your car is fully insured during transport with Bold Auto Transport. We prioritize your vehicle's safety, and our carriers are fully insured, providing comprehensive coverage throughout the shipping process.

What are the most common methods of auto transport used in Iowa?

The most common methods of auto transport in Iowa include:

Can you provide information on the estimated delivery times for auto transport services in Iowa?

How does the auto transport process work for shipping vehicles to or from Iowa?

The process includes:

Can I book same-day shipping from Iowa in an emergency?

Yes, Bold Auto Transport offers same-day shipping services for emergencies. Contact us as soon as possible to arrange expedited transport tailored to your urgent needs.

Can I have my vehicle delivered directly to my home in Iowa?

Yes, we provide door-to-door car shipping services. This means your vehicle will be picked up from your specified location and delivered directly to your desired destination, including your home in Iowa.

Who are the top car shipping companies Iowa has to offer?

Bold Auto Transport is a leading provider of auto transport services in Iowa. However, it's advisable to research and compare several car shipping companies, read customer reviews, and obtain quotes to find the best match for your specific needs.

How Do I Ship My Car To Iowa?

To ship your car to Iowa:

What’s the cheapest way to ship a car to or from Iowa?

The cheapest way to ship a car to or from Iowa is typically through open car shipping. This method is cost-effective and widely used for standard vehicle transport. For the best rates, plan your shipment in advance and compare quotes from multiple auto transport companies.

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